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I don't want to brag or anything, but my weekend was fantastic. I also basically spent it entirely with my family which is partly why it was so great. This weekend was fishing opener so Derek was out of town. Listen, I am pretty independent girl but having a husband is like a built-in person to do things with. You just assume you'll be together even it it is just relaxing at home. So when he is gone I have to be more intentional about making plans. It just so happened that a lot was going on this weekend and I have the opportunity for several fashion moments. Yes, I said moments sometimes I think I am kind of a big deal ;)

Friday night I went to my third Wits taping. If you are not familiar, Wits is a radio sketch comedy show with MPR. It is hosted by John Moe and always consists of one actor/comedian and one musician. They do series of pre-written sketches, interviews withe guests, the musical guests plays several songs and a few other fun games. It is always fun and always interesting. They do the live show at the Fitzgerald Theater in St.Paul and a condensed version plays on MPR on Sundays. On Friday the guests were Danny Pudi from Community and Har Mar Superstar.  My sisters and I are HUGE Community fans so getting to see Abed (that's Danny's character name) in person was amazing. Har Mar Superstar is a local musician who sings kind of funky R & B, soul kind of music. He is an overweight, balding white guy who is best know for stripping down to his underwear during a performance. The catch is he is crazy talented. He basically killed it on Friday, showing on his talent for singing while standing on his head. The night was so fun and Danny Pudi was just as funny as we hoped he would be. I  must confess I learned about this program through my dad, who in a lot of ways is cooler than me. I went with him and both my sisters and had a great time. Ooo and I also had a Chelsea of Zipped blog siting. I saw her tweeting about it and she walked right past me. I did not want to be a creeper so I left it alone and am now sharing with you guys :) 

From left to right: Har Mar, Danny Pudi, John Moe

Saturday I had a pretty relaxing day. I was up late from the Wits show the night before so allowed myself to sleep in a bit. Somewhere around 10:30 AM I dragged my sorry butt to the gym and then a little shopping for something to wear that night. Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day in Minnesota. Unfortunately I did not get to spend much time outside but something about sunshine is relaxing so I sat in my sunroom and did some work on the computer. That night we went out to dinner for my Great Aunt's birthday. My Auntie Lou is literally one of the sweetest people you will ever meet in your life. But she is Italian so don't mess with her either. We went out to an Italian restaurant named Carmelo's in St.Paul. Being Italian myself I thought I at least knew all the Italian restaurants in town, but never heard of this place. It is a small, unassuming place with a solid menu. I had the pesto fettuccine and was very pleased. Aside from being pleased with the food and the company I was wearing probably one of my favorite new outfits. I would have posted it today, but it's pretty fabulous so I thought it needed it's own post so stay tuned! I happen to believe the marker of a good outfit is when you get a compliment from a stranger. I figure they do not have to compliment you so if they do it is because they felt compelled to. One of the employees at Carmelo's, who had great style herself, complimented my outfit quietly as she was clearing my plate. I felt pretty good :)

Sunday was the big mother's day celebration. This year was my sister's first mother's day so we had her and my little niece in tow. Originally my mom wanted to go shopping down Grand Ave in St Paul. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, which is typical of Minnesota. So instead we went to Mall of America. As a Minnesotan we definitely take for granted having this landmark nearby because I cannot think of the last time I was down there. As cool as it is, it is so enormous and difficult to navigate especially with a baby. But on Mother's day what my mom wants to do, we do. So shopping we went! We spent the afternoon walking, talking, shopping and stopped for a little lunch. All my mom asks for is time and we were happy to give it to her. It was a pretty great day and I think my mom had fun.

Now I have to admit, I had three pretty great outfits over the weekend to avoid a fashion overload I will only post one at a time. On Sunday I wanted to wear something casual, fun and comfortable for a long shopping day. I have learned in the past comfort and fashionable are the two most key things while shopping. You need something that is not bothersome and fussy while walking around, but also fashionable enough that store employees want to help you ;) I decided to sport one of my new favorite tanks from local shop Flaunt, which started as a fashion accessories truck and now has a store front. I learned about them when I went to a pop up shop a few months ago. They had some very cute and colorful items. I paired them with my new favorite jeans, which are unbelievable comfortable, and these awesome wedges from Target.

Tank| Flaunt, similar / similar 
Jeans| Express
Shoes | Target
Jewelry| Primp & Wrenn Jewelry

What do you think? What do you like to wear shopping? Leave a comment below!