Happy Memorial Day!

Hello everyone! Sorry no post today as I am still in the Pacific Northwest enjoying what is a beautiful vacation. I did want to stop by and wish you all a Happy Memorial Day. I hope however you are celebrating you have a glorious day and take time to think what this day is about. We get to enjoy this day because of those who have sacrificed for us. 

I hope to get a good review of my weekend going for Wednesday, until then enjoy a couple shots from our day on the Oregon coastline.

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Weekend Looks + #H54F Link Ups

Happy holiday weekend folks! I don't know about you but I am stupid excited for this weekend. Mainly because right now I am out of town. We left for Portland yesterday and have a friend's wedding today. It was a crazy busy week but nothing interesting. I will give you a quick update then I have gathered some great outfits for your Memorial Day.

I only worked four days this week but I still have do about 5 days worth of work in 4 days. This meant I had less time for paperwork and more meetings per day.  It was a little nutty trying to get everything done, at the same time it made the week go by quickly. Tuesday I got my hair did. Definitely in my top favorite things. I love how a fresh color look and feels. Am I the only one who loves that salon hair smell? Ah I love it. I also like getting my hair freshly done before a trip or wedding so I look my best.  Wednesday and Thursday were a bit of a whirlwind. Wednesday I worked and went to the gym, then packed. Thursday morning I went to the gym then work then home to prepare for the airport. That leads me to today. Told ya it was boring. I won't have a formal round up next Monday for the holiday I am hoping I will on Wednesday but if not Friday I will update you about my Portland trip. 

Ok so I was searching for looks for this post and I won't sugar coat it... I went a little nuts. I tried to keep it simple but I couldn't help myself! So much great stuff. I broke it down into a couple of categories.

memorial day 1

Left| Sunnies / Necklace / Dress
Center| Hat / Purse / Shoes
Right| Dress / Earrings / Sunnies / Bracelet

I imagine this would be for those of you living a more Hamptons lifestyle. Around here it is more like Lake Minnetonka. Maybe not as wealthy as the Hamptons but the same idea. Beautiful lake homes, cocktails and hor d'oeuvres. This look is all about delicate casual dresses,  big ol' hats, and gorgeous necklaces. I always imagine what a Real Housewife of New York City might wear on Memorial Day.  For those of you living the boat life this is for you. Now this girl probably is not going to get the water, rather enjoy a light cocktail lakeside and maybe play some lawn games. I am really obsessed with both of these dresses.  The hat, purse and shoes can be matched with either dress. I did pair each dress with it's own jewels and sunglasses.   


memorial day 2

For those of you spending Monday on or near a boat you need the perfect bathing suit. I love this sweet checker print and triangle top. I am a lot more into this silhouette lately. Just because you are in a bathing does not mean you cannot accessorize. Just a simple pair of fun earrings, lace up shoes, sunies and a fedora hat help round out the look. And how cute is this cover up? You could easily wear this as an actual dress, right?! So cute. 


memorial day 3
Left| Bracelet / Top / Sandals / Shorts
Center | Necklace / Top / Shorts / Shoes
Right| Earrings / Top / Shorts / Shoes / Bracelet

Ok so this last set I went a little nutty. There were just so many items I loved! I could not help myself. I tried to veer from super casual (right) to dressier (middle) and more the happy medium (left). I really love all the different types of shorts this summer. Helps add a little more diversity to your looks. My favorite thing to do in the summer is wear something really simple and play with accessories. Maybe I went a little crazy, or maybe it's brilliant. You get to decide ;)

There you have it. Lots of fun items to choose from for any holiday celebration! What is your favorite? Leave me a comment below and I'll check back in you y'all on Wednesday!!

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Prep It Up

Something about summer always brings out the prepster in me. I don't know what it is, but I learned a long time ago to just give in to my fashion urges. I am anticipating a pretty warm summer and due to my new job I will probably be out in the warm weather more often. This is a fantastic thing, however previously my summer wardrobe was a bit warmer because I was in a freezing building all day. A few weeks ago I was looking around at J. Crew Factory and stumbled upon this shirt. They were running some discount code so I snagged this and a pair of shorts I love. I paired it with some classic Sperry boat shoes. These are my pride and joy. I bought these way before they were a big deal and the going rate was $80. I got these for about $40 on Amazon years ago. Add a bit of delicate jewelry and we have some prep in our step for just in time for summer. What do you think?

Top| J. Crew Factory
Jeans| Banana Republic
Shoes| Sperry (similar)
Necklace| Onecklace (enter monochro10 for 10% off!)

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Monday Round Up: Sunny Weekends + Onecklaces

Another weekend in the books! It was a gorgeous weekend here. Sunny and in the 80s! I almost wanted to just camp out in my backyard just to be outside. I tried to be out as much as I could to soak it all in. I had a really busy weekend and more to prepare for this week and heading to Portland on  Thursday (yay!) 

Friday was a bit rushed. I worked until about 3:30 and ran to the gym quick. That night D had his community band concert at my old high school. What D didn't know is I invited some of our friends to surprise him. When he walked out on stage to take his seat he saw us, and then hung his head in embarrassment. He was pretty worried about how at least one song would sound and did not even want me there. I like going though and he stops every summer because his work schedule becomes too unpredictable. I wanted to make sure I got there and thought it would be fun for our friends to join. Afterwards we went out for some food and drinks. It was a good night and I was in bed by midnight. Perfect Friday.

Saturday was eventful. We woke up early to hit the gym and I had a manicure appointment at 10:45 AM. I decided last minute I wanted a shellac manicure for our trip. It is just easier to not have to worry about it not chipping or peeling while we are away. I love a great manicure. I got a pretty neutral color to match the dress I am wearing to the wedding on Friday. Then I headed over to the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes to grab a few things. Some items will be coming to the blog soon so I do not want to spoil it but I scored something really amazing.

That night we went to Art-A-Whirl, which is a local weekend art crawl in Northeast Minneapolis. In the last couple of years it has grown from a small little fair to a really big deal.  I am talking thousands of people. Artist's set up shop as well as music and open breweries. We went to see a few bands play: Jeremy Messersmith, 4onthefloor and Sonny Knight and the Lakers. All local, all amazing. It was so fun! We met up with my parents and a few friends. We basically partied like we were 22 years old again.

Sunday I woke up and was reminded that I am 30 years old, not 22 with a serious headache. Not the condition I wanted to be for the plans of the day. That morning D had scheduled his skydive. I was basically freaking out. I know it is safe, blah blah blah, but still he was jumping out of a plane! It happened really quickly. In about 1 1/2 hours it was all done. He took a quick course and basically went up right away. I waited as my husband [safely] plummeted to the earth. He says he loves it and would do it again. I will do everything in my power to stop that. 

Afterwards we went and got some lunch. I was starving. Sunday was so beautiful I could not bear to be inside so we headed to Salut in St. Paul to eat outside. They truly have a gorgeous patio and I could not have asked for a better day to be out in it. Unfortunately after an eventful evening and adrenaline charged morning D was exhausted. We had to run a few quick errands but then headed home. I ended up taking a nap on the couch and was basically useless the rest of the day.

Here is where some things get exciting for you all! Recently I have been looking for some delicate necklaces. I have always wanted a name plate necklace ever since Carrie Bradshaw's infamous Carrie necklace. Unfortunately a lot of times they are really expensive. When I came across this one at Onecklace I was totally sold. I love the name plate style with my initials. I think it modernizes the name plate necklace popularized it the seminal HBO show. I wear it basically all the time now. Also, because it is short enough it is perfect for layering. In the summer I am not a huge fan of statement necklaces, but this is the perfect way to get big look best suited for summer. Oh and this is 24 Karat gold, so it is is not going to fade like the more inexpensive ones you buy. I wear this out like I wore out my SATC dvds. :) Like what you see? I have an exclusive discount code for 10% off your purchase! Just enter monochro10 at checkout to redeem. Leave me a comment below too if you purchase one. I would love to see you rock your necklaces!

Discount code: monochro10

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May Stitch Fix Review + #H54F Link Ups


TGIF! I am so ready for the weekend. This week and the upcoming weeks are totally swamped with things to do, sometimes I am barely hanging on. The closer summer gets, the longer the weeks feel. Am I alone in this? Anyway here is a little update of my week and my latest Stitch Fix!

I wanted to start out by apologizing. I try to be really tuned in to writing these posts and engaging with the blogger community but in the last two weeks or so things have just been super busy around here. With working on home projects, family commitments and things picking up at work I feel like I barely have a moment to breathe. These next couple of weeks will be equally as busy with a trip to Portland over Memorial Day weekend and shortened weeks at work as the school year ends I will basically be pulling my hair out. I wanted to apologize to those of you who have taken the time to read and comment on my blog. I so appreciate it and although I have not had the time to return the favor I wanted you to know that I read everything and so enjoy it. I promise when things slow down I will return to normal :) 

Our closet project is coming along. This week we put two coats of paint on the walls. We bought a light grey. It is a small room so figured a dark color would not suit it well.  Unfortunately it looks like a light blue right now :(. I hope when we put the shelving in it will show up more grey. For those of you who don't follow me on snapchat (user: mcainmoss) you should know I hate painting. It is a small room, but I just hate it so much. It takes forever and it is so repetitive. If I never paint again it will be too soon.

Next weekend we leave for Portland. One of D's friends from high school is getting married and we are excited to head out there. We have always wanted to go there. A couple of years ago for our anniversary we went to Seattle. In retrospect we wished we had stayed a few days longer and drove down to Portland. Once we realized the wedding would be near Portland we knew we had our chance. We also managed to twist the arm of some of our friends (yay) so they are coming too. I am so excited! If you have ever been to Portland and have any 'must sees' let me know!

This weekend is going to be super busy. Friday is D's band concert. He plays in a community band and it is his last performance before he stops for the summer. Saturday we are going to Art-a-Whirl, which is a art festival in Northeast Minneapolis complete with music and beer. I am so in! A couple of bands we really like are going to be there in one of my favorite local breweries. Stay tuned on my snapchat for updates. Sunday D is jumping out of a plane, eek! I am very nervous about this. Be sure to stop by Monday for the updates.

I got another Stitch Fix a couple of weeks ago. It.was.so.good. Seriously, my stylist is amazing. She really takes in my feedback and I am always happy with the results. It was pretty successful so let's get to it.


Let's face it, I am a sucker for a flowy blouse. Add a little cutout and I am there! I really loved this. It's hard to tell in the photos but the colors are mosty blues and purples. A unique pattern. I have not found a similar pattern so when looking for similar blouses I definitely came up empty. Only problem with this is I have a lot of flowy blouses and I loved basically everything else. I knew my sister would love this and with the discount it was a good deal. I asked she wanted it and she did. Sold!


I told my stylist I was going to a wedding this month and was in need of some jewelry to wear with it. The gold fringe this necklace is very thin and lightweight. Perfect for summer. I also love that you can make it short almost like a collar, or longer for a different type of top. I have been wearing it non-stop lately. It's a gold fringe necklace so it basically goes with everything. What's not to like? Mine. 


This I really fell in love with. It is hard to find darker color jewels in Spring and Summer. I told my stylist that my dress for the wedding was navy and she nailed it. I have wanted a tassel necklace for a while and struggled to find the right one. Typically tassel necklaces have been metal fringe, reserving the string tassels for bracelets. I really like it this way because it is unique and allows for more interesting color. I will probably wear this one to the wedding, if not it will go perfectly with countless tank tops all year round.


When I saw this on the preview card I was really confused. All I saw was "pencil skirt" and got frustrated as I have no reason for a pencil skirt. When I opened it up  I realized how wrong I was. I hve a couple of maxi dresses but no skirts. I love that this lays flat around my waist. A lot have a ruched, fold over waistband that adds to my already not so slim mid section. The flat and high waist cut is so much more flattering for me. The zipper detail and high slit are so cool. I have never seen anything like it. It also fits like a glove. When you find something like that, you have to keep it.


This top I was not sure I would love so much. It is hard to see in the picture, but there is  a faint pattern which is really gorgeous. What sold me though was the back. I love the cut out. It a strange way it reminds me of a spine and ribcage. Maybe some people would not think that is cool but I do. I like that I can definitely wear it to work in the hot summer months. It will also transition well to Fall and Winter with cardigans and jackets. 

See? Another successful fix. Thinking of joining up? Click here.

What do you think? Would you have chosen any of these items? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer is just around the corner, or so the calendar would have you believe. The weather around here is finally turning, finally, and I need to update my jewelry game. I thought it would be good to get an accessories refresh. Some of the items I have will translate but definitely a few new trends worth investing in. A couple of pieces I think I really need to hands on. I decided I would highlight for you all some of my favorite trends for the season.



This season both statement earrings and mismatched earrings are big this season. Huge, statement pieces are all over the runway. I know big earrings rarely go out of style, however what I am seeing are more than just your typical big earring. Big, bright colors and unique shapes are being used to spice up outfits. The earrings pictured are probably the closest I have in my current collection. They will do, but not as big as the trend. I personally like the mismatched earrings. This is  more unique silhouette in my opinion. I like when pieces are unexpected and with jewelry you expect symmetry. This is the opposite of that and I really love it. I will be getting  my hands on a pair or two.



four / five 

In previous seasons it has been all about the layering with bracelets. Not that you cannot keep doing this, however this season is all about the statement bangle. Bangles so big they encompass your whole wrist. You can accomplish this a couple of ways. Either a big piece, like the item pictured or #5 in the above photo. Or with a cuff-like bracelet, which would be the equivalent of 5-6 delicate bracelets. There are a couple of other trends reflected here as well. #1 and #5 represent the industrial trend. Chain links and other metal work pieces. Of the two I prefer #1. I have seen the chain links before and am looking for something new. #2 looks more like the kind of bangle you could layer if you wanted, where as #3 and #4 are solo soldiers. Let them stand alone.


Hair accessories
one / two

Lots of 90s trends are coming back: color blocking, off the shoulder and now headbands. Head accessories have slowly, but surely been creeping back into style. Now headbands are back and they are proud of it. We aren't look at the thick black headband we all wore about 10 years ago. We are looking more at a delicate piece that makes it look like you have golden leaves and flowers so perfectly placed around your crown. Some of them are a bit hippie for my taste, but there are others I really love and can definitely get down with. I did not show a big selection because it is a lot of the same. The one pictured is what I already have. I really love it, but I do struggle more with metal. I am a gold girl myself and silver is hard to work into my wardrobe. I am super diggin' #1. Over Memorial weekend we are going to a wedding and I think it will be perfect for the dress I bought. (Stay posted for those details after the holiday break).



four / five 

I know not that long ago I did a whole post about chokers. Sorry if this is a bit of a repeat. Chokers are definitely still on trend, but collars are making their way into the foreground too. You can find a lot of variation in the collar trend and it is not as stark of a statement as a choker. I really like that there are very delicate pieces all the way to dramatic pieces like #4. For summer I am favoring #5. I love a gold, leafy necklace. I don't know what it is. I don't even like nature, but I do in my jewelry. #2 seems like something that would transition well into Fall looks. Lots of fun necklaces to play with. 

What do you think of these trends? Do you have a favorite? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you! 

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