Summer is just around the corner, or so the calendar would have you believe. The weather around here is finally turning, finally, and I need to update my jewelry game. I thought it would be good to get an accessories refresh. Some of the items I have will translate but definitely a few new trends worth investing in. A couple of pieces I think I really need to hands on. I decided I would highlight for you all some of my favorite trends for the season.



This season both statement earrings and mismatched earrings are big this season. Huge, statement pieces are all over the runway. I know big earrings rarely go out of style, however what I am seeing are more than just your typical big earring. Big, bright colors and unique shapes are being used to spice up outfits. The earrings pictured are probably the closest I have in my current collection. They will do, but not as big as the trend. I personally like the mismatched earrings. This is  more unique silhouette in my opinion. I like when pieces are unexpected and with jewelry you expect symmetry. This is the opposite of that and I really love it. I will be getting  my hands on a pair or two.



four / five 

In previous seasons it has been all about the layering with bracelets. Not that you cannot keep doing this, however this season is all about the statement bangle. Bangles so big they encompass your whole wrist. You can accomplish this a couple of ways. Either a big piece, like the item pictured or #5 in the above photo. Or with a cuff-like bracelet, which would be the equivalent of 5-6 delicate bracelets. There are a couple of other trends reflected here as well. #1 and #5 represent the industrial trend. Chain links and other metal work pieces. Of the two I prefer #1. I have seen the chain links before and am looking for something new. #2 looks more like the kind of bangle you could layer if you wanted, where as #3 and #4 are solo soldiers. Let them stand alone.


Hair accessories
one / two

Lots of 90s trends are coming back: color blocking, off the shoulder and now headbands. Head accessories have slowly, but surely been creeping back into style. Now headbands are back and they are proud of it. We aren't look at the thick black headband we all wore about 10 years ago. We are looking more at a delicate piece that makes it look like you have golden leaves and flowers so perfectly placed around your crown. Some of them are a bit hippie for my taste, but there are others I really love and can definitely get down with. I did not show a big selection because it is a lot of the same. The one pictured is what I already have. I really love it, but I do struggle more with metal. I am a gold girl myself and silver is hard to work into my wardrobe. I am super diggin' #1. Over Memorial weekend we are going to a wedding and I think it will be perfect for the dress I bought. (Stay posted for those details after the holiday break).



four / five 

I know not that long ago I did a whole post about chokers. Sorry if this is a bit of a repeat. Chokers are definitely still on trend, but collars are making their way into the foreground too. You can find a lot of variation in the collar trend and it is not as stark of a statement as a choker. I really like that there are very delicate pieces all the way to dramatic pieces like #4. For summer I am favoring #5. I love a gold, leafy necklace. I don't know what it is. I don't even like nature, but I do in my jewelry. #2 seems like something that would transition well into Fall looks. Lots of fun necklaces to play with. 

What do you think of these trends? Do you have a favorite? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you! 

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