Another weekend in the books! It was a gorgeous weekend here. Sunny and in the 80s! I almost wanted to just camp out in my backyard just to be outside. I tried to be out as much as I could to soak it all in. I had a really busy weekend and more to prepare for this week and heading to Portland on  Thursday (yay!) 

Friday was a bit rushed. I worked until about 3:30 and ran to the gym quick. That night D had his community band concert at my old high school. What D didn't know is I invited some of our friends to surprise him. When he walked out on stage to take his seat he saw us, and then hung his head in embarrassment. He was pretty worried about how at least one song would sound and did not even want me there. I like going though and he stops every summer because his work schedule becomes too unpredictable. I wanted to make sure I got there and thought it would be fun for our friends to join. Afterwards we went out for some food and drinks. It was a good night and I was in bed by midnight. Perfect Friday.

Saturday was eventful. We woke up early to hit the gym and I had a manicure appointment at 10:45 AM. I decided last minute I wanted a shellac manicure for our trip. It is just easier to not have to worry about it not chipping or peeling while we are away. I love a great manicure. I got a pretty neutral color to match the dress I am wearing to the wedding on Friday. Then I headed over to the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes to grab a few things. Some items will be coming to the blog soon so I do not want to spoil it but I scored something really amazing.

That night we went to Art-A-Whirl, which is a local weekend art crawl in Northeast Minneapolis. In the last couple of years it has grown from a small little fair to a really big deal.  I am talking thousands of people. Artist's set up shop as well as music and open breweries. We went to see a few bands play: Jeremy Messersmith, 4onthefloor and Sonny Knight and the Lakers. All local, all amazing. It was so fun! We met up with my parents and a few friends. We basically partied like we were 22 years old again.

Sunday I woke up and was reminded that I am 30 years old, not 22 with a serious headache. Not the condition I wanted to be for the plans of the day. That morning D had scheduled his skydive. I was basically freaking out. I know it is safe, blah blah blah, but still he was jumping out of a plane! It happened really quickly. In about 1 1/2 hours it was all done. He took a quick course and basically went up right away. I waited as my husband [safely] plummeted to the earth. He says he loves it and would do it again. I will do everything in my power to stop that. 

Afterwards we went and got some lunch. I was starving. Sunday was so beautiful I could not bear to be inside so we headed to Salut in St. Paul to eat outside. They truly have a gorgeous patio and I could not have asked for a better day to be out in it. Unfortunately after an eventful evening and adrenaline charged morning D was exhausted. We had to run a few quick errands but then headed home. I ended up taking a nap on the couch and was basically useless the rest of the day.

Here is where some things get exciting for you all! Recently I have been looking for some delicate necklaces. I have always wanted a name plate necklace ever since Carrie Bradshaw's infamous Carrie necklace. Unfortunately a lot of times they are really expensive. When I came across this one at Onecklace I was totally sold. I love the name plate style with my initials. I think it modernizes the name plate necklace popularized it the seminal HBO show. I wear it basically all the time now. Also, because it is short enough it is perfect for layering. In the summer I am not a huge fan of statement necklaces, but this is the perfect way to get big look best suited for summer. Oh and this is 24 Karat gold, so it is is not going to fade like the more inexpensive ones you buy. I wear this out like I wore out my SATC dvds. :) Like what you see? I have an exclusive discount code for 10% off your purchase! Just enter monochro10 at checkout to redeem. Leave me a comment below too if you purchase one. I would love to see you rock your necklaces!

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