Happy Monday! I had such a busy weekend and it totally flew by. Good weekend, but busy. Looking forward to things slowing down a bit before we head to Portland next week. Not sure the slowing down will happen, but what's the fun in that?  I did a lot this weekend so let's get to it.

On Friday  D headed out of town for opening finishing so I went to my high school's play. Well, play isn't totally accurate. Basically it was as series of musical numbers strung together with theme. Both big numbers and solo performances. Three hours long. It was long, but honestly it felt quick because it was very entertaining. Some of the kids were so talented, I was blown away. Only downside is this took up  my whole night. I was pretty tired anyway after so I basically went home and straight to sleep.

Saturday was a really busy day. I got up early, well early for me,  and hit the gym quick and ran a quick errand. That afternoon I drove down with some friends to Wabasha for a friend's party. From here it takes about 2 hours to get there. We have driven it a couple of times and it is an easy job. The plan was to go down, stay a couple of hours and come back. This time we took a different way down through the farmland and valleys of Southern Minnesota. It was a gorgeous, sunny day so all the colors seemed richer. We never took this way before, but I am glad we did.

We stayed at our friend's party for a few hours before heading home around 9:30. We took the other way home, which essentially follows the river home. At dusk the sky was pink and beautiful. I snapped a couple more pictures. I couldn't help myself. I also basically passed out in the car and feel asleep right when I got home. I am 1,000 years old

Sunday I got  a later start. I couldn't shake my sleepiness. Probably because my pups jumped in the bed and slept with me all night. It took me a bit to get going, but eventually I got myself to the gym. I had to hurry because I had to watch my niece for a couple of hours that afternoon. When I got to my parents seemed that she was pretty attached to my mom. When she left my niece cried some serious tears, and although sad was equally adorable. My mom told me she loves to be outside and go for walks. As soon they left I put on her coat and shoes and we walked around the block. She immediately stopped crying. She loves to be outside. She sings and kind of talks to herself. Then we played outside for a bit before retiring inside to watch her favorite movie Finding Nemo. I bet she has literally watched it hundreds of times. Nothing exists when Nemo does. It's perfect. She was so cute and so cute. When my sister came to pick her up I headed home to do a few things around the house and rest up for the week ahead.

That was my weekend. Busy right? Also really fun and feeling energized for the week ahead. 

My look today comes from Saturday. Even though it was sunny this weekend it was unseasonably cold. Like, in the 50s. Brr! I was forced to dip back into some of my winter wardrobe. I did pick up these black distressed jeans this weekend from Express. My high waisted jeans are from there too and I am seriously loving their jeans lately. They are really comfortable and the mid rise is perfect for me. When I was 22 I could get away with low rise, but not any longer. I need a more womanly cut ;) I saw some on TV a couple of weeks ago  and have been obsessed. Problem is, it's May which means all you can find are white jeans and floral prints. I don't follow the seasons very much, I wear what I like. I paired it with this cold shoulder sweater I got from my last Stitch Fix and the House of Harlow 1960 necklace I am obsessed with. Lastly I dug out these trusty grey boots from Target and there you have it. It was overall a really comfortable look and I love that it has this rock 'n' roll edginess to it. That is probably my favorite look to wear. The vibe makes me feel powerful and I dig it. What do you think?

Top| RD Style (similar / similar)
Jeans| Express
Necklace| House of Harlow 1960 (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target (similar / similar )

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