Happy holiday weekend folks! I don't know about you but I am stupid excited for this weekend. Mainly because right now I am out of town. We left for Portland yesterday and have a friend's wedding today. It was a crazy busy week but nothing interesting. I will give you a quick update then I have gathered some great outfits for your Memorial Day.

I only worked four days this week but I still have do about 5 days worth of work in 4 days. This meant I had less time for paperwork and more meetings per day.  It was a little nutty trying to get everything done, at the same time it made the week go by quickly. Tuesday I got my hair did. Definitely in my top favorite things. I love how a fresh color look and feels. Am I the only one who loves that salon hair smell? Ah I love it. I also like getting my hair freshly done before a trip or wedding so I look my best.  Wednesday and Thursday were a bit of a whirlwind. Wednesday I worked and went to the gym, then packed. Thursday morning I went to the gym then work then home to prepare for the airport. That leads me to today. Told ya it was boring. I won't have a formal round up next Monday for the holiday I am hoping I will on Wednesday but if not Friday I will update you about my Portland trip. 

Ok so I was searching for looks for this post and I won't sugar coat it... I went a little nuts. I tried to keep it simple but I couldn't help myself! So much great stuff. I broke it down into a couple of categories.

memorial day 1

Left| Sunnies / Necklace / Dress
Center| Hat / Purse / Shoes
Right| Dress / Earrings / Sunnies / Bracelet

I imagine this would be for those of you living a more Hamptons lifestyle. Around here it is more like Lake Minnetonka. Maybe not as wealthy as the Hamptons but the same idea. Beautiful lake homes, cocktails and hor d'oeuvres. This look is all about delicate casual dresses,  big ol' hats, and gorgeous necklaces. I always imagine what a Real Housewife of New York City might wear on Memorial Day.  For those of you living the boat life this is for you. Now this girl probably is not going to get the water, rather enjoy a light cocktail lakeside and maybe play some lawn games. I am really obsessed with both of these dresses.  The hat, purse and shoes can be matched with either dress. I did pair each dress with it's own jewels and sunglasses.   


memorial day 2

For those of you spending Monday on or near a boat you need the perfect bathing suit. I love this sweet checker print and triangle top. I am a lot more into this silhouette lately. Just because you are in a bathing does not mean you cannot accessorize. Just a simple pair of fun earrings, lace up shoes, sunies and a fedora hat help round out the look. And how cute is this cover up? You could easily wear this as an actual dress, right?! So cute. 


memorial day 3
Left| Bracelet / Top / Sandals / Shorts
Center | Necklace / Top / Shorts / Shoes
Right| Earrings / Top / Shorts / Shoes / Bracelet

Ok so this last set I went a little nutty. There were just so many items I loved! I could not help myself. I tried to veer from super casual (right) to dressier (middle) and more the happy medium (left). I really love all the different types of shorts this summer. Helps add a little more diversity to your looks. My favorite thing to do in the summer is wear something really simple and play with accessories. Maybe I went a little crazy, or maybe it's brilliant. You get to decide ;)

There you have it. Lots of fun items to choose from for any holiday celebration! What is your favorite? Leave me a comment below and I'll check back in you y'all on Wednesday!!

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