Monday Round Up: Black + Suede Fringe

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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. We are almost out of January, typically the coldest month of the year. Hopefully we will be out of the woods soon. Although, I shouldn't complain as the temperatures around here have not been bad as of late. Hope it i has been good by you too!

This weekend was pretty uneventful by design. I am 37 weeks pregnant so we are just trying to get our head around this and make sure things are ready here at home. Friday I had a really busy day at work and my co-workers threw me a baby shower. It was really sweet of them. They decorated the lunch room, got a cake and had some gifts. It was really kind. After work I just didn't really feel like doing anything. I ran one quick errand to Ulta before heading home. It was kind of a beauty weekend for me. I needed to pick up a few things for my hospital bag. Just because I  am having a baby does not mean I can't look good. I have been slowly picking up travel items to take with me. While I was there I got to see the Tarte Maneater palette in person. I could not resist, I had to pick it up. Stay tuned for a review soon. I also picked up Kylie Cosmetics matte lip in Ginger. I saw it on another local blogger and had to make it mine. It's amazing.

Saturday was a strange day. I had a really hard time sleeping on Friday so I overslept on Saturday. D got up early and did a little cleaning, I was supposed to help. We ended up going to the gym but really late in the day. Then we ran a few errands so by the time we got home to eat 'lunch' it was 5:00PM. A little bit later my friend texted if we wanted to meet up for a late happy hour. We met them at their local favorite spot for a couple apps and drinks. By drinks for me I means Sprite. Hopefully not for long! C'mon baby!

Sunday was another slow day. D cleaned the carpets that desperately needed it. I did a little bit of cleaning but not as much as I planned. I really did intend to do more cleaning.....and then I didn't. Next weekend for sure. On Sunday I also got my newest Vox Box with some fun lip colors. This will also be coming to the blog soon so stay tuned! After running a couple quick errands we came home to just relax on the couch.

Oh I also worked out from home and it was super hard as I am now enormous. I intend to work out until baby arrives. You can't work out basically at all for 6 weeks so I am trying to gear up. 

Last weekend I stopped by Primp's St.Paul location because I found myself in the area. I really wanted to buy the whole store. They had a bunch of great oversized sweaters perfect for my shape these days. This caught my eye initially. I mean, it's black so 'hello' it's basically mine. It won me over with the suede type fringe on the bottom. I thought it was a unique way to wear fringe I had not before. I have seen it on sleeves or with cloth but not separately attached this way. Also, it's long so it works perfectly with a pair of leggings. Leggings are the most comfortable pants to wear these days. These Tart ones I got from a Stitch Fix have been a serious closet staple. What I will do without them post pregnancy I will never know. They do have the fun moto detail on the knees to make it a bit more rock n' roll. I topped it off with some simple jewelry and my go-to ankle boot and voila! Perfect look for that Saturday happy hour.

p.s. These pictures have some sun spots in them. I thought I should retake them, but then I thought this is the most sun I have seen in a while so I'm leaving it :)

Top| Primp (similar / similar)
Pants| Tart (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Necklace| Primp and Michael Kors (similar)
Bracelet| JustFab

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Favorite Accessories +#H54F

Happy Friday! Another week in the books. This week went by pretty fast. It was a busy week at work and home. I got my hair done this week, D worked on some of the bathroom project, and I am continuing to try and get some paperwork done before maternity leave. So albeit not a terribly interesting week. 

With that said, I thought I would spend my H54F sharing some of my favorite accessories of the moment with you all. I am really into delicate, gold pieces. This is unlike me in the middle of winter. I tend to favor more statement pieces, but right now I am all about simplicity.


These studs have become a staple. They are just so simple and go with everything. I pretty much wear exclusively gold so these are never an issue. The simplicity is enough to wear to work every day without being too flashy, but they also work well for going out paired with some more statement jewelry. You could truly wear these every day and I basically do. (P.S. use my code: meghan15 for 15% off your order)


I recently purchased this on a whim after closing my VIP membership. I needed to spend a little extra to use some credits and this was basically an impulse buy. Sometimes my impulses benefit me. I love accessories that make use of negative space. I don't know what it is but I find it aesthetically pleasing. This essentially is made to look a nail that has been bent into a bracelet. This is another example of a simple design that easily pairs with anything. You could easily layer this piece as well for going out or keep it simple and chic for daytime.



I love a tassel. This has been on trend for sometime and I can't get enough of it. I have another tassel bracelet that is made from thread that I did love until it fell apart. This tassel is made from the light metal the rest is made from. The only downside of this bracelet is I cannot put it on myself, so D loves helping me. Not! lol (sorry for a bad 90s joke).  I do wear this one during the day when I dress up a bit more for work, but I really see it as a going out accessory. These tassels, they get me every time.


I bought this on my recent trip to local favorite Primp. I love a bar necklace. This caught my eye immediately because it fits perfectly into my aesthetic right now of simplicity.  I can't decide what the stone is here. Maybe marble? Maybe some kind of quartz. It has a pinkish hue that I really love, but not so much that it limits how you can wear it.  Lately I have been layering it with at least one other delicate necklace I have. This changes based on the outfit, but I like the look of two delicate necklaces together. It adds a little depth to the overall look.


Last but not least is this watch. A few years ago I got a rose gold watch for Christmas from my parents. It was a nice watch but one of the more affordable brands from Macy's. It served it's purpose for a while until the gold began to peel away and then I let it go. I have wanted another boyfriend watch since then. For my birthday his year D got me this watch. Probably because it was on my wishlist ( get with it ladies, a wishlist with links is the way to go) and I was thrilled. I have not had a Fossil watch before but always wanted one. The quality is top notch, which you can tell by the pure weight of it. I love the rose gold color and delicate crystals around the face that make it sparkle. This is my new daily watch and I could not be happier.

There you have it my favorite accessories right now. What are some of your favorite pieces? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Trend Alert: Embroidery

I am feeling so inspired by some of the trends I am seeing lately. Some of these trends for Winter-Spring 2017 have made rumblings for a bit and been all over the runways. Us fashion girls know that it takes some time for these high fashion trends to make their way down to our affordable stores. One of those trends is the embroidery trend. I just really love how unique embroidery can make some of our favorite items. 
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I thought I would show a few of my favorite ways to rock this trend. For those who just want to dip their toe in this trend you can use it on a accessory or your shoe. Just the small details would be fun way to show the trend without a major commitment. The next step up is this chambray blouse. I love how the embroidery looks against the chambray. I think it adds just a unique quality to this trend that just keep son going. It dresses up the denim a bit. Speaking of dressing up, embroidered denim is another more daring way to show this. Dresses up your average denim with a little flare. If you are really gutsy you could show it with this leather mini or the bomber jacket. I would wear all of these to be clear, but right now I am partial to the purse and the chambray. They would most easily fold into my preexisting wardrobe.

Embroidery Trend

Embroidery Trend by mcainmoss featuring a blue top

purse / blouse / skirt
bomber / boots / jeans

What do you think? How would you wear this trend? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Monday Round Up: Lips + Lashes

 Happy Monday! This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind in some ways. A lot happened both in our country and my life this weekend. I would be remiss if I did not mention the Women's Marches all over the country this Saturday. Although I did not get a chance to march, I wholeheartedly support the efforts of the women and men who made their voices heard. I hope we continue to make our voices heard in productive ways as this is our proud right and the privilege of Americans.

Ok political note over.  As I said the weekend was busy for me too. After work on Friday I squeezed in a quick work out before coming to our nephew's hockey game. He is at the age now where they play a full game, keep score and have penalties. It is definitely more fun watching this way and seeing him go from early days to have formations and he even scored a goal! It was pretty cool and I'm glad we could go.

Saturday I had grand intentions of getting a lot more done. We got up , hit the gym, ran to the store and did a little house cleaning. Our house was a veritable pigsty. I couldn't take it anymore and we had some friends coming over the next day. We did not get as much done as I had hoped because D had to get fitted for a suit for my sister's wedding. We went to the Wedding Shoppe in St Paul and I tagged along so we could grab dinner after. I dropped D off and then went to visit the local Primp location. I had never been to the  St. Paul location and was excited to check it out. I ran into Jamie, who I got to meet for the first time at the Innovations MN fashion show, and it was fun to see her. The store was amazing, per usual, and I snagged two sweaters that you will  on the blog soon. I also snapped a fitting room selfie cause #bloggerlife. Afterwards we hit up the local Axel's bonfire for dinner. The service was kind of painfully slow. Not sure what was going on but we were there for about 2 hours. Oh well it was worth it. At 36 weeks pregnant now, not sure when is the next time we'll get to go out to eat.

Sunday I had intentions of doing yoga, but I woke up and my body was like "nope." So I did not. We had some friends coming over around 11:00 AM to brew some beer. I am excited this time because that brew will be ready when I am done with pregnancy and I can drink it :) Whoo hoo! My other pregnant friend came over too and we basically talked pregnancy/babies for hours. She is only about 2 weeks behind me so we are experiencing the same thing at the same time. It was good to have some uninterrupted time to talk about stuff and not worry we are annoying the group, ha.  Afterwards D and I binge watched some Breaking Bad and the pups were all tuckered out.

Overall a good but busy weekend. Next weekend will be probably more boring as we intend to keep it low key until baby's arrival.

This weekend I tried out my new tee that has been on the wishlist for sometime. It's not a maternity tee and it fits a little snug, but I just couldn't wait. I seriously love it so hard and can't wait for it to fit better post-pregnancy. I love the lashes and lipstick, which is perfect for me. Some co-workers were kind of jokingly talking about if I could keep up my make up routine after pregnancy. Fingers crossed I can. It was a good casual look for the weekend especially because the weather has been on the warmer side. I paired it with my leather vest, that frankly I do not get to wear enough. With my fav maternity jeans from ASOS and these slip ons from Target it was the perfect casual look for a night out on Saturday. For me, what is great about this look is that I would wear this same exact thing if I was not pregnant. There is a way to stay fashionable pregnant and I have seen other blogger ladies do it well. I am just happy to have found a way to continue to show my style throughout this time. 

Top| Shopbop
Jeans| ASOS (similar / similar)
Vest| Leith (similar )
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Necklace| Primp (similar / similar)

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Short Weeks + #H54F

Happy Friday party people! I am so ready for this weekend as I have very little planned and I am excited for it. We have been go, go, go around here basically since Thanksgiving and a little rest is necessary.  With that said I have a few positives this week for my H54F.

Monday was a holiday and it was a glorious day. It was an actual holiday from work, not one of those 'there is no school but I still have to work days.' I legit had the day off and I have not had a day off in a long time. I did bring my work computer home, because I have so much paperwork to complete before my maternity leave. However, I did not touch it. I slept in, which was ah-mazing, and  hit the gym before starting in on a few baby shower thank you cards. I spent the whole day doing what I wanted to do and it so necessary. It's probably the last time in a long time I will get a day like this and I decided to take full advantage of it.

The weather this week has been unseasonably warm. January in Minnesota is typically the coldest month of the year, with my birthday being one of the coldest days. Well this week we were in the 30s even the 40s some days. It felt like Spring was around the corner. This was both welcomed because of the warmth, but also I know this can't last. In the meantime I am going to enjoy this break from our regularly scheduled programing :)

I am officially 35 weeks pregnant and the size of a whale. Basically everything is hard now. Everything I do takes twice as much time, clothes that used to fit in an "adorable pregnant girl" kind of way are more like  "these fit over my stomach" kind of way now. I did promise to keep these positive right? Positive news is that I am almost done haha. Pregnancy hasn't exactly been amazing for me so knowing that the end is on the horizon, although scary, is exciting to move onto the next phase.

Did you see my post on Wednesday? I put together some of my favorite pieces lately to create this look. This dress I have been obsessed with and would legit wear every day if I could. I don't know how I am going to give this dress up after I am done being pregnant.

I snagged a few items from my wishlist on Monday too. I have been eyeing this shirt for some time it is starting to sell out other places so I snagged it. I also grabbed these faux leather leggings as recommended by one of my favorite bloggers. Also a little post-pregnancy motivation to get back into shape.

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Winter Darks

In the last few weeks I have posted about some of my favorite pieces from Kate Spade, Rachel Zoe's Box of Style and my most recent Stitch Fix. Today I am putting them all together for my favorite look of the moment. It's no shock that I love dark neutrals. I mean, hello, my blog name calls it out. Especially during pregnancy I have been very conscious about color choices and cuts of dresses and sweaters as to the most flattering. At 35 weeks pregnant some items are only so flattering. However, I felt so confident in this look. This dress has been my go to lately. I basically wear it as fast as I can wash it. Maybe that's not something a fashion blogger should admit, but I don't care it's the truth. I have two Tart dresses and I cannot get enough of them. This one in particular is form fitting in a way that just feels secure. Some items in pregnancy I prefer really fitted, it shows that although I am pregnant I've worked really hard to keep the rest of me in shape. This faux fur lined jacket is perfect for this week as well. We are experiencing a bit of a heat wave this week and I could get by using this as a jacket all week if I wanted. It's super comfy and the faux fur is so epically wintertime I can't stand it. I paired it with my Dylanex necklace from my Box of Style and my new metallic Kate Spade bag. This is dressier than what I would wear on a typical day, but love this whole look for a little date night action.

Dress| Tart maternity / non-maternity
Jacket| Marc New York  similar / similar
Shoes| Macy's similar / similar
Necklace| Dylanex similar / similar
Purse| Kate Spade similar / similar 

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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