Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week! My week was relatively uneventful except for the weather. It got legit cold again this week. It was no bueno. Next week is looking to be a bit warmer so I am grateful for that.  Such is the Winter life in Minnesota.

Speaking of Winter, recently I received my Rachel Zoe Box of Style for Winter. I have done this a couple of other times and have been happy with it. This last time I was not sure I wanted to, but they revealed the hero item so I went forward with it. 

This box was white, which is different from the typical black box. For Winter it seemed fitting.


The first item was this hat. Recently, one of the things you get to to do is have one item be a choice. For this box you got to pick the color hat you wanted. I chose this merlot color over the navy and white. I am glad I did. It is a really rich, purple color that goes perfectly with my gray coat. I have a winter beanie from Target I typically wear so I was not sure how much I would like this. It is now my go-to hat. Firstly, it is incredibly warm. I think the tight cable knit helps lock in heat. Secondly, it does not mess up my 'do. A lot of hats will flatten my hair and this was does not no matter how long I wear it. This is a win-win.

Similar, Retails $65


Meet your hero item for the winter box. This was specially designed for the box of style, so you could only have gotten it with this box. This necklace solidified my purchase of the winter box. It is so incredibly sparkly this picture does not do it justice. It fits like a collar necklace so it works best with something high neck, or an off the shoulder look. The quality is high end as the metal has the weight and density to it. For something this statement-like I have already found several ways to wear this. It was perfect around holiday time as the silver was perfect for Christmas. I have a few other events this Winter and will definitely be able to pair this with a multiude of looks.

Similar , Retails $200


Berry seems to truly be the color this Winter. I have not tried any Clinique beauty products before so I was a bit of a novice and unsure what to expect. What I like about this is the primer is part of the lipstick. I have become a bit of a matte finish snob because I like the long lasting wear. I get annoyed having to reapply so much. What I like about this is the color. The berry is pigmented well and I love the color. Also, for a non-matte it stays on pretty good. Not as good as a matte finish but definitely better than your average L'oreal product. I don't think I am ready to make this a second purchase but I can easily get use out of it as well.

Same, Retails $18.50


I love perfume. I love it so much. I also love when I get small travel size options I can carry around. I haven't used Juicy Couture before but I love to have a variety of fragrances. This is a potent enough fragrance for day time, may not be punchy enough for night time. Light notes of berries and vanilla that leave a fresh feeling. I generally prefer a more fresh scent so this is right up  my alley. I am going to try and save it mostly for travel as the size is just perfect.

Same, Retails $76


In every box there has typically been an item that although cool, is just not practical for my life. This is that item. This seems to be another collaboration with The Zoe Report. I always dreamed of having a job where I needed a card case. I do have business cards for  my current job, but I have no need to tote them around. This leather card is is high quality and the bright blue is definitely fun. Unfortunately, I will likely never use it. Or I may bring it to the office just to feel fancy.

Similar, Retails $50


I started using this as soon as I got it.  In the Winter my skin gets incredibly dry I am essentially slathering on moisturizer left and right. This cream is incredibly light and a little goes a long way. I used it twice a day, per instruction, and my skin is so soft. Like baby soft. I typically only have soft-ish skin in the Summer when the air has moisture in it. I am really impressed with how effective this was in a short amount of time. In terms of brightening?  I am not currently seeing a difference. I have some darker patches and even with the pregnancy "glow" (which is b.s. by the way, does not exist) I have not noticed a change. However, this is worth it for the moisturizing properties alone.

Same, Retails $65


Last but not least is this candle. Another Zoe Report collab. I like the sleek black and gold. I am a sucker for black and gold, I can't help myself. I haven't lit it yet but am excited to use it. This type of calendar I would typically put in a bathroom. The self-containment is great to light the bathroom when guests come over. With two dogs at home and a baby on the way, I can't have candles every where. I have not lit this yet but am excited to give it a try. I love the smell of candles all over the house so this is another to add to the collection.

Similar, Retails $50

What do you think? Which is your favorite item?

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