Happy Friday! Another week in the books. This week went by pretty fast. It was a busy week at work and home. I got my hair done this week, D worked on some of the bathroom project, and I am continuing to try and get some paperwork done before maternity leave. So albeit not a terribly interesting week. 

With that said, I thought I would spend my H54F sharing some of my favorite accessories of the moment with you all. I am really into delicate, gold pieces. This is unlike me in the middle of winter. I tend to favor more statement pieces, but right now I am all about simplicity.


These studs have become a staple. They are just so simple and go with everything. I pretty much wear exclusively gold so these are never an issue. The simplicity is enough to wear to work every day without being too flashy, but they also work well for going out paired with some more statement jewelry. You could truly wear these every day and I basically do. (P.S. use my code: meghan15 for 15% off your order)


I recently purchased this on a whim after closing my VIP membership. I needed to spend a little extra to use some credits and this was basically an impulse buy. Sometimes my impulses benefit me. I love accessories that make use of negative space. I don't know what it is but I find it aesthetically pleasing. This essentially is made to look a nail that has been bent into a bracelet. This is another example of a simple design that easily pairs with anything. You could easily layer this piece as well for going out or keep it simple and chic for daytime.



I love a tassel. This has been on trend for sometime and I can't get enough of it. I have another tassel bracelet that is made from thread that I did love until it fell apart. This tassel is made from the light metal the rest is made from. The only downside of this bracelet is I cannot put it on myself, so D loves helping me. Not! lol (sorry for a bad 90s joke).  I do wear this one during the day when I dress up a bit more for work, but I really see it as a going out accessory. These tassels, they get me every time.


I bought this on my recent trip to local favorite Primp. I love a bar necklace. This caught my eye immediately because it fits perfectly into my aesthetic right now of simplicity.  I can't decide what the stone is here. Maybe marble? Maybe some kind of quartz. It has a pinkish hue that I really love, but not so much that it limits how you can wear it.  Lately I have been layering it with at least one other delicate necklace I have. This changes based on the outfit, but I like the look of two delicate necklaces together. It adds a little depth to the overall look.


Last but not least is this watch. A few years ago I got a rose gold watch for Christmas from my parents. It was a nice watch but one of the more affordable brands from Macy's. It served it's purpose for a while until the gold began to peel away and then I let it go. I have wanted another boyfriend watch since then. For my birthday his year D got me this watch. Probably because it was on my wishlist ( get with it ladies, a wishlist with links is the way to go) and I was thrilled. I have not had a Fossil watch before but always wanted one. The quality is top notch, which you can tell by the pure weight of it. I love the rose gold color and delicate crystals around the face that make it sparkle. This is my new daily watch and I could not be happier.

There you have it my favorite accessories right now. What are some of your favorite pieces? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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