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Happy Friday! I am super excited for this weekend. Tonight I am going to my first St. Paul Winter Carnival Coronation. I have a friend running for the Queen of Snows so fingers crossed she wins! The rest of the weekend is still pretty up in the air, which is kind of fine by me. Weekends where not much is planned is pretty rare these days. I am sure I will find something to do, but it is nice to not always have a big commitment. Anyway, enough about me. 

I got my Birchbox the other day and actually mostly good things in it. I might not want to buy anything for my own reasons but it does not necessarily mean they are bad. When you are done reading mine, head on over to She's Leaning In as she reviewed her box too and has some similar items. She has some good information and opinions too. 

I was really excited about this. I got a Ciate polish in my Box of Style, which was pretty but a little too summery for January. This color is definitely bright for winter, but the kind I am ready for. It is a bit more or a coral/red color. I put it on my toes the other day so that I can enjoy it, I still have the shellac manicure. It is really a pretty color and not helping my spring fever I will tell you that.  
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This is a nice scent. Clean is an apt name for it, however it has a bit more "umph" than your typical fresh scented perfume. These days I am preferring a fresh scent. I think it does a better job covering smells instead of a more floral scent that tends to just mix with other smells. I do like it in much moderation, but probably will not buy it because it is a bit more pugent than I prefer.
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Here I have to agree with Candice. Birchbox appears to love this brand as this is about the fourth item of theirs that has been in my box. I have yet to see any changes with a Supergoop product. Does it moisturize? Sure. Do I notice a difference? No. There are better anti-aging products out there. Not my favorite.
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I really love Amika products. I use their texturizing spray, I have tried their hair mask and loved them both. I was excited to try this blow out spray. Like most amika products it smells amazing. I do like his product. I feel like it adds some extra volume to my hair and keeps it fuller throughout the day. I do have to confess I cannot figure out how to do a blowout. It does not make any sense to me. Help! I do love this product and would totally buy it once I figure out how to do this basic hair technique.
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Inherently there is nothing wrong this eyeliner. The color is good and consistent. It is a firm, felt tip so the line stays clear and does not waver. If I were a liquid liner person this would be a big "fat" yes for me. Unfortunately, personally I prefer gel liner. Liquid tends to be a bit too stark or a line for me and I prefer a more muted liner. However if you are a liquid fan I would highly recommend it. 
buy here 

That's it for this box. Short and sweet. Overall a really good box. I think I will keep it for a while. Hopefully next  month's is as good. What do you think? What would you keep? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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Sweater Dresses

I am in another one of those "remember you have a budget" kicks. The holidays are over, my birthday is over and I find myself with a lot of clothes I do not want to wear. So to steal a line from the musical world this dress is a "deep cut." It's so deep I had to make sure I had not already blogged about this dress ;) This is one of my favorite purchase from local retailer Primp. I love me a sweater dress. There is not shame in my game. I actually bought this dress last year, I think, and truly love it. I have worn it in the winter and spring, both with tights and without. This time of year I am sick of winter. It may seem too early but I truly cannot stand winter. After the holidays there is no use for it. Spring outfits will be out in the stores soon in preparation for Spring break and I am ready for some warmth! I have been letting my ankles out for weeks so now it's time for my legs. Excuse my pale legs but they need to breathe. 

Dress| Primp (old)
Shoes| Target (similar
Necklace| Target 

This dress was pretty old so I thought I would look around to find some similar items for you. Loved some of the white, cream and striped dresses. What are you favorites?

White sweater dress

White sweater dress by mcainmoss featuring a white dress

Express / Topshop / ASOS
Rachel Roy / Ralph Lauren / Nordstrom

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Monday Round Up: Mais oui, French Print

Another Monday, bring it I am ready for you this week! Last weekend was crazy busy but this weekend was delightfully relaxing. So not too much to report but I am pretty excited about my look today so we'll get to it soon. 

Friday was a really relaxed day overall. I had a busy morning at work but left early for a dentist appointment. Literally the first time I had been in years. I hate the dentist, but was fearful I had a cavity so I had to overcome it. Thankfully my teeth are fine and it went well. I was in and out in a hour. I had some extra time to kill before a happy hour for a colleague who was leaving the company so I went to Starbucks to do some work. I have to say it was pretty cool. I really love having a job with this kind of flexibility that I can finish my day at a coffee shop if I need to as long as my work gets done. I actually got more done than I expected. 

I headed out to the happy hour which was fun too because I got to seem some old co-workers I do not get to see as often. Afterwards I headed home and we spent the night with some of our great friends. We drank lots of wine, talked and watched The Mindy Project. A perfect Friday.

On Saturday I knew we had to help my parents pick up some furniture and thought we would do it quick and then head to the gym. I should have known better. D was helping my dad with some computer stuff and of course that never goes smoothly. So we were at my parents for a while and by the time I got to the gym I tried hard to dissociate myself from what was happening to my body haha. My parents invited us out for drinks after they took my other sister out to dinner to celebrate a major milestone so we joined them. We headed over to Fabulous Fern's . If you have never been it is the Grand Ave and Selby neighborhood. The restaurant is actually nice but the bar side has a strange cast of characters. It ranges from a younger crowd of partiers, to an older quieter crowd. It was fun to be out and have a few drinks after a long week with my family. We enjoyed people watching and celebrating my sister's accomplishment.

Sunday was a bit of an errand day. I did a little at home work out and then made the rounds at Target and a few other shops. I was out of few things and wanted to check out the sales. Some places were fine but I was disappointed in Banana Republic and J.Crew. BR was basically empty. Clearly they are prepping for Spring but they had multiple shelves that were empty.  It was weird, I have never seen anything like that. J.Crew was just a serious of nautical striped shirts on repeat. We get it J.Crew, you like stripes. I had some luck at The Loft and Gap. I bought four shirts for a grand total of $69. Not too shabby. I also needed some new perfume. I am a sucker for Marc Jacobs and wanted his new one Decadence, but it was too expensive so I got Daisy Dream. It is a clean, fresh scent. I love it. Turns out it also matched my nails, it was meant to be.

That is basically my weekend. Not much, right? It was marvelous to have some chill days. I am contrasting my relaxed weekend with a fancy outfit. I love this Macy's brand Maison Jules. It is a french inspired line and I have been drooling over some of the pieces for a while.This printed blouse has been on my wishlist for a while and I got it finally for Christmas. I have probably worn it every week because I love it so much. It is so comfortable and flattering I have paired it with jeans, leggings and now a skirt. I decided to dress it up a bit to meet the French inspiration and a classic red lip. I could easily wear this to work or out to dinner. I am not typically a huge fan of print but this one caught  my eye. Paired with minimal jewelry and this a-line skirt you do not need much else. 

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Top| Maison Jules
Skirt| J.Crew (similar / similar)
Shoes| Jessica Simpson (similar/ similar)
Watch| Marc Jacobs
Bracelets| Primp

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Stitch Fix Review +#H54F Link Ups

I do not know what it is about this week as it was a short week but I could not be more grateful for Friday. This week has been totally crazy busy and I just need a night to decompress.I am also started to get sick of winter. Now that Christmas, New  Year's and my birthday is over I am done with winter. I no longer have reason for it. Now I look forward to St. Patrick's Day, my next favorite holiday. Until then I just  keep wishing for more sunlight here in Minnesota. 

I do have some good news. I got my Stitch Fix over the last weekend an am in love. I have not liked a fix as much as this one before. The note from the stylist was she read through my blog and got a good sense not only of my style but my stature. She took that into consideration, which I so appreciated and made this a successful fix. Let's get started!


I always take a look at the card before I open up the package to get an idea of what is in there. When I saw these pants I got excited. When I tried them on I knew I would be living in them. They are designed to look like a jean with front faux pockets and real back pockets. However, they are almost like a ponte material. Soft and stretchy like a legging but thick enough where you can wear a regular shirt. What is even better about these pants is that the waist band is literally a band, but it is covered by the material so you cannot really tell. It feels a bit like maternity pants that way but I do not even care because they are so comfortable fit so well with items in my closet. These are mine.
Buy similar here


I love a cardigan. One thing about living in a changing climate is layering. I will admit at first this one was a bit confusing. the front pieces and back panel are a silk-chiffon type material. The sleeves are cotton so the static electricity was maddening. It was really cute on and perfect for winter and when I could easily see this transitioning to chilly summer nights. I really liked this one, but honestly I also really liked a few other items and I knew this would be perfect for one of  my good friends. So technically sold!
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This sweater I thought originally would be my favorite.I love the stripes. It is hard to see but it is black, white and dark green. In the note the stylist said this was made for layering and she was right. It is very thin, which means in the winter it is layer city with this and in the Spring/Summer I can probably wear it plain. The side slit is very high so I cannot wear it to work which limits is usage. However, I still really like it so it's a keeper.
Buy here and here

When I first saw this I was not sure I would be crazy about it. Seemed pretty plain and it is a bit like a thin wool. I wore it on Wednesday to work and am now obsessed with it. It is softer than you would expect and the color blocking and angular cut of the bottom are really flattering. Shirts for me have to either be short enough that it shows the minimal shapeliness of my waist or long enough to cover my hips which makes me look leaner. This does a bit a of both so it is a win-win. Therefore, it's mine.
Buy similar here here

This A-line top was  a so-so for me. A-lines are not great for my figure as they tend to hit me at my widest spot, making me look wider than I am. This would be a great weekend top for running errands or thorwing a vest over. I do like the v-like stripes at the bottom to draw the eye inward and make it more figure flattering. At this point I already liked three of the other tops and figured my friend would take the cardigan. It made more fiscal sense to buy all the items and get the 25% discount. Mine!
buy similar here and here

See? I told you my most successful fix. I have never bought all the items before. I am trying to request this stylist again because she definitely had  my number. Hopefully she can do my next fix I cannot wait to see what she comes up with! What do you think? Would you have bought all five items too? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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I Wanna Be A Rockstar

I love to go to see concerts. Back in the day I would have preferred to see the big shows at the major venues. I remember I went to see Green Day on their American Idiot tour and Muse a few years ago when they played at the Target Center. As fun as that can be to see all the pomp and circumstance, when it really comes down to it I prefer to see smaller shows at rock clubs, music venues and theaters. In the last couple of years my partner in crime in this has been my dad. He is very in tune with the local music scene and has introduced me to a lot of podcasts and other ways to find new music. Now I can't stop.  If you saw my Monday post you know I attended one of my favorite annual events The Last Waltz at the Cabooze. So naturally I had to dress appropriately I was desperately rifling through my closet to find something good. At consulting a friend I settled on this old Banana Republic top. This is going to sound pretentious but I bought this in the summer and never wore it. It still had the tags on it. Honestly, this summer I was pretty body conscious and I really feel like the way this fell on me was unflattering. I have been trying really hard to be more healthy, working out more eating better consistently and when I tried it on I loved it. I love the little peek-a-boo band on the side and the side cuts on the bottom so it lays nice and flat. I have also been obsessed with rolling my pant legs. Even in winter my ankles need room to breathe. Not to mention anytime I can wear black from head to toe is a good day.  

Top| Banana Republic (similar/ similar)
Jeans| Gap
Necklace| Charming Charlie's (similar/similar)
Shoes| Tahari  (similar/similar)

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Monday Round Up: LBDs + Rock n' Roll

Back at it friends! It's Monday morning but this morning I do not have to work because of Martin Luther King, Jr Day. A great reason to honor a fantastic and irreplaceable man. It is also a great day not work because it is still freezing here in Minnesota.  Another fun note, if you do not follow me on instagram do so here. Yesterday I did a takeover with @thriftstylist to share some of my thrift shop finds. It was super fun and I got  to get to know some new followers. If you have not seen it already check it out!  This weekend was particularly cold with the high on Saturday of -7 degrees. Ack! However, I would not let this keep me down. It was a busy weekend so let's get started.

Friday I went out The Cabooze in Minneapolis for their annual The Last Waltz tribute concert.  If you are  not familiar in the 60s and 70s there was a band called The Band. They backed up both Ronnie Hawkins and Bob Dylan for a time as well as making their own music In the late 1970s they decided to go their separate ways but not before they had one last concert. They invited all of their friends, basically a who's who of 60s and 70s music and they played. A very young Martin Scorsese filmed it for a documentary. It's crazy cool! This local band basically remakes it every year and they have other local musicians come in and play the other parts. This was my third year going and I always have fun. This year I went with my dad and younger sister. It ran longer than normal so we could not stay for the encore but we had fun anyway. It is always interesting to see how much talent exists in our city. I particularly liked the guy who did the Muddy Waters song, I am pretty sure they said his name is Tom Aiden. Overall, super fun!  Watch the documentary you will not be disappointed 

On Saturday we went to dinner with my parents, Nonna and great Aunt for my birthday. I will be completely honest. I wore the same dress that night that I did last week for my birthday. Hey, it was my birthday dress and I still celebrating my birthday AND it was a different crowd. I think I got away with it. Before we went out D and I made a pit stop at our favorite place Donny Dirk's Zombie Den before dinner. Always a good idea.

After we headed to dinner at Chianti Grill in Roseville. It's Italian you cannot go wrong. We have eaten there multiple times and have never been disappointed. Plus it is always great to have dinner with my parents, Nonna and Great Aunt. Not to mention it was literally ridiculous cold out and they all came out anyway, I completely appreciate it. I also ordered a cocktail in a champagne glass, everything is better in a champagne glass ;)

On Sunday we went up to my in-laws to celebrate both my birthday and my sister-in-laws birthday. We had a great afternoon with yummy food and I got to see some of my nieces and my nephew, which was super fun. We watched the Seahawks get beat by Carolina which was awesome as a Vikings fan. I am incredibly lucky to have such fun in-laws. 

Here we go, fashion moment! Last week I did not have time to get some shots in the dress and I wanted to make sure I was doing this amazing dress justice. I bought this after Christmas when shopping with my cousin. One of the few times I have tried and a dress and it was an immediate yes. I bought this at one of my favorite local boutiques Proper & Prim and it is perfect because it basically needs nothing. I had everything else already in my closet. These amazing burgundy and black, suede and crocodile heels. I have also been layering bracelets like crazy lately and cannot get enough. Just buy all the gold bracelets you can and go to town! This dress served me well as I got lots of compliments which is exactly what a birthday girl wants. What do you think? Leave me a comment below. 

Dress| Proper & Prim (same)
Shoes| JustFab
Watch| Cluse
Bracelets| Primp boutique and Kohl's.

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