I am in another one of those "remember you have a budget" kicks. The holidays are over, my birthday is over and I find myself with a lot of clothes I do not want to wear. So to steal a line from the musical world this dress is a "deep cut." It's so deep I had to make sure I had not already blogged about this dress ;) This is one of my favorite purchase from local retailer Primp. I love me a sweater dress. There is not shame in my game. I actually bought this dress last year, I think, and truly love it. I have worn it in the winter and spring, both with tights and without. This time of year I am sick of winter. It may seem too early but I truly cannot stand winter. After the holidays there is no use for it. Spring outfits will be out in the stores soon in preparation for Spring break and I am ready for some warmth! I have been letting my ankles out for weeks so now it's time for my legs. Excuse my pale legs but they need to breathe. 

Dress| Primp (old)
Shoes| Target (similar
Necklace| Target 

This dress was pretty old so I thought I would look around to find some similar items for you. Loved some of the white, cream and striped dresses. What are you favorites?

White sweater dress

White sweater dress by mcainmoss featuring a white dress

Express / Topshop / ASOS
Rachel Roy / Ralph Lauren / Nordstrom

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