Happy Monday! It is officially back to work for me this week. Back to the office at least. Although I do have some time off this week too because it's my birthday and my cousin is coming to town so I am crazy excited for that. In the meantime let's talk about the weekend.

New Year's Eve was super fun. If you follow me on snapchat (username: mcainmoss) you saw all the goofy stuff we were doing. Our friend's who hosted decided they wanted to do a theme party. They held a speakeasy party complete with rules, decor and mugshots. Getting my dress was a whole story. Originally I was going to order this dress I saw at Forever 21, but by the time I went to order it was sold out. I was struggling to find something so I asked my friend who already bought hers where she got it. I ordered a dress and paid a little extra to get it here on time. On Tuesday it had not shipped so I emailed to check and somehow the delivery got changed to January 5th. Ugh! I had to cancel it and take a risk ordering another one. Thankfully that worked out and at 9:30 AM on December 31st my dress arrived. Whew! It turned out really good fortunately. I will probably be a gatsby girl for Halloween too ha! I found a few 1920s inspired dresses to share with you if you are looking to have a similar party or for a wedding or cocktail party :)

We had an awesome night playing cards, talking, eating and taking pictures. Last year we bought some photobooth stuff from Target and it was a blast. We knew we had to do it again. I love  my friends. They are so delightfully weird. There are some real gems in there. I will just share a few here.

Friday and Saturday were a bit of a wash. Right before New Year's I started getting a cold. Have you ever started to not feel well but knew you had to get through something so then immediately after you fell apart? Yes. That happened to me. This cold really kicked me in my butt. Normally I can power through with a lot of Dayquil but to no avail this time. What is worse is that it is a head cold and I am really susceptible to headaches so. yea it was great! Enough complaining.

Sunday we cleaned the house in preparation for my cousin's arrival. I cannot explain to you how much I hate cleaning but how much I love a clean house. It is always worth it but I hate doing it. Sunday night we went to a friend's house to watch the Vikings v. Packers game. It was an important game because although we already clinched a spot in the playoffs, this would determine if we wont the division and would effect who we faced. With the Vikings you really never know what is going to happen. The game started off super boring tied at 3-3 in the half. The second half of the game went crazy with a bunch of errors and crazy plays. We were literally on the edge of our seat and D was pacing in the background. However, it was a great day for a Vikings win as we pulled it out and won 20-13! SKOOOOOOOL!

I decided to compile a few 1920s inspired dresses for you all. I always loved the 20s and thought if I could live in any decade that would be the one. I loved all the glitz and glam. Music and parties. Just seemed like an interesting time to be alive in America. Since it was so hard for me to find any dresses I thought if I could find a few for you all it would save you time if you were interested. I love the beading and the movement of the 20s style dress. There are definitely ways to put a modern twist on this to work in 2016. Enjoy!


Gatsby by mcainmoss featuring a gold dress

one / two / three
four / five

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