Happy Friday! I am super excited for this weekend. Tonight I am going to my first St. Paul Winter Carnival Coronation. I have a friend running for the Queen of Snows so fingers crossed she wins! The rest of the weekend is still pretty up in the air, which is kind of fine by me. Weekends where not much is planned is pretty rare these days. I am sure I will find something to do, but it is nice to not always have a big commitment. Anyway, enough about me. 

I got my Birchbox the other day and actually mostly good things in it. I might not want to buy anything for my own reasons but it does not necessarily mean they are bad. When you are done reading mine, head on over to She's Leaning In as she reviewed her box too and has some similar items. She has some good information and opinions too. 

I was really excited about this. I got a Ciate polish in my Box of Style, which was pretty but a little too summery for January. This color is definitely bright for winter, but the kind I am ready for. It is a bit more or a coral/red color. I put it on my toes the other day so that I can enjoy it, I still have the shellac manicure. It is really a pretty color and not helping my spring fever I will tell you that.  
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This is a nice scent. Clean is an apt name for it, however it has a bit more "umph" than your typical fresh scented perfume. These days I am preferring a fresh scent. I think it does a better job covering smells instead of a more floral scent that tends to just mix with other smells. I do like it in much moderation, but probably will not buy it because it is a bit more pugent than I prefer.
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Here I have to agree with Candice. Birchbox appears to love this brand as this is about the fourth item of theirs that has been in my box. I have yet to see any changes with a Supergoop product. Does it moisturize? Sure. Do I notice a difference? No. There are better anti-aging products out there. Not my favorite.
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I really love Amika products. I use their texturizing spray, I have tried their hair mask and loved them both. I was excited to try this blow out spray. Like most amika products it smells amazing. I do like his product. I feel like it adds some extra volume to my hair and keeps it fuller throughout the day. I do have to confess I cannot figure out how to do a blowout. It does not make any sense to me. Help! I do love this product and would totally buy it once I figure out how to do this basic hair technique.
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Inherently there is nothing wrong this eyeliner. The color is good and consistent. It is a firm, felt tip so the line stays clear and does not waver. If I were a liquid liner person this would be a big "fat" yes for me. Unfortunately, personally I prefer gel liner. Liquid tends to be a bit too stark or a line for me and I prefer a more muted liner. However if you are a liquid fan I would highly recommend it. 
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That's it for this box. Short and sweet. Overall a really good box. I think I will keep it for a while. Hopefully next  month's is as good. What do you think? What would you keep? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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