Another Monday, bring it I am ready for you this week! Last weekend was crazy busy but this weekend was delightfully relaxing. So not too much to report but I am pretty excited about my look today so we'll get to it soon. 

Friday was a really relaxed day overall. I had a busy morning at work but left early for a dentist appointment. Literally the first time I had been in years. I hate the dentist, but was fearful I had a cavity so I had to overcome it. Thankfully my teeth are fine and it went well. I was in and out in a hour. I had some extra time to kill before a happy hour for a colleague who was leaving the company so I went to Starbucks to do some work. I have to say it was pretty cool. I really love having a job with this kind of flexibility that I can finish my day at a coffee shop if I need to as long as my work gets done. I actually got more done than I expected. 

I headed out to the happy hour which was fun too because I got to seem some old co-workers I do not get to see as often. Afterwards I headed home and we spent the night with some of our great friends. We drank lots of wine, talked and watched The Mindy Project. A perfect Friday.

On Saturday I knew we had to help my parents pick up some furniture and thought we would do it quick and then head to the gym. I should have known better. D was helping my dad with some computer stuff and of course that never goes smoothly. So we were at my parents for a while and by the time I got to the gym I tried hard to dissociate myself from what was happening to my body haha. My parents invited us out for drinks after they took my other sister out to dinner to celebrate a major milestone so we joined them. We headed over to Fabulous Fern's . If you have never been it is the Grand Ave and Selby neighborhood. The restaurant is actually nice but the bar side has a strange cast of characters. It ranges from a younger crowd of partiers, to an older quieter crowd. It was fun to be out and have a few drinks after a long week with my family. We enjoyed people watching and celebrating my sister's accomplishment.

Sunday was a bit of an errand day. I did a little at home work out and then made the rounds at Target and a few other shops. I was out of few things and wanted to check out the sales. Some places were fine but I was disappointed in Banana Republic and J.Crew. BR was basically empty. Clearly they are prepping for Spring but they had multiple shelves that were empty.  It was weird, I have never seen anything like that. J.Crew was just a serious of nautical striped shirts on repeat. We get it J.Crew, you like stripes. I had some luck at The Loft and Gap. I bought four shirts for a grand total of $69. Not too shabby. I also needed some new perfume. I am a sucker for Marc Jacobs and wanted his new one Decadence, but it was too expensive so I got Daisy Dream. It is a clean, fresh scent. I love it. Turns out it also matched my nails, it was meant to be.

That is basically my weekend. Not much, right? It was marvelous to have some chill days. I am contrasting my relaxed weekend with a fancy outfit. I love this Macy's brand Maison Jules. It is a french inspired line and I have been drooling over some of the pieces for a while.This printed blouse has been on my wishlist for a while and I got it finally for Christmas. I have probably worn it every week because I love it so much. It is so comfortable and flattering I have paired it with jeans, leggings and now a skirt. I decided to dress it up a bit to meet the French inspiration and a classic red lip. I could easily wear this to work or out to dinner. I am not typically a huge fan of print but this one caught  my eye. Paired with minimal jewelry and this a-line skirt you do not need much else. 

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Top| Maison Jules
Skirt| J.Crew (similar / similar)
Shoes| Jessica Simpson (similar/ similar)
Watch| Marc Jacobs
Bracelets| Primp

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