Hey everyone! Happy Friday. So this was a crazy week. My birthday was on Thursday and my cousin came to town so I took a couple of days off. Downside is that make my work week totally insane. I had to fit in 5 days of work into 3 days, which made me feel crazy. It was worth it to not work on my birthday and spend time with my cousin who I rarely get to see. Other part of that is this post will be short but sweet. I am trying to keep up with my birchox posts and I got this one a few weeks ago.I will say overall it was not bad but not great either. So let's get started.

The Balm Cosmetics Frat/ Boy Blush Shadow
I was really excited to try this. I feel like blush is my final frontier. I have explored more expensive eyeshadow, mascara an foundation but I continue to buy drugstore blush. I am also in need of a more pink blush without looking like barbie. This, unfortunately, was not it. The pigment was not that strong and it did not last as long as some of my drugstore brands.  I just was not impressed. I will stick to Covergirl thank you.
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JUARA Coconut Illipe Hand & Nail Balm
I used this one a couple of times. It is nice to have as winter is pretty rough on my hands and nails. I get really dry and my hands and nails both crack. I did not see an amazing benefit to this anymore so than the aveeno hand lotion I typically buy. It was nice and I will use it, but I probably will not buy it
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Atelier Cologne Pomelo Paradis Cologne
It's not secret I love a perfume. This came at the right time as I am almost out of my current stuff. It was a bit difficult to use as it was no in a spray sampler but when I used it I did like the smell. It is a stronger more bold smell. Not flowery or fresh but strong like a man's cologne. Which I kind of liked. When I go out I prefer something more potent as I know it will stay through the evening. I like to throw this in my purse to reapply when I am out to keep smelling nice.
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Coastal Scents styleEYES Palette
I was super disappointed  in these. The colors I got were grey and black. I am always looking for a great smokey eye and thought this would be great to try. The colors are not pigmented well, meaning they do not translate well to your eye. They also have no staying power. As pretty as the colors were they did not translate the same to the eye and therefore are no bueno. I have plenty of quality eyeshadows these will not be joining.
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Malin + Goetz clarify clay mask
I used this one time and loved it. It is a clay mask but with clarifying beads. It is quick too only 10 minutes which means I can apply my eye shadow or dry my hair while it is working. Afterward my skin felt soft and no dry spots which is a miracle. My skin is so dry in the winter and I need so much help to moisturized. I really liked this and am excited to use again.
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As you can see even from my brief descriptions there were a couple that were good this month but no real winners. I keep thinking I should cancel, what do you think? Leave me a message below about your thoughts I would love to hear from you.

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