Monday Round Up: Theater in the Midi Dress

Good Monday! This weekend was a whirlwind! I felt like it was a great balance of fun activities and relaxing and I am sad to see it end. Friday night I went to The Guthrie theater in Minneapolis to see their production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  I have not been to the Guthrie in a while and forgot how much I loved it there. I really love seeing shows and don't get to go enough, being there on Friday reminded me that I need to go more often. I met with my friend for dinner before the show at a restaurant across the street called Spoonriver. If I am being honest, I was not super impressed. The food was fine and the servers were friendly, however it was a little hippy dippy for my taste and the seats were basically on top of the table next to you. The upside is that it was right next theater so we could walk when we were done. For those of you not from Minneapolis, the Guthrie is a nationally recognized theater. They have a BFA program through the University of Minnesota and they always do a fabulous job. A Midsummer Night's Dream was no exception. It was not at all what I expected but was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend you all go see it, unfortunately it ended last night. But if you get a chance to see a production at the Guthrie, do it. Oh and I got a little dressed up, outfit details at the end of this post :)

[caption width="660" id="attachment_817" align="aligncenter"]A view of the scrolling Guthrie sign A view of the scrolling Guthrie sign[/caption]

On Saturday I went with my friend, Jackie, to a pop up boutique sale at The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes. They were advertising as sales up to 90% off so it  was basically a done deal that we were going. Some great shops were there including Primrose Park, Roe Wolfe, Blush Boutique, Sisu and Flaunt. It was a fun opportunity to be exposed to some new boutiques, like Sisu which is further away from me and shop some serious deals. I bought a few things, including this amazing sweatshirt from Roe Wolfe a store I normally would NEVER be able to afford, that I definitely plan on sharing with you all soon. We shopped for a few hours then went home. Later that night Derek and I found ourselves alone for the night. We decided to go out to watch the Minnesota Wild play at our local place Broadway Pizza. We went up there, watched the game (Wild won!) and then decided to go into northeast Minneapolis. We stopped at Betty Danger's Country Club and Tony Jaro's. What would have normally been a quiet night turned into fun had all over town.

Sunday I wanted to try out the brunch scene. A lot of local restaurants are jumping on the fancy brunch bandwagon and I thought it was time to try it out. We settled on Red Cow, which has three locations across the Twin Cities. We tried out their new North Loop location and really enjoyed it. Well, I did. They had a big selection of breakfast foods and I settled on their breakfast burrito. Derek wanted pancakes and the waitress said he could do a flight of pancakes, which I thought was cute. My burrito was really good, Derek was not as impressed with pancakes. We both agreed we would go back to try their burgers, which is what they are known for.

[caption width="450" id="attachment_819" align="aligncenter"]IMG_1840 Delicious coffee....mmmm[/caption]


[caption width="660" id="attachment_818" align="aligncenter"]Interior View Interior View[/caption]

Overall it was a great weekend. I got to do a lot of things I have been meaning to do for some time. Now onto the fun stuff :) On Friday I wanted to dress up for the show but not be overly dressed. I pulled this trusty number out of my closet. I bought this last year from Parc boutique and it was pretty much my uniform last summer.What I mostly love about this dress is the twisted material across the stomach. You would not think it's flattering but it really is. The cotton is really comfortable and it fits like a dream. Unfortunately, you can't buy this exact dress but  I did  my best to find some similar options.

IMG_2960 IMG_2961 IMG_2973

1) Dress: Parc Boutique, 1 year old  (similar, similar, similar)

2) Watch: Marc by March Jacobs, Baker Watch

3) Necklaces: Primp boutique

4) Shoes: Vince Camuto ( similar, similar )

That's it for this round up. How was your weekend? I would love to hear about it.

Fashion Basics: Welcome to My Closet

Another Friday and I am ready for the weekend! Next week is our spring break and although I will not be going out of town I am ready for a break. I am working for a few days but the office will be a little quiet those days and it has got me thinking about going back to the basics. So I thought I would share with you all some of my fashion staples from my closet. I will say my closet is a hot mess these days. I have added so much to it since starting this blog (sorry to my husband Derek) and it is getting a little cramped. Once the weather turns more Spring-like around here I will do some Spring cleaning.


Jeans: First and foremost for me is a pair of go-to skinny jeans. I am a big fan of the skinny. As much I would love to be the kind of girl that could pull off boyfriend jeans, that does not work for me. I am not Chelsea of the Zipped blog. Right now I am obsessed with the Legging Jeans from Gap. I wear them constantly.


Tee shirts: Although I love me some fancy clothes fo sho, you cannot beat a comfy tee. They are just so versatile. I love to dress them up or down depending on my mood. It is easy to do, either pair it with a great statement necklace and heels to dress up , or jeans and flats to dress down. Always a must. Target and J.Crew Factory are my go-to places.


Flowy tops: I have learned over the years that a forgiving top does wonders for my self-esteem and overall look :) I cannot get enough of chiffon or polyester threads. I will say, the top has to have some structure to it otherwise it looks like a maternity top. Again I frequent Target, or local boutiques like Primp or Primrose Park for my go-tos.


Shoes: I am going to categorize these under ankle boots, flats and heels. They are too diverse I cannot decide. I wear a lot of ankle boots and flats for work. So it is critical that they are not only fashionable, but functional. I typically get these at Target (seeing a trend?) because they are fashion forward, inexpensive and I will not feel guilty if they get beat up. The ankle boots can be flat or heeled, but if they have a heel they need to be chunky so they are more stable.


For high heels, my blog title speaks for itself, I am drawn to blacks and neutrals. I like my clothes to be versatile so I always think of the entire contents of my closet before I purchase. Needless to say, I have several pairs of black heels in my closet. I frequent DSW or Macy's when looking for new sky high pumps.


Statement Necklace: I have posted before about my obsession with necklaces. I would be embarrassed about it if I did not love them so much. I think I cannot own enough. I love what a statement necklace can do for an outfit. It can change a casual outfit into dressy, or simply amp up an already classy ensemble. Statements just take everything ot hte next level. Honestly, 80% of my current necklaces are from Primp boutique. They have the greatest collection of necklaces ever. The rest are from Target, no joke.


There ya have it! My fashion staples. What are some of your staples? I would love to hear from you!

Summer Sandals

"So the weather outside is weather" Name that movie!! Anybody? Anybody? ;)

I don't know about you, but Minneapolis just got a few inches of snow on Monday and I am infuriated >:/  (that's an angry emoji) I want to be thinking about summer and laying on the beach, but no. Minnesota goes and ruins it all, again. As a way to cope with this I thought I would do my next installment of my shoe bonanza! (I recognize I change the name of this everytime but whatevs). I have been putting off buying some new sandals for fear of this snow sadness so I will live it out this way instead. A little blog therapy if you will. :)

I scoured some of  my favorite places (specifically where you could purchase online for those of you who are not local) to get some of the cutest pieces I could find. After bookmarking some of my favs I realized that I am really digging this wide strapped trend. Originally I thought I should find some variety, but I am trying this thing where I just wear what I want and forget the rest. I hope you enjoy! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals by mcainmoss featuring flat sandals

Top row: Madewell Thea Ikat Sandal / Target Shauna Huarache Sandals / Franco Sarto Vicker

Second row: Cynthia Vincent Fayette Sandals /  Cynthia Vincent Fairfax Sandals / Zara Flat Leather Slippers

Third row: Sam & Libby Marci Quarter Strap Sandals

Monday Round Up: High Low-Skirt

Happy Monday! This past weekend flew by! Derek and I were basically busy from after work on Friday to Sunday afternoon. Some was errands and the rest was fun :) On Friday we had our friends over to brew some beer and watch the Glee finale. Well, my friend and I watched the Glee finale while the boys brewed. I have not watched Glee in a while but it was nice to see it wrap up so nicely. Saturday I got to the gym, we watched our nieces and nephew for a bit and then we went out with some friends. A month or so ago there was a groupon for Crooked Pint, a bar and restaurant in Minneapolis with some amazing juicy lucy's. We had been there as a group a few times before so when we saw the groupon it was a no brainer. A couple weeks ago I re-introduced Derek to an awesome bar in Northeast Minneapolis, Donny Dirk's Zombie Den. Derek thought it would be fun to get a drink or two there then head down for dinner, so we did. We got to Donny Dirk's early, around 6:15 PM, and it was pretty dead inside (pun intended.) That was fine though because it was more room for us and quicker service. Our waiter was awesome and even engaged in a bit of peer pressure to get my husband to try a new drink. The best part of Donny Dirk's is the juxtaposition between campy fun aesthetics and amazing craft cocktails. Seriously, some of the best drinks in town. Downside is they close at 11;00 PM but before they do their is a laser light show. Our friends enjoyed it so much that they wanted to go back after dinner at the Crooked Pint so we did :) Although I must say dinner was great. I had the new pepperoni lucy and was very satisfied. Here are a few pictures of the evening.

[caption width="300" id="attachment_768" align="aligncenter"]FullSizeRender Flaming drink at Donny Dirk's[/caption]

[caption width="400" id="attachment_769" align="aligncenter"]IMG_1769 Crooked Pint[/caption]

[caption width="400" id="attachment_770" align="aligncenter"]IMG_1770 Pepperoni Lucy[/caption]

[caption width="400" id="attachment_771" align="aligncenter"]IMG_1774 Donny Dirk's, one of the best places in Minneapolis[/caption]

On to the fun stuff: the outfit. On Thursday, one of my favorite boutiques Primrose Park was having a spring preview and sale. Naturally I had to be there. I gathered my best gal and we headed down. They have so  many great pieces it was hard to choose, but I settled on a pretty pink shirt and this skirt. It is not sequence but the material makes it look shiny and threaded with glittery material. I wanted to dress it down for where we were going so I paired it with my new favorite tee from Target, statement necklace and what has become my go-to boot for this past winter. What do you think of the look? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

IMG_2928b  IMG_2918bIMG_2938b

1) Tee Shirt: Target (similar, this shirt is in stores)

2) Skirt: Primrose Park boutique in Minneapolis (similar, similar)

3) Shoes: Target, Susan Heeled bootie, $37.99 (similar, similar)

4) Necklace: Primp boutique (similar, similar)

Friday Fun: Shirt Dress

It's finally Friday!!! It feels like this week should not have been so long. I also recognize as a therapist saying things like "it feels" when what I am describing is a thought and "should" when I need to say "has been" or "need" is dysfunctional but that just shows you what place I am in. I am ready for Friday and a weekend. I need me some sun, relaxation and time with my friends. I am looking forward to a mostly relaxed weekend. I plan to chat it out with one of my favorite people and cousins for the series finale of Glee (yes I watch that show, no I will not feel shame about it), go out with my friends, work out and chillax. Yes I am said "chillax", no I will not feel shame about it. Booya! This Friday I celebrate with a lovely new purchase from Lou & Grey. I found out from a co-worker that they started putting Lou & Grey apparel in Loft stores. So naturally I headed straight out there. I found a couple of things but my sad little budget only allowed one. I settled on this shirt dress. I wore it work without the belt because I could not decide what I liked about it, but it felt a little restricting so I went without the belt to work but I think that you could really wear it either way. The belt did not come with the dress. I took it from another dress I bought from Primp about 1 year ago. What do you think about the belt? Do you have any fun weekend plans? Leave a comment below and let me know!

IMG_2894b IMG_2893 IMG_2891b  IMG_2889 IMG_2890

1) Dress: Lou & Grey Composition Shirt Dress, $79.50

2) Shoes: Sam & Libby for Target (similar, similar)

3) Necklace: Disc necklace: Primrose Park (similar, similar), St. Paul Necklace, Primp boutique

4) Watch: Marc Jacobs Baker Watch

St Patrick's Day

I know St Patrick's Day was yesterday but honestly it is one of my favorite holidays so I have to talk about it. St. Patricks' Day has always been kind of a big deal in my family. My dad loves St. Patrick's Day and all things Ireland. He has marched in the parade in St. Paul, (not Minneapolis, sorry theirs is no good) for as long as I can remmember. Not only does he march, but he wears a kilt as well. Every year without fail. When I was little he used to dance an irish jig to simulataneously embarrass my sisters and me and teach us a new skill.  One year when I was very young he and his friends brought their families along. However that does put a damper on the bar hopping portion. So when I finally turned 21 I convinced my cousin, Candice (of C.Whitney Knits) to come with me. We marched in the parade with my dad and his friends, did a little partying and headed home convinced next year we would drag more people. Over the course of the past 7 years our group has grown and the party continues. I have assembled my annual outfit over the years and add to it as necessary. Basically everything I am wearing is old so I did my best to locate similar items:

IMG_2899b IMG_2901 IMG_2905b

1)Shirt: original from Urban Outfitters (similar, similar)

2) Cardigan : Gap (similar, similar)

3) Jeans: Gap Legging Jean, $69.95

4) Boots: Old given as a gift (similar, similar)

5) Gloves: Irish on Grand (similar)

6) Scarf: Great Grandmother made this, sorry nothing similar to that :)

Here are a few fun pictures from our day!

[caption id="attachment_750" align="aligncenter" width="400"]IMG_1696 The Winter Carnival Vulcans were giving out Shamrocks[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_749" align="aligncenter" width="400"]IMG_1694 Walking the parade[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_753" align="aligncenter" width="400"]IMG_1748 Ended the night at Tin Whiskers Brewery[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_754" align="aligncenter" width="400"]IMG_1746 I can't take him anywhere[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_746" align="aligncenter" width="400"]IMG_1688 Vulcans![/caption]

IMG_1687 IMG_1689 IMG_1690 IMG_1698 IMG_1700

Monday Round Up: Weekend in Review

Welcome to another day in the neighborhood. It's a Monday which means a new week. This happens to be one of my favorite weeks because it includes St. Patrick's Day. One of my absolutely favorite holidays!! More on that later.

This weekend was kind of an odd weekend. If you follow my blog I had a family emergency which had it's resolution this past weekend. So it was a bit of a sad start to the weekend. On the positive side some of our cousins from Chicago came up for it and we got to see them. I also got to see some other cousins I do not get enough time with, which was fun. So I guess it is as they say, every cloud has silver lining. I did get to do a few fun activities. One was my husband and I finally visited the new Surly taproom. If you are not from the Midwest you  may not be familiar with Surly and I am sorry. They really do have some great beer and are the reason so many micro brews have been able to crop up across Minnesota in the last few years. The taproom is GORGEOUS! Very modern with wood paneling mixed with industrial metals and lights. it looks like there is room for some patio seating as well. The other amazing thing is that they actually serve dinner as well. Most taprooms do not have any food at all. Derek and I both had their burger and I have to say it was might tasty.

IMG_0753 IMG_0754 IMG_0755 IMG_0757

Then on Sunday it was finally warm enough to take our motorcycle out for a spin. We have another couple friend who has been riding for years and finally convinced Derek to buy into it last summer. If I am being honest I was really hesitant. Motorcycles make me extremely nervous and I love my husband, but he drives like a maniac. To my chagrin last summer he found a chopper style bike and purchased it. Against my better judgement I am now kind of a biker chick. Although, the apparel leaves much to be desired hence no OOTD today. Once I get the proper gear i will let you all in on it. Right now I am wearing my friend's old helmet that he commissioned my husband to airbrush a bull blowing flames out of his nostrils. Yes you read that right. I have no shame. I wore it all over the metro today...le sigh. It was a beautiful day to ride, 60s and sunny. We made our way to Stillwater, MN through New Richmond, WI and then back around through Taylor's Falls, WI. if you are not familiar with this area Stillwater is an adorable old town with a historic main street filled with shops, antiques and bar/restaurants. We stopped in at a place called Whitey's Bar for a little lunch. Wherein they had a sign that said "Summer people/ Some are not" pretty much sums up the place. The food was typical  bar food but hit the spot. I was starving and finished the plate while practically lapping up the crumbs. Overall it was really fun. Waiting for  few warmer days and more confident apparrell to sport this summer on our rides. Now all we need is a name for our motorcycle club. If I had to pick it for me alone it would probably be 'The Anxiety Attacks.' But not sure that has a great ring to it ;)

[caption width="660" id="attachment_718" align="aligncenter"]IMG_0766 The Bike[/caption]

How was your weekend? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Twitter "one of us, one of us..."

For those of you who don't know I joined Twitter this last week. I really resisted it for a long time as it seems a bit redundant to me. However, in an attempt to reach out to readers and fashion lovers I want to leave no stone unturned. So I would sincerely appreciate if you would check it out and follow me. Not only will you get updates on new posts but also some hilarious (hopefully) musings as I got about my little fashion lover life :) Hope you will check it out @1chromaticlife 

Spring Break Prep

Welcome to another Friday ladies and gents! Although, I doubt many gents are reading this blog but if you are "welcome sirs." ::tips hat::  For those of you are not local in Minneapolis it has finally warmed up. It has gotten me thinking about summer. I know, I know it's March and I am a bit ahead of myself. But I blame the retail stores and all their fabulous Spring clothes. If you live in America and have eyeballs, you will know that the first sign of Spring is not birds chirping or green grass but an onslaught of  bathing suits.  Every year I contemplate buying a new swim suit and then when I attempt to find one in my size I think " am embarrassed in front of myself" and I tread on to a blousey top. This year is slightly different however. I would like to say I am older and wiser, but mostly I just like the suits more than normal.  This year I am really loving all the bright colors and patterns. The neon colors contrasted with geometric patterns and lines are unique and different than what I am used to seeing. I decided to put together some of my favorites this year for you all. So happy swim suit hunting on this beautiful Friday!

Patterned Suits

Two For One + Soft Greys

The warmer temps are definitely making me itchy for warmer weather clothes. Although my black on black on black may not work for Spring style but grey and white will always fit. I tried this on at the Loft over the weekend and basically wanted to wear it out of the store. The sweater material is so light and soft, combined with the faux blouse that circles the bottom of the sweater to make for a flattering cut. Like most of you I am trying to get bikini ready and have a ways to go yet so forgiving sweaters and comfortable pants are still my jam.

IMG_2886b IMG_2887b IMG_2888b

1) Sweater: Loft, Two in One Sweater $54.90

2) Jeans: Gap, Legging Jean, $69.50

3) Shoes: Sperry Top Sider, old (similar, similar)

4) Necklace: Target, old (similar, similar, similar)

5) Rings: Charming Charlie's (see post from Monday for details)

What do you think of this look? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!