Welcome to another day in the neighborhood. It's a Monday which means a new week. This happens to be one of my favorite weeks because it includes St. Patrick's Day. One of my absolutely favorite holidays!! More on that later.

This weekend was kind of an odd weekend. If you follow my blog I had a family emergency which had it's resolution this past weekend. So it was a bit of a sad start to the weekend. On the positive side some of our cousins from Chicago came up for it and we got to see them. I also got to see some other cousins I do not get enough time with, which was fun. So I guess it is as they say, every cloud has silver lining. I did get to do a few fun activities. One was my husband and I finally visited the new Surly taproom. If you are not from the Midwest you  may not be familiar with Surly and I am sorry. They really do have some great beer and are the reason so many micro brews have been able to crop up across Minnesota in the last few years. The taproom is GORGEOUS! Very modern with wood paneling mixed with industrial metals and lights. it looks like there is room for some patio seating as well. The other amazing thing is that they actually serve dinner as well. Most taprooms do not have any food at all. Derek and I both had their burger and I have to say it was might tasty.

IMG_0753 IMG_0754 IMG_0755 IMG_0757

Then on Sunday it was finally warm enough to take our motorcycle out for a spin. We have another couple friend who has been riding for years and finally convinced Derek to buy into it last summer. If I am being honest I was really hesitant. Motorcycles make me extremely nervous and I love my husband, but he drives like a maniac. To my chagrin last summer he found a chopper style bike and purchased it. Against my better judgement I am now kind of a biker chick. Although, the apparel leaves much to be desired hence no OOTD today. Once I get the proper gear i will let you all in on it. Right now I am wearing my friend's old helmet that he commissioned my husband to airbrush a bull blowing flames out of his nostrils. Yes you read that right. I have no shame. I wore it all over the metro today...le sigh. It was a beautiful day to ride, 60s and sunny. We made our way to Stillwater, MN through New Richmond, WI and then back around through Taylor's Falls, WI. if you are not familiar with this area Stillwater is an adorable old town with a historic main street filled with shops, antiques and bar/restaurants. We stopped in at a place called Whitey's Bar for a little lunch. Wherein they had a sign that said "Summer people/ Some are not" pretty much sums up the place. The food was typical  bar food but hit the spot. I was starving and finished the plate while practically lapping up the crumbs. Overall it was really fun. Waiting for  few warmer days and more confident apparrell to sport this summer on our rides. Now all we need is a name for our motorcycle club. If I had to pick it for me alone it would probably be 'The Anxiety Attacks.' But not sure that has a great ring to it ;)

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How was your weekend? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!