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Happy Friday ladies and gents! I include gents in this post because this will benefit all AND there is a cameo from my husband D. There is a lot to talk about today so I will be skipping the typical H54F format. This requires our full attention.

This past Tuesday a new Hyvee opened in my neighborhood. I honestly did not know much about Hyvee before it opened. I drive past it almost every day to go to work. As I watched the construction I got more and more excited. Not only is it a grocery store, which we desperately needed one closer to us, but they had a Starbucks (whoo!), gas station, clinic, post office, restaurant and my favorite: clothes! I had to check it out.

The clothing brand in the store is F&F, which is a UK retailer teaming up in some Hyvee stores. Hyvee was pretty busy as it was the opening day. Getting through was a bit stressful as I was looking around for F&F. When I turned the corner I saw all the lights and it was like a moth to a flame. They have a wide selection and a variety of styles. Plus, clothes for men and kids! D and I scattered to our respective corners. After a few minutes we met in the middle to discuss our finds. There were so many cute pieces it was hard to choose.

They had so many on trend styles including the cold shoulder, crop pants, block heels and a mix of Summer to Fall colors. The trick for me is finding something that will work both in my professional and personal life. Keeps my wardrobe at a manageable rate. I ended up with a swing dress, peplum top and striped tunic. I am really into dresses right now. As a young girl dresses were torture for me, but as an adult they are the easiest way to be fashionable on these humid summer days. I love this sleeveless swing dress with the cutout. Swing dresses are super flattering on all shapes and the bouncy nature makes them super fun for summer. Just has that summer vibe even in my trademark black. For work I could throw on a denim jacket and  later pair with a block heel and show off that cutout for a night out. This peplum top stood out to me right away. It has a textured fabric that communicates a casual vibe. What can I say? I love a peplum silhouette. How could you not love this? For a warm summer day walking around Minneapolis I might pair it with my favorite cutoff shorts and a messy bun. So easy. Lastly, I grabbed this striped tunic. This seems the most professional for me and I LOVE a stripe. I am a girl of simple tastes ;). This works perfectly with a dark jean or a thick pant. A couple small jewels and you are ready to go.

Swing Back Dress

Peplum Cami (similar)

Striped Blouse (similar)

D found a few good things for himself. First, he is so handsome right? He was pretty nervous to take the pictures but somehow is more of a natural than me. D needed shorts desperately. His work has chewed up most of his good ones. That was his first goal. Then, like me, he has some go-to looks. He loves a short sleeve button up and an easy tee. Also, he loves blue. He grabbed these pretty quickly. I love the shorts that has a cargo look but without all the bulk. This button up is perfect for him with the checked pattern. Lastly, every guy needs a bright summer tee. He has been experimenting with brighter colors and with his summer glow it highlights that perfectly. 

We had so much fun shopping at Hyvee I want you to too. Below is a giveaway for $100 Hyvee giftcard. Be sure to enter as it ends Sunday at midnight. Be sure to share about it too on twitter, instagram and facebook!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday Round Up: Murder Mysteries + Minnehaha Falls

Welcome to another Monday. I am anticipating a pretty easy but busy week around here so there is a solid chance you won't hear from me as much. This past weekend was insanely busy, where I was basically doing something almost every minute of the day.

It began Friday when we went to babysit our nieces and nephew. My sister-in-law and her husband were going out to a dinner and  comedy show one last time before their new baby arrives. We went over about 6:30 and they left shortly thereafter. We played with the kids for a bit and my niece insisted we do a craft. Who am I to deny my adorable niece such a request? So we did. We made a cow and lion puppet, Michael the Moo Cow and Lion the Boy. She named the lion. Then it was their bedtime and they all went down pretty easy. Soon after we heard some moving about and when we heard a big "thud" D and I jumped up to see what happened. Turns out my sister-in-law and her husband were already home. Not enough people showed up for the show so it got cancelled. At least they got dinner out of the deal.

Saturday was the busiest day. We got up early to hit the gym, which was not easy. I hate going to the gym before my body is ready for it. Afterwards we headed up for D's family reunion. They do it every year, typically at a lake. However, this year it was rainy pretty hard and talks of high winds and storms. They moved it to my in-laws house. Some of us sat in the garage and some indoors. It was a little different this year as the rain prevented any games from being played. Also, D's Great Aunt came up from Texas for this one so it was fun to see her and everyone catching up with her. We had to leave early as I was going to a play with  my family that night. Our local History Theater  puts on a season of plays and musicals each year. We had tickets to the Glensheen play. If you are not from here Glensheen Mansion was the house of the Congdon's who if I am not mistaken were logging millionaires. The mansion is now owned by the University of Minnesota and you can tour it. This was given to them after the murder of Elizabeth Congdon and her nurse by Elizabeth's son-in-law. He was put up to it by his wife, Marjorie, who was the adopted daughter of Elizabeth. The play was a musical about all this. Although this sounds grim, it was actually more funny. They did a fantastic job and am so glad we saw it.

Sunday we slept in a bit and D made breakfast. I had been wanting to make breakfast for a few weeks so we scooted it in. That afternoon I did a photoshoot with a photographer who reached out to me from Instagram. I was really excited to do it. Unfortunately I was painfully late. There was an accident on the highway and when I got to Minnehaha Falls I did not know where I was going. Everyone in Minnesota was there on Sunday. Everyone. There was so much traffic and I was really, really late. Thankfully she was kind and if she was mad at me she did not show it. We did not have much time as she had to leave and pick up her sister.  It was fun and different.  I am used to D taking my pictures and I am directing the whole thing. It was fun and strange to not have as much control over it. Hoping to have the pictures soon to share with you all. Afterwards I went home and D and I went to look for a new washer, ours broke. No such luck so far :(

This weekend was another really hot one. Light weight clothes are a must. I bought this shirt a few weeks ago and love how breathable it is and the keyhole cut in the front. It is a bit flowy so I decided to pair it with my high waisted jeans and slide on sandal. I am not normally and orange wearer but this burnt orange I can get onboard with.  To me, this is the perfect summer going out  look. Super easy while creating a flattering silhouette.  Add a couple of simple jewels and you are ready for warm summer nights. 

Jeans| Express
Shoes| Target
Purse| Banana Republic ( similar / similar )

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Minnesota's Next Top Models + #H54F Link Ups

**I have a new disclaimer, please read**

Hey-o for Friday! I am ready for the weekend, it is another busy one but I am excited. It has been a hectic week around here and one of the exciting things I teased about a couple of weeks ago started this week. So let's get started!

I have been trying to desperately improve my diet, but this summer has been rough. I am not always in the same place everyday so I can't guarantee it will stay cool. In that effort I am trying to make the snacks I make more healthy. I bought a huge thing of raspberries and mixed in blueberries and almonds. It was pretty good. Although I shot all that in the foot Thursday night when I insisted we order pizza. Le sigh.

This week was crazy town hot. Early in the week it was pretty warm and sticky, but by Wednesday and Thursday we were in the 90s with the heat index in the 110s. For those of not from here, maybe that's not as bad by you but it was basically like being in a sauna on the surface of the sun. As soon as you stepped outside everything fogged up. I am just praying for rain to take the heat and humidity away.

On Wednesday I had to sneak in a quick work out. I did not have time to run to the gym so I whipped out my good ol' P90X cardio, which is good in a pinch. They are building a new apartment complex literally on the other side of the parking lot to my gym and I worry I will be relying more on my dvds soon. Does anyone else do at home work outs? What works for you?

On Sunday night we discovered a nest of baby bunnies in our yard. Riggs was intently staring at a hole and then we discovered it was little baby bunnies. Sunday night we laid some sticks over the top so we could test in momma bunny came back. The result was not definitive. I put out a call to friends to see if they had any ideas. I got a number for a local wildlife rehab and called them. They told us to grab one of the bunnies and pull the skin back between their shoulders, if it snaps back then they are hydrated and cared for.  D put on some gloves, we tried a couple of times and decided they were hydrated, whew! Now we just have to wait for them to grow up and move out.

A little blurry, but little guy would not stop moving

The most exciting thing this week was doing a photo shoot with local boutique Apricot Lane.  I met the manager of the Maple Grove location about a year or so ago when I did a girls night at another boutique.  A couple of months ago I went into the store to get something. After I left  she reached out to me saying they were working on launching a website and needed one more model. I was super surprised but of course I said  yes. This past Monday was the official day. I arrived at the West End location  and met the other models in addition the the store manager of Mendota Heights and the owner. Also, sidenote: I have to say I use the term 'model' to describe myself very loosely. Yes they used me to take photos but I don't fancy myself a model in the true sense, just felt like I needed to clarify that. 

We started by taking taking photos of individual clothes to be sold on the site. They had racks of clothes assigned to each of us. I have to admit I was a bit self-conscious as the other two girls are in better shape than me, and so were the other store managers. One of the models is a hair stylist and cosmetologist. She is built like a gymnast, and super funny. The other is a student, with a partial sleeve tattoo and a funky haircut. She is way cooler than me. Both managers were clearly funky girls with boss personalities, as evidenced by tattoos, great style and getting sh*t done. I was definitely in good company. Then I remembered that they know what I look like and wanted me there anyway and it wouldn't do anyone any good to be self-conscious all day. After a few outfits everyone was so nice and complimentary of each other that it got easier. The owner provided coffee and bagels, which was much needed and kind as we were compensated for our time anyway. It was kind of fun too because we also got to see a sneak peek at some of the Fall clothes.  I was the happiest girl in the world.

I went back for a couple of hours on Tuesday before I had to head back to work  and we did some group shots for the website and social media use. This was the most fun. We did a bunch of shots where we came bursting out of the front door like we had just shopped there. It felt super strange to have three girls walk out of the door at once and talk like "shopping is so fun, this is so hilarious." Our photographer, Sammy Slater, told us to use the word 'watermelon' as it looks like you are saying different things. It quickly took on a life of its own and the laughs started rolling. I was worried the pictures would look strange with us laughing so hard but they turned out great. Sammy was fantastic to work with and had some creative ideas about things to do to make the shots look killer. She edited them quick too so I can show you a few of my favorites. 

Photo Credit: Sammy Slater 

Overall, I had a great time. It was unbelievably fun and glad I got to be a part of it. Going forward I will be periodically going in to model clothes to put on the site so you can buy them. Be sure to check it out when it's up!

That's it for my week. How was yours? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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Trend Alert: Slip dress

Two trend alert posts in a weeks time? Say it ain't so!

Oh, it's so all right.

This post was inspired when I was shopping with my friend this weekend. We saw some slip dresses at the store and I commented that I was not so sure about this trend. I decided to take that as a challenge to find some on trend slip dresses that I would actually wear. Some of the slip dresses fall into the category that are basically lingerie. I don't feel comfortable with that and I am not on board with how that looks. I tried to find a few that had the lace feature but still were clearly dresses and some that did not include lace for those of you who would prefer to ditch that all together. For me, I think I prefer the plain slip dress. I am all about a simple silhouette and you can't get much simpler than this. These call for delicate necklaces and strappy shoes. What do you think? Would you wear this trend?

Slip dress

Slip dress by mcainmoss featuring a plunge dress

one / two / three
four / five / six

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Monday Round Up: Birthdays + Bridal Showers

Another Monday party people! This was a busy weekend and unfortunately when preparing this post I realized I really did not take any pictures. Meaning, this will probably be a short post. That's ok too though, right?

Friday I worked  a little bit then ran a few errands. I knew I had a busy weekend planned so I thought spending the night in was my best option. Plus, after a long week I need a break. Going out on Fridays is really hard for me now. I'm old. #truth. I did get some serious cuddle time in with my pups though, which was well worth it.

Saturday was a packed day. That night we had a surprise party planned for my friend and it was up to me to keep her busy. D and I woke up fairly early to hit the gym, which was a bit rough as I did legs two days before and was still a bit sore. I got through it though. Afterwards we did a little yard work. Being out of town three weekends in a row, our yard got out of control. Weeds were everywhere and our grass was way too long. We spent a couple of hours and took care of that. Then the time came to pick up my friend. The rouse was taking her shopping, which I didn't exactly have to twist her arm to do. We shopped for a few hours all the while her fiance and one of her friends were setting up. Her fiance asked that I delay a few minutes so in doing so I delayed us about 20 extra minutes, whoops! Good news is when we got there the surprised worked. She had no idea :) Success! Overall the party was successful as well. Her friend bought her a piƱata that was Olaf from Frozen. She was really hesitant to do it, but she got a couple good hits in and WHAM, snowman down. The rest of the night flew by and ended with a viewing of Django, where most of us fell asleep.

Disembodied Olaf head

Sunday I attended the bridal shower for my soon-to-be cousin. She is so lovely so as much as I don't love going to showers, I was happy to be there to honor her. They did a really nice job, beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes. I was gonna take a picture, but I forgot :? It is always fun spending time with my family. That side is huge so getting everyone together is tough, but most of us were there. A few hours with good fun and celebration. Afterwards I stopped by my parents. I had to talk to my dad about a few things. I hung out there for a bit and had dinner before heading home. Later that night my dogs were not listening when I called them to come in. I found them in the yard with their heads in a hole. I had to drag them inside. When I returned to look, turns out there was a bunny nest with three baby bunnies. I am a little worried the mom won't come back. But we googled some things to try and fingers crossed the mom returns. They are teeny, adorable and squealed a couple of times at D. Will keep you posted. 

Bunny nest

I did manage to take some quick pictures of my bridal shower look. When I went shopping with my friend on Saturday we stumbled into Banana Republic. I took a quick look at this skirt and put it back as I did not really intend to buy anything that day. My friend decided to try it on and it was a bit adventurous for her. It was on major sale so she kind of talked me into it.  It was originally $128 and after all the sales I got it for $30. For some reason on the website it is full price, but check for it in the store. I paired it with my go-to tank. I love this tank. It is soft and flattering as it wears long. Perfect for me. I did not even realize when I bought it how perfect this was for my wardrobe. I had this navy tassel necklace and tassel bracelet that blended perfectly. Top it off with a cute sandal and voila, outfit achieved. 

Top| LOFT (similar / similar)
Sandals| Target
Necklace| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Bracelet| Banana Republic

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