Welcome to another Monday. I am anticipating a pretty easy but busy week around here so there is a solid chance you won't hear from me as much. This past weekend was insanely busy, where I was basically doing something almost every minute of the day.

It began Friday when we went to babysit our nieces and nephew. My sister-in-law and her husband were going out to a dinner and  comedy show one last time before their new baby arrives. We went over about 6:30 and they left shortly thereafter. We played with the kids for a bit and my niece insisted we do a craft. Who am I to deny my adorable niece such a request? So we did. We made a cow and lion puppet, Michael the Moo Cow and Lion the Boy. She named the lion. Then it was their bedtime and they all went down pretty easy. Soon after we heard some moving about and when we heard a big "thud" D and I jumped up to see what happened. Turns out my sister-in-law and her husband were already home. Not enough people showed up for the show so it got cancelled. At least they got dinner out of the deal.

Saturday was the busiest day. We got up early to hit the gym, which was not easy. I hate going to the gym before my body is ready for it. Afterwards we headed up for D's family reunion. They do it every year, typically at a lake. However, this year it was rainy pretty hard and talks of high winds and storms. They moved it to my in-laws house. Some of us sat in the garage and some indoors. It was a little different this year as the rain prevented any games from being played. Also, D's Great Aunt came up from Texas for this one so it was fun to see her and everyone catching up with her. We had to leave early as I was going to a play with  my family that night. Our local History Theater  puts on a season of plays and musicals each year. We had tickets to the Glensheen play. If you are not from here Glensheen Mansion was the house of the Congdon's who if I am not mistaken were logging millionaires. The mansion is now owned by the University of Minnesota and you can tour it. This was given to them after the murder of Elizabeth Congdon and her nurse by Elizabeth's son-in-law. He was put up to it by his wife, Marjorie, who was the adopted daughter of Elizabeth. The play was a musical about all this. Although this sounds grim, it was actually more funny. They did a fantastic job and am so glad we saw it.

Sunday we slept in a bit and D made breakfast. I had been wanting to make breakfast for a few weeks so we scooted it in. That afternoon I did a photoshoot with a photographer who reached out to me from Instagram. I was really excited to do it. Unfortunately I was painfully late. There was an accident on the highway and when I got to Minnehaha Falls I did not know where I was going. Everyone in Minnesota was there on Sunday. Everyone. There was so much traffic and I was really, really late. Thankfully she was kind and if she was mad at me she did not show it. We did not have much time as she had to leave and pick up her sister.  It was fun and different.  I am used to D taking my pictures and I am directing the whole thing. It was fun and strange to not have as much control over it. Hoping to have the pictures soon to share with you all. Afterwards I went home and D and I went to look for a new washer, ours broke. No such luck so far :(

This weekend was another really hot one. Light weight clothes are a must. I bought this shirt a few weeks ago and love how breathable it is and the keyhole cut in the front. It is a bit flowy so I decided to pair it with my high waisted jeans and slide on sandal. I am not normally and orange wearer but this burnt orange I can get onboard with.  To me, this is the perfect summer going out  look. Super easy while creating a flattering silhouette.  Add a couple of simple jewels and you are ready for warm summer nights. 

Jeans| Express
Shoes| Target
Purse| Banana Republic ( similar / similar )

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