Hey all! Hope you had a great, short holiday week. I wanted to write a more personal post today. I know I typically share my week's happenings but feeling the need to express some things today after a little inspiration from fellow bloggers.

I have been having a rough time with the blog. I still enjoy when I put together a post I feel passionate about but have been feeling those are fewer and further between lately. I am really proud of the looks I put together for you all and I love hearing from you as well. As of late I just don't feel as inspired about some of the content I am putting out. I was initially very nervous to write this post  and thought maybe I should just power through. Then with the help of She's Leaning In and her identifying this pattern with both Small Things Blog and Vivienne Does Makeup and herself. That is when Candice said "there must be something in the water." I am starting to feel strapped to writing the blog to this schedule and therefore not always use the best of my fashion creativity. I do not think I will go on a full out break, as I do have some things in the works that I am feeling excited about, but I might change up my posting schedule or post when I am inspired. I want to share only things I am proud of and contribute to a community conversation about fashion in every day life. I hope you stick around with me while I work out this blogger's block.

Now onto a little H54F:

The last few weekends and the upcoming weekend we are out of town. That makes the being home in between feel stressed. As fun as it is to go out of town the weekends, when we get home it is errand city. Cleaning, laundry, picking up odds and ends. Just feels rushed. Don't get me wrong every weekend is worth it, I just look forward to not living out of a suitcase soon.

This week I took Riggs to the Veterinarian, which was the saddest experience ever. He has been limping a lot lately and I finally got him checked out. Poor Riggs hates the Vet. He hid behind me and shook. Thankfully it was a really nice Vet and everything turned out good, but nothing is sadder than taking your dog to the Vet.   

On Wednesday a friend of mine asked if I would help her make up shop. Her sister is getting married this week and she was overwhelmed by her options. I was happy to oblige. Who doesn't love to spend other people's money? It was really fun to help her create a look. She had an idea of what she wanted so I helped her fill in the pieces. It was really fun AND I snagged a new MAC shadow. Not too shabby.

MAC "Oh My Mocha"

This week the Hamilton soundtrack has been playing on repeat. I finally broke down and subscribed to Spotify. I have listened to probably all of the songs, but just not in order. Listening in order makes way more sense and I am obsessed! My goal is to learn all the words so I can sing along. Am I a nerd? Yes, yes I am.

This weekend we are headed up to my in-laws cabin. Now this cabin does not have running water so it gets creative around there. My in-laws like to fish all day and spend all the time outside so no glam squad allowed. I have to try a little bit though so I have some must haves to bring with me. Check 'em out

This lipstick I just bought the other day. As per usual my beauty purchase are inspired by She's Leaning In. The exact color she bought wouldn't work for me but I found this color, Vanished, that provides the same effect. It is this gorgeous light color that is almost glossy. Perfect for just a hint of something without going over the top.  This shampoo/conditioner combo are my saving grace when I am away from home. They are color protectant, which is hard to find in a travel size and super cheap too ($5!) Can't beat it. This Living Proof dry shampoo is totally amaze. If you are not on this bandwagon I do not know how to help you. It also comes in a travel size. Living Proof for the win! A baseball cap seems obvious but yet somehow I always forget a hat. I have an old panama hat I love too, but the problem is when you put it in your bag it gets ruined, not true of baseball hats. I bought a fun one when we were in Portland so I will be bringing that. Lastly, a good book. Now I am not much of a reader but after finally seeing my favorite author, Chuck Klosterman, in person and getting a signed copy of his newest book I will be cracking the binding of this this weekend.

Cabin Essentials
one / two (a & b) / three
four / five

What do you think? Any cabin essentials you have to share? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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