Happy Friday!!! This week flew by somehow. I really can't believe it is Friday already. I really did not have a super busy week so not sure why it flew by but I am not complaining! Bring on the weekend! I do have some fun things to share and a great summer look, so let's get to it.

Last week I was on facebook and I came across a post from my favorite author Chuck Klosterman (Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, Killing Yourself to Live, I Wear the Black Hat, amongst others). He was releasing a new book and going on a tour that would bring him through Minneapolis. I gasped and quickly texted my dad. A little backstory: about 7 years ago he was on tour and came through Minneapolis. My dad and I were going to go but it was on a Wednesday and we figured he would be back. We were wrong. We vowed to never miss him again. On Monday we ventured to Magers & Quinn. He read a bit from his book and then answered all different kinds of questions. He. was. awesome. So glad we went AND I got a signed book. Afterwards we went out for drinks at the Libertine before calling it quits. 

This was my first week on my summer schedule, which meant A LOT of work at coffee shops. I don't hate it, I'll be honest. I am struggling to stay focused, but it is SO much nicer than being in a windowless office every day. I need the sunshine and energy. It has been a pretty awesome week that way. 

This week Kylie Jenner released two new colors. I snagged here newest metal, KyMajesty, which is this gorgeous deep blue, sparkly hue. I really love her other metals and am super excited for this new one. It is definitely pretty daring for me. I don't often do odd colors like this, but I will find a way to make it work. 

Photo Credit: Kylie Cosmetic

Get my movie reference? ;) Sorry cannot help myself. On Thursday D got some of the brackets up and we put up the railing to hang clothes. It still needs to be screwed in but we put some clothes on it to see. I did a little happy dance. He also came up with an idea for some shoe shelving that I cannot wait for. Seriously gals, so excited. I know I keep promising a reveal of all our renovations, but there are still some things that need finishing that I have gotten lazy about. When it is done I promise I will do a reveal.

It is officially summertime around here and the temperature is hot! It is the season of shorts and tanks. Even though it is hot does not mean I am regulated to tees and basic shorts. I saw these shorts at Gap a few weeks ago and snagged them on sale for $20! I am not normally in love with shorts on me. It is hard to find ones that are flattering. I actually bought these 2 sizes too big so they would hang a bit and look more casual. I love the light wash and frayed edges. I thought it would fit perfectly with this eyelet top from American Eagle. It is hard to tell in this picture but it's actually a very light pink. Most eyelet tops are white so I like that this is pink. This is a warm weather outfit so I kept the jewelry delicate and added the fun headband from ASOS for a little somethin' somethin'. 

Top| American Eagle (similar / similar)
Shorts| Gap (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target
Headband| ASOS (similar / similar)
Purse| Target (similar / similar)

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