Happy Monday! I am so ready for the end of this week. I  just finished a weekend away, 1 of 3 in the next coming weeks. It was so fun and relaxing so honestly I am going to keep this short and sweet as I am still in weekend mode. 

This weekend we drove up to Biwabik, Minnesota to celebrate my friend's 30th birthday. She has a family friend who owns a home by Giant's Ridge that they let us use for the weekend. It was really nice. All told there were four bedrooms, one kind of a loft space and 3 bathroom. It had a small deck overlooking the lake, a card table and several good sized televisions. These homes are right next to the Giant's Ridge property so they have privileges to their pools and hot tubs as well as the beach. On Friday we drove up after work and got there just before night fall. We had a few drinks and talked before heading to bed.   

Saturday we had to fight against time a bit. The weather was a bit questionable so we knew we probably only had  a couple of hours before it rained. We got up pretty early, had breakfast and put on our swimsuits to go to the lake. It was still pretty cloudy, but definitely warm enough to be at the beach. The lodge had a few games we could rent so we grabbed a huge game of Yahtzee and what was kind of the like the bags game except instead of bags they used big washers. I did not play the washer game because it looked really really hard ha. The girls and I did play Yahtzee. The dice were wood and huge. I tried a couple of goofy ways to throw them because the sand is not exactly conducive for rolling. Some were successful, some not. Needless to say I did not win. We swam in a lake for a while, rented some paddle boats and kayaks and laid on the wood raft. 

After sometime we decided to head up to the pool area to use the hot tub. It was a pretty good sized hot tub. We then laid out for a bit before heading in for a late lunch. 

Pretty soon after lunch, the rains came in and we stayed inside. We all showered and watched some movies. The ladies all feel asleep on the couch at some point. Eventually we all regrouped, made dinner and some fun drinks (including D's favorite Miami Vice).  We retreated to the basement to play some card games. I am proud to report that the girls kicked the boys butts in Taboo 3-0. Boom. We ended the night by watching Deadpool while 4 of the 6 of us fell asleep on the couch. 

Overall we had a pretty great weekend with some of my favorite people, celebrating one of my closest friends. We talked about doing it again next summer, hopefully with some more agreeable weather.

Over the weekend there were a few things I found as essentials. Some I had, some I did not but wish I did. I obviously overpacked. I was not sure exactly the plans so I wanted some clothing options if we left the cabin. Well I basically spent my whole weekend in my bathing suit or my yoga pants. I forgot my not so nice sandals for the beach, but honestly the beach was a little grainy so a tougher sandal would have been good. Here are my must haves:

Lake Life

Lake Life by mcainmoss featuring short sleeve tops

Top| one \ two \ three
Bottom| four \ five

I had a bathing suit cover up I bought for real cheap last summer. My friends also have cover ups and they liked that mine was long sleeved and I liked that theirs showed a bit more skin. I found this number at Nordstrom which I think is the perfect marriage. I like a bit of a sleeve otherwise I am not sure why I need a cover up. I like that this one has some mesh to show off a bit a skin without being over exposed. Plus it's all black so #winning. These sandals I do not own but my friends who are big outdoor people swear by them. They are Keen's and super durable and good in water. Like I said, we had to walk through a bit of terrain and some grainy sand. It would have been good to have some tough sandals. In the last couple of months these would have been really helpful for me so although they are really expensive, I think they will be a good investment. These sunglasses I do own and am obsessed with.  The mirrored front and crossbar are my favorite things. They are a unique shape that I get compliments everywhere I go. For $10 you can't beat it.  For being on the lake I try to keep beauty to a minimum. However, I can't simply do nothing just not my style. Right before we headed out of town my Tarte Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint arrived in the color manbun. I bought it because I am obsessed with the color. I also love the formula. It goes on and fairly long lasting, as well as goes on like a thick mousse texture. Gorgeous. I like the nude color namaste as it is perfect for the beach. I like to keep it light and easy and this fits the bill. Last but certainly not least  is a good dry shampoo. This is good all the time but especially when away. I love the Living Proof formula as it both truly cleans and add some good texture to revitalize hair. Plus it comes in a perfect little travel size.

Those are my must haves for a weekend at the lake. What are you must haves? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!  

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