Happy Friday everyone! I had kind of a busy week, coming back from vacation and then catching up with work. There is a lot to catch up on and this post will read more like a Monday Round Up with probably the most favorite dress I have every worn at the end so read through! There will be a lot of pictures and I will try to keep the descriptions short and sweet.

Last Thursday after work D and I flew out to Portland. On Friday he had an old friend from high school getting married. D and I had talked for two years about going to Portland since we went to Seattle for our anniversary. A few weeks prior to realizing that is where the wedding would be, we were talking with some friends who also wanted to visit Portland. When we were told the location we convinced them to come with and spend a few days seeing the sites. They agreed.

On Friday we picked up our friends who took the train in. We did not have a lot of time because the wedding was at 4:00 PM. We grabbed our friends and headed for the riverfront. We walked around a bit, grabbed some lunch and headed back to the hotel. That night was the wedding. Wedding was small but beautiful. We literally did not know a soul outside of the groom's family. Thankfully they were incredibly kind people and essentially hung out with them all night. It was a long evening but really fun.

Saturday was a busy day. We got up early to explore Portland the city. We walked around a weekend art fair. It was pretty neat, not your average art fair although there was a few of the usual suspects: wood carving boards, candles, goofy signs, etc. There were a few cooler things but honestly I was worried about being able to carry anything else in my suitcase. It was huge though. Through a couple of blocks in town and along the river walk. Afterward we walked by the river, which was gorgeous. I have never seen so many bridges in my life.

We then wandered into the city and we were in an area called Old Town. There was a good chunk of that area that did not look very nice until we turned a corner and there were lots of restaurants. We came across this market with several food and beverage vendors. Our friends noticed the sign for Salt & Straw an ice cream place they wanted to try. I guess they read there is normally a line at their true location so we lucked out. My stomach was not feeling very good so I got something simple, but they got these elaborate ones that were delicious. Then we drove over to the Pearl District because we were told there was a lot of shops and things to do. I did not see many shops but it was a gorgeous neighborhood. Clearly brand new and they essentially turned some of the sidewalk into a board walk. We stumbled upon a local coffee shop and we stopped for some food because we were starving. Then we split from our friends for a bit to go to an after wedding BBQ. A little later they picked us up and we headed to Breakside Brewery for some adult beverages. There are a million breweries in Portland and we tried to hit them up as we could.

Sunday we headed to the coast. We heard a town called Seaside was a lot of fun and that Cannon Beach and Astoria is where they filmed Goonies. Naturally, D had to see it. It took about an hour and a half to get there. We basically just drove though Astoria as it was not an interesting looking town. When we got to Seaside we quick stopped at a shop our friends wanted to see then were beach bound. It was overcast and a little chilly but that was not going to stop us from putting our feet in the water. It was gorgeous. The beach was so massive and calm it looked like glass. My friend was desperate for sand dollars so we collected a couple before heading into town. Seaside looks like an old 1950s resort town. Small amusement activities, shops and restaurants. They had an amazing saltwater taffy shop that was basically Willy Wonk's Taffy factory and we went a little nuts. Not much to do honestly and a little run down, but fun. D and our friends wanted clam chowder so we stopped at "World Famous" Norma's and they were satisfied. They had a beach closer to in town and we walked over there. By then the sun was shining and it was beautiful. After we drove down to Cannon Beach, we saw another brewery so naturally we stopped. Then we walked down to their beach which was more beautiful than the last. Cannon Beach looks like where all the wealthy of Seaside moved to after that town became a tourist town. It was beautiful. We stood right on the beach where the Goonies had their beach race scene. D was so happy he loves that movie. We headed home and stayed in for the evening as we were tired.

Salt Water Taffy

Cannon Beach

Oh also, they love Lewis and Clark out there. Highway 14 is supposed to be their trail and everything is named after them. Seaside is the end of their trail.

 Monday our friends were leaving but not before we saw a mountain. Mountains are everywhere so we decided to go to Mt Hood which was about 1 1/2 hours away. The hotel there was where they filmed the outside shots of The Shining. Guys, it was gorgeous. Truly breathtaking. All in all it stands about 11,000 feet. The lodge was about 6,000 feet. Turns out it was built as part of FDRs WPA program and is a national landmark. He visited there at its opening. It's old and gorgeous and I wanted to stay. We had a brief lunch after walking around and drove our friends back to the train station. After we left them we tried to drive through the Columbia River Gorge. Although I think we got some bad information and drove on the wrong road. We did see The Bridge of the Gods, which was terrifying and awesome and got to see one of the major falls. Traffic was ungodly on the way home (see what I did there? ;) ] so we rested a bit before heading out for dinner at an Italian place and checking out a few local bars.

Tuesday was leaving day, but we had a few hours. We hit up local favorite Voo Doo donuts and it was as crazy as I had hoped. Donuts were really good and ambiance was equally weird. Exactly what you want from Portland. We each got two donuts and were stuffed. We were trying to kill a little time afterwards and went to Powell's books which boasts as the biggest independent bookstore in the world. It's flagship store is so big they give you a map to get around. Totally necessary too. I am not much of a reader, but I was impressed and bought a book to commemorate going there. D bought a couple of books too. If you love to read, you could easily spend a day there perusing. Then we headed to the airport to start out trek home. 

Whew so that's the whole trip. Hope you hung in with me. We had an amazing time, but wish I had a few more days to see some things we did not get a chance to. I guess there is always next time. 

Now to the fashion. At the wedding I knew it would be summer-like weather but also Oregon is not known for it's warmth. I saw this dress at local favorite Proper + Prim  and snatched it up before it was sold out. I am really obsessed with this dress and got a million compliments on it. It was truly comfortable and the perfect fit for me. It cuts right at the bottom of the ribcage and is super flattering. It appears very covered but if you look closely there is more showing of skin than you think. I tried to keep the accessories simple as it is  a lot of dress. My favorite pair was this headband. I really love these right now and thought it would be the perfect addition. Add a pair of nude strappy heels and a delicate clutch and you are ready for wedding season. 

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Dress| Proper + Prim (similar / similar)
Shoes| Chinese Laundry
Headband| BooHoo
Clutch| Lavand (similar / similar)

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