Happy Friyay!! I am so happy this week is over. Honestly it was a pretty uneventful week so there is not much to share. I am ready for the weekend and I have some fun plans. In the meantime I will give you the 411 on what happened this week (does anyone say that anymore? I am 1,000 years old).

Monday we were supposed to meet with a financial advisor, because I basically don't know how to adult with my finances. I need help. Unfortunately it got cancelled at the last minute, which screwed up my after work plans. (read: I could not go to the gym). I forced my self to go for a run that night around the neighborhood and I nearly died. I don't run outside often enough obviously. Tuesday was: work + yoga, the end. Wednesday one my friends came over and I made dinner. Yes you read that right, I made dinner. I got a little help from Candice (She's Leaning In). She gave  me instructions on how to make juicy lucy's, which I am proud to say was a success. I was going to take a picture but I was too hungry. Thursday I literally went to work, the gym and ate my weight in Cheez-Its.

Told you my week was boring.

Onto the fun stuff! I got my fourth Rocksbox last. This might be my favorite one yet. First, the -box in Rocksbox got a facelift. If you remember before it was a white box, black lettering and a hot pink bow. I really like the more muted professional print. Makes me feel fancy :)

Second, I got three items again. I requested more rings as I have not got any of those yet and I could really use more. I really like the stylists at Rocksbox, they truly listen to your requests and take it into account for future boxes. Ready to see?


I basically loved this the second I saw it. Black, gold, druzy and fringe beads? Um. Done. I wore it 5 days in a row. No shame in my game. I really love a long necklace it the summer. Don't get me wrong I love a statement necklace, but in the summer I prefer something more delicate. You can, however, get away with more bling in a long necklace. I love this. The black and gold is perfect for me, it basically goes with everything I own. 



My stylist sent this because it is House of Harlow 1960, which I love. This is very fancy. Not your average, every day bracelet. I do have to say I love it though. If you are a regular reader you know that I love negative space. I love that it is open on the bottom. I also love that the circles linked together. It is a unique pattern for a bracelt, not a total solidy nor the layering beaded bracelets that are common for summer. Although I am infatuated with this, I am not sure I would get enough use out of it to justify it. 


This. I cannot say enough amazing things about it. Gold? Check! Negative space? Check! Everyday wearability? Check! I think there has maybe been one day since I got this that I have not worn it. It goes with everything. Perfection. I.can't.deal.! If nothing else,  I will keep this item. I love rings. My dream is to wear a ring on every finger. I don't care if that makes me a crazy lady. This ring, is one more ring down to have my dream realized.

What do you think? Which item would you keep? 

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