Happy Friday Er'body. I am sure glad this week is over. We are headed out of town this weekend for a friend's birthday and I could not be more excited. I am ready to really kick the summer into high gear. It is warm and time to party!  It has been kind of a busy week so let's get to it!

Our internet is so terrible right now. Blogging has been a real pain. Turns out our router is the culprit, basically resetting our internet every 30 seconds. I have been complaining about this for a while but D just assumed it was my Apple products as his droid worked just fine. In the last week it has finally affected his tech and he is ready to commit to  new router. We bought one with the grand hopes of it arriving on Thursday due to Amazon Prime two day shipping, but alas no such luck. It is supposed to arrive today, which does not help me as writing this blog last night was a serious exercise in patience. Fingers crossed it shows up today and we are rockin' and rollin' next week.

On Wednesday we went over to my parents for dinner. My mom is always asking we come over for dinner so we finally carved some time out. It turned into a full on family affair when both my sisters were there too. My little sister still lives at home and works odd hours and my other sister happened to be in the area. It was fun as I got to see my adorable niece who loves her momma. She kept grabbing her by the arms and face for hugs. She also shouted "momma!" at the dinner table when wanting her attention. It reminded me of Family Guy "mom, momma, mommy, mom!" So funny.

So we are going out of town next week too for the Fourth of July and have been really struggling with finding someone who will watch our pups. We searched high and low and finally I just took the cutest picture of them I could and posted it on Facebook. Well it must have worked because one of my sister's friends agreed to stay at our house and watch them. Thank goodness! I really wasn't sure what we were going to do. We don't board them and we couldn't even if we wanted to as they do not have the type of shot you need. Anyway, Hallelujah! Plus, could you resist these faces?

If you did not check out my I-ZIP review on Wednesday you definitely should. I was contacted by this company that helps you zip up your own dress! It is pretty cool. Also I was looking around the website and they also contribute to charities for girls, which is amazing. Head on over to check it out!

Every now and again a tee shirt and jeans is my favorite thing. I was shopping around at local boutique Apricot Lane when I saw this bad boy. I tried it on and knew it was for me. I texted a friend and said " this was made for me." You know when you try something on and you cannot imagine how it could fit so perfectly on anyone else? Yea, that's this shirt. I know it sounds silly because it is a tee shirt but let me explain. This is cute for a woman's figure. It comes in around the waist so as to not add unnecessary bulk and highlight the narrow of your waist. It is not skin tight though so it can create the illusion of a hourglass shape without the hourglass figure (aka Me.) It widens again at the waist but just slightly. I see these types of cuts on shirts but then it widens at the hips like I am a Kardashian. Negative. I don't need all that and it leave unnecessary fabric which leaves you looking heavier than you hour. The fabric itself is incredibly soft but also hangs beautifully. It ever so slightly drapes over my silhouette leaving me feeling casual, comfy and chic. Throw on your favorite distressed denim and sneaks and look is complete. You are ready for the freakin' weekend. 

 What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Top| Apricot Lane (same)
Jeans| Gap (similar)
Shoes| Nike (similar / similar)
Purse| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Sunnies| Windsor

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