Happy Monday everyone! I have a great feeling about this week. This is the last week for schools around here and you can feel the summer in the air. Weather was a bit rainy this weekend, but that summertime humidity was out in full force. Part of me doesn't hate it though, I am ready for the warmth.

My weekend was busy but not much to say about it so I will keep it short. On Friday I worked, then went to the gym and came home. I had a huge burst of energy and decided to give the dogs baths. I realized I was out of dog shampoo. I really did not want to drive the 20 minutes to the store so I googled if you could use human shampoo. Turns out you can in a pinch, using a fragrance free formula and diluting. The closest I had was  my Morrocan Oil shampoo. I used that and their hair was smooth and smelled amazing. Aside from this, giving them baths are both funny and difficult. It's funny because my dogs hate it. Riggs will run and hide when he realizes that is what is happening. During the actual bath he sits there with a shamed look on his face. After he quickly rubs his ears all over the carpet. Eva on the other hand resists at every stage. Ever seen those memes of dogs with all four paws on a doorframe? That is Eva. I literally drag her into the tub and she tries to jump out at every interval. The only thing is a mess and the entire bathroom winds up soaked. Whenever I bathe them I need to wash their beds too. So I did that and a few other things before settling in on my couch.

Saturday I hit the gym again and then ran a few errands. It was raining on and off most of the day and I was hoping to pull some weeds in my lawn. It stopped raining briefly and I managed to get some weeding done thankfully. I  hate how things look right now, it looks so messy and needed some cleaning up. That night our friend was having her birthday party. They live about an hour away so we packed up ourselves and the pups to spend the night. They had a really great turnout and we had so much fun. It has been a while since we have had a house party of that size and it was awesome. I did not take any pictures because I was having too much fun.

Sunday morning was a little rough. We did not go to bed until way too late and we had our niece and nephew's birthday party that afternoon. I could have stayed in bed all day, but we couldn't. We went to my sister-in-laws house and stayed for a couple of hours. It is always good to see all the kids playing together. Then we came home and D and I basically camped out on the couch for the rest of the night. Best. night. ever.

That was my weekend in a nutshell.  Pretty fun, hope you had fun too.

On Saturday while running errands I decided to check out Old Navy. I have not been in there in  years but lots of my friends have had good finds there. I really want to find a good pair of patterned pants. The ones I really want at Banana Republic are too expensive and I thought Old Navy might have something more reasonable. While I was there I saw this fit and flare dress. It was adorable and literally comes in 13 different patterns. I love this cut because where the seam of the dress is, is where most women are the slenderest. It creates a slimming silhouette. This dress is so comfortable. Light weight fabric, a little too light for the windy day on Sunday I almost Marilyn'd, and easy wearing. You could easily get this in several patterns and wear it all summer. Pair it with some great jewelry and you're done. A few of the pieces I am wearing I got in my most recent Rocksbox so I will you those details later.  

P.S. This dress was 40% off, not sure how long the sale goes but I snagged it for $18 at the store. Grab yourself one!

Dress| Old Navy
Sandals| Target
Necklace| Pendant (Rocksbox, details soon) / Onecklace
Purse| Kate Spade (similar)

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