NYE Dresses

Happy New Year's Eve...eve I guess. New Year's Eve is one of my favorite holidays. I love hanging out with my friends, getting all dressed up and drinking champagne. I love champagne and if I could drink it all the time I would. Heck, I would settle for drinking everything in a champagne glass. I feel so  much fancier with a champagne flute, don't you? Also, NYE is a good excuse to dress like a disco ball without judgement. I come out in all my bedazzled glory each year. Take note from last year's post. This year we are doing something a bit different. Our friend's who are hosting have a theme so I cannot wear my usual Studio 54 get up. I will not give it all away now but stay tuned on Monday to see what I mean. 

I do not get to be all sequined into oblivion so I thought I would help you. I put together a few great NYE pieces. Shock of shocks they are mostly black, white and grey, but I tried to mix in a variety of silhouettes and fabrics incase disco ain't yo thang. I am partial to a sequin but I also love the cut outs and lace. Cannot go wrong there. What do you prefer? What are you NYE plans? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

NYE Dresses

NYE Dresses by mcainmoss featuring a skater dress

one / two / three / four
five / six / seven

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Monday Round Up: Christmases + Traditions

Happy last Monday of 2015! I feel like I keep saying "I can't believe that _____ is happening" but it is true. It is crazy to me that this last year is almost coming to a close. But more on that later. We still have a few blissful days of 2015 left.

This holiday was a whirlwind. Since marrying D we decided to split the holidays. Which technically works, but that involves a lot of moving pieces. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day both start with his family and then move to my family at night. Saturday is a break but then Sunday we celebrate with my extended family. I have a two looks for you today and a few snapshots of my weekend so here goes:

On Christmas Even we were up at D's parent's house. Christmas Eve day is basically an open invitation to any family. We go every year to see some of his extended family and my  mother-in-law makes some of her famous soups and treats. I look forward to this every year, my pants do not. This year I wore a dress so sucks to be you waist line! ;) It is a fun day to see some people we do not normally see, eat some great food and play games.  Plus, I cannot stress enough those soups. Delicious! At night we head over to my parents to open gifts. A few of my dad's side of the family are there for the gift exchange. There is some food, but we get together later so it is more appetizers and wine style food. This is fine because, well wine and the aforementioned soups. This year was particularly fun because my one year old niece was actually interested in opening her gifts. We bought her a little sled  and it was so cute. She clearly loved it as evidenced by getting in and out of the sled repeatedly for an hour. It was so cute!

Cute, right?!
On Christmas Day we head up early to D's parent's for breakfast and gifts. It is another food coma fest consisting of german pancakes, caramel rolls and egg bake. After basically eating myself into oblivion it is gift time. Our nieces and nephews get so pumped it's pretty cute. The older ones are trying to be patient, but sometimes the excitement gets the best of them. Gift opening is a flurry of paper, cardboard, tape and screams of joy. It's a little hectic but fun nonetheless. I tried to snap a few pictures. After spending a few hours there we head back to my parent's for dinner and hanging out. My mom has started to make stir fry and egg rolls. Her egg rolls are a force to be reckoned with. Although I was still pretty stuffed, I made room ;) My great aunt was there, she could not be there the day before, so it was fun to spend time and exchange gifts with her. It is  mostly nice to just relax  after running all over town for 48 hours. 



D and our niece

Saturday my cousin and She's Leaning In blogger, Candice, was in town. We have not truly hung out for a while. Last time she was in town it was brief for a family wedding. This time we had been planning for a while an were set to go shopping. Unfortunately the night of Christmas we got a bunch of snow. She has not driven in snow in sometime so was a bit nervous. Thankfully with a bit of encouragement she drove down. Also, thankfully, the weather report did not come true and no more snow was had. The fashion gods smiled on us. I took her to some of my favorite places and she got me some new make up. It was a great day and fun to just hang out with her again. That night D and I went to grab dinner, as we were too tired to cook, and headed home to cuddle with the pups. No lie, I passed out on the couch at 10:00. I woke up at 11:30 with my dog, Riggs, cuddled up and his nose to my nose. It was adorable. We then went to bed.

Me and Candice

At The Claddaugh Pub in Maple Grove

  On Sunday we celebrated with my mom's extended family. There are a lot of us so we have been doing Christmas on a different day for a while for ease. Although we are all over the place most of us make it to the party. D makes his famous bourbon ham and we sit around and talk. This year was a bit harder as we lost our grandfather this past year, but it was good to be with family. With Candice being in town she got to be with us too for the first time in five years. Also, D brought some of his home brew so having a beer at this family gathering was kind of a first and awesome. It was a good day.

Ok so I promised you two outfits and it is time to deliver. Let me quickly explain my Christmas outfit theory. Christmas Eve is the dress up day. Traditionally, we would have dinner with my extended family, go to church and then open gifts. My mom would put us in our fancy Christmas dresses. Christmas day was always more casual. We spent it at my grandparent's so it was typically something I got for a gift on Christmas Eve. I still follow this tradition. I had some idea about what I wanted to wear on Christmas Eve, but in a last minute stop at Target last Wednesday I happened upon this dress. Very retro, but I loved the lace and the forgiving silhouette. Remember the soups? Yes. This would be perfect. I am also literally wearing Target from head to toe here. The necklace and shoes are boots are regulars in my rotation and perfect for this. Christmas Day outfit was planned more ahead. I saw this sweatshirt when I was at Kittsona about a month ago and fell in love with. I later ordered it online and it was perfect and comfortable for Christmas Day relaxing. Paired with my burgundy boots and jeans I felt like I stepped out of a cute little winter magazine. 

Dress| Target
Shoes| Target
Necklace| Target

Sweatshirt| Kittsona
Jeans| Banana Republic
Shoes| JustFab
Necklaces| Macy's 1 & similar

How was your Christmas? What are you clothing traditions? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays

Just wanted to pop by the blog today to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year and I am excited to spend it with my family. Monday on the blog I will be sharing my Christmas looks so be sure to stop by. I did not want to write too much today and encourage everyone who celebrates to spend time with family. In the meantime enjoy a few Christmas pictures and have a great holiday!

Here is my post from last year. Interesting to see how the time has past.

My favorite Christmas Puppy

Holiday Market 2014

New Standards 

O Tannebaum 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Living Proof

I meant to post about this last week, but sometimes fantastic outfits and things come up and other ideas get bumped. Sorry, it happens. I have been wanting to do this post for a while but it took me some time to work through all these products to provide a quality review. Living proof has been making the rounds lately. If you read any beauty blog they have probably talked about it in the last few months. I first saw a post from Cara from Maskara (funnily enough looks like she posted about it again, so you can get her opinion too) and Kate from The Small Things Blog. I even got a sample of their dry shampoo in my most recent Birchbox. I get it the hint, Living Proof! I decided to give it a whirl.

Originally I ordered the dry shampoo and it came with three samples so I tried to find the best options for my hair needs. Seriously, they have so many products it is really hard to know where to start. I kind of covered my eyes and just picked three and confirm. I gave each one a fair shake, then decided to pick up their blowout spray. I have always wanted a good blowout so I figured, what the heck?  Also, excuse some of the photos. My camera decided it did not know what it was doing and I could not fix it. I am not a great photographer.  

Perfect Hair Day, Night Cap Overnight Perfection

This was one of the first products I tried. This is the over night protection. The directions stated to put on the ends of your hair overnight to wake up with healthier and more shiny hair. I used it a couple of times and unfortunately I did not notice much of a difference. After a few times I dumped it. This was a bit disappointing, but that's ok there are plenty of other products I know that make my hair shiny. Buy here

Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

This is the product I have seen getting the most attention. Dry shampoos are all the rage and we are always looking for the best option. I read the science behind this and Living Proof brags that their product works by actually cleaning hair, not just soaking up excess oils. Sounds great right? To my surprise I did like this. If you are a reader of my blog you know I have a serious sensitivity/pet peeve to products that leave residue.  This was far and improved on most dry shampoos I have tried. I actually really liked it and would encourage you to try it if you are looking for a good one. Minimal residue and definitely made my hair feel cleaner and not just covered by nice smelling product. I will say my absolute favorite remains Klorane. Absolutely no residue with that product, but this is a close second. Also easier to buy as you can get it at Ulta or Sephora. Buy here

 Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

This is another one of the "big push" products I have been seeing. This product boasts combining styling products of smoothening, volume, conditioning, strength, and polish. I was really excited for this one. Who would not prefer to buy one product versus five? I am sorry to say this was a huge disappointment for me. I used it a few times and my hair felt very weighed down and had that feeling that product was in my hair. I like to think of hair product like good foundation: the best ones you cannot even tell  you are wearing. This is was the biggest disappointment for me, it was just a bit too much. Buy here

Prime Style Extender Cream

This product, this is a real winner. I had yet to be blown way by these products so by the time I got around to this I was unsure. I try really hard to not wash  my hair every so I am always trying my best to get my hair to look as good on day 2 as day 1. I saw a noticeable difference in volume and life in my hair on day 2, without residue. (P.S. if you are playing the 'each time she says residue drinking game' I suggest you stop at this point). The other great part is you do not need much of this product for it to be successful. Seriously, less than dime size. I have started using this every time I wash my hair and will be buying the full version when I run out of this one. Buy here

Blowout Spray

Do you enjoy how the other products have crazy long names and this one is just "blowout"? Am I the only one who thinks that's funny? Anyway, I have been dying to do a blowout. I want my hair to look effortless windblown while putting in a lot of effort to look that way. In the meantime I thought I would give one of the products a try for a little DIY. I just bought this the other day and tried it for the first time. It was not a success, but I think it was user error. I ran out of time to use this product appropriately and my round brush is falling apart. I could tell that if I could get the technique right, this would really work. The spray had good consistency and did not weigh my hair down, even on second day hair. I am going to  make this work. When I do I will post a picture. Buy here

What do you think? Have you tried any of the living proof products?  I would love to know what you think.

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Monday Round Up: Christmas Carols + Celebrations

Happy Monday! It is officially Christmas week and although that still means a bit of work it is definitely going to be easier this week. Finally a bit of time to catch up on some paperwork. Also get a few much needed days off to relax and spend time with my family and friends. I am really excited for the next couple of weeks with some time off and fun filled events. The blog may be a bit jumbled so bear with me.

Now onto my weekend. On Friday I promised you a supersized post today and I plan to deliver. I had a crazy busy weekend and am so ready to share it with you all. On Friday D and I went to see A Christmas Carol put on the Guthrie Theater. If you are not familiar the Guthrie is a local theater legend. It has been around for years and years and is nationally recognized for their productions. About 10 years ago they built a new beautiful building over looking the river and surrounding bridges. It is architecturally stunning and a fantastic place to see a show. D has not only never been there but never seen their annual production of this classic Christmas story. When I was young we used to almost every year with my family and I have been wanting to go back for years. This year I finally convinced him to come with me. We tried to hit up dinner before, but with working all day and a show at 7:30 we ran out of time. So we sat at the bar in the Guthrie and ordered an appetizer and some drinks. This actually was not the worst thing. I got to show D around a bit and we got to soak up what the Guthrie has to offer.  I got all dressed up pulling out some old favorites to be a fancy theater goer. (Details at the end of the post)

View from the Guthrie overlook

Looking down the hallway 

The show was phenomenal, as expected. Afterward we went to get some food as we were starving. Had a few drinks and headed home for some shut eye. As I get older staying out late on a Friday gets harder and I need my beauty rest :)

On Saturday we celebrated my niece's first birthday. She is the cutest thing ever and frankly well behaved for a one year old on her birthday. She sat pretty silently while presents were opened and it was not until cake time that she went to town. At first she was kind of unsure, but once she realized her hand could cut through the cake it was off to the races. She loved it. She consumed all of it and left a big mess on her face. After this picture was taken she promptly ran her cake finger through her hair. Twice. She needed a bath. 

Isn't she adorable?

After the party we thought about trying to meet some friends but we were pretty tired. Again, I am old. Instead we went home and wrapped all of our Christmas gifts and put them under the tree. Just made it feel all the more Christmas-like around the house. I love my tree so much so any excuse to show it off ;)

Sunday we went to the Vikings vs. Bears game. I got some discount tickets through work so we went with a big group of people. I was hesitant at first buying tickets for a December game but as luck would have it, it was a nice day. Temperatures were in the high 30s and basically no wind or precipitation. We comfortable enjoyed the game and am happy to say we WON! SKOL VIKES! We sat most of the game with our two friends and had honestly one of the more fun days I have had lately. It was a nice day, I was with friends and we won! What more could we ask for?

Oh and the sign in the below picture made me laugh. We have a player by the name of Kyle Rudolph so the sign reads "Rudolph guides our plays tonight." Get it? Like "Rudolph guides our sleigh tonight"? I laughed anyway.

That's it. After the game we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and honestly had some terrible service but we were starving. Overall it was a really busy but fun weekend. Next weekend is going to be easily as jam packed so get ready for another big  Monday Round Up, maybe with a little cameo from fellow blogger.  :)

So fashion. That is what brings you here right? On Friday when thinking about what to wear to the theater I ran my closet through my head. I am trying really hard not to buy new clothes this month and I know I have enough stuff to play a little mix and match. This shirt I bought years ago and love, although rarely have an occasion to wear it. It is a bit shear and has a bejeweled collar so putting a drab cardigan over it just will not do. I love the tuxedo front of this and then I remembered my high waisted skit from New Year's last year. I put that on and it was basically a done deal. I have my standard black, snakeskin pumps that fit perfectly. Given that the skirt was all sequined and the collar jeweled, I felt limited jewelry was appropriate. I pulled out my Cluse black watch and a small bracelet and a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, I found the perfect look. (Also, if you get that joke you may be a theater nerd. Welcome).

Shirt| The Limited (similar / similar)
Skirt| Express (similar/ similar)
Shoes| Calvin Klein (similar/ similar)
Watch| Cluse

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November Birchbox Review + #H54F Link Ups

Welcome to another Friday! Last Friday before Christmas! I cannot believe it is almost Christmas. This month completely flew by. It does not help that we still do not have any snow, which I never thought I would say is so disappointing. It just does not feel like the holidays around here. Not to mention overall the weather has just been  plain gloomy. If it is not going to snow there could at least be sun, am I right? 

This week was really busy. It was the last full week of work before the winter break so that means trying to squeeze in as much work as possible. Basically every day I have brought home work so I have not felt like I got a break. I am taking a few days over the holidays and am so ready. Anyone else feeling like the break cannot come soon enough? I am going to kick it off with a bunch of fun activities over this week so be prepared for a super sized Monday Round Up :)

I am still trying to catch up on my reviews starting with this and another one next week. I have to say overall this was one of the better boxes in a while. Each month I am on the fence about whether to keep the subscription and just when I might pull the trigger I get some decent stuff.  Let's review.

I have to be honest I did not use this. I smelled it and it did not smell calming to me. It has a more clinical smell than a smooth calming one. Sometimes I do not mind a more clinical smell, like the products they use at the salon. This smells more like medical fluid and I was not a fan. Plus, $18 for shower gel? No thank you.
      Buy here.

I used this one time and did not see the benefit. The goal was to revitalize skin, which I desperately need. In the winter my skin gets so dry I am basically slathering on moisturizer at every interval. My skin also because more discolor exhibiting more dark spots that normal. Attractive right? So I was mostly hopeful, but the consistency is a bit sticky like glue I was not interested in testing this out too much more.
     Buy here

This I was equal parts excited and upset. I had just purchased a few Living Proof products after seeing multiple bloggers talk about how high quality these products are. It should not come as a surprise that this showed up in my box. Seems like Living Proof is making a big push. I do not want to talk about it too much here as I plan to do a more thorough post at a later date. What I will say is this is the best dry shampoo I have tried ext to Klorane, which is still my hands down favorite. This still has some residue but not nearly as much as most. I can get by on two days without washing with a good dry shampoo like this. 
      Buy here

  This I love. It says super skin and that ain't no lie. I used this on the driest parts of my skin and it was almost instantly smooth and moisturized. Remember when I said my skin is crazy dry this time of year? Yea, this is my savior. It made my skin so smooth I could not stop touching it. Downside is the sticker price. Not sure I can justify it, however ask me again come February I may change my mind.  
Buy here

Here is another winner in this box. I was pretty unsure at first as I have yet to have any luck. They tend to go on uneven and get stuck in the crease of my eyelid. But not this. I did use an eyelid primer but I get that sense I would not even have to. This goes on like you are laying on very thin foil. It is kind of strange at first, but the color is incredibly vibrant and stays on all day. I love this and really, really want it. I saw the LOC brand when I was at Ulta a few days ago. I have about a thousand eyeshadows right now but this will be a purchase in my future.    
 buy here.

So what do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts on the items this month, leave me a comment below.

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