Anyone else not want to go to work this Monday? Some Mondays are just harder than others am I right? I mean I love my job, but during Christmas time I just want to be cuddled up at home watching White Christmas. This weekend was full of holiday cheer and now I'm way excited for the season that is in full swing. Let me give you the highlights.

Saturday (we're going to skip Friday because nothing happened) I did two fun things. First, I got my hair done, which was desperately needed. My roots were majorly showing and it was embarrassing. Honestly, I had to edit my photos around it last week, eesh! I just love getting my hair done. It's such a pampering 2 hours of just self-care. Not to mention my aunt is my hairdresser so it's good excuse to see her every few weeks and catch up. We tried to do something a little bit different, but it didn't work out. We were a bit conservative so the change didn't show through. Next time though, it's gonna work and I am so excited!

That night I went to The New Standards holiday show. They are a local band made up three guys from former rock and punk bands from the 80s. I have seen them a handful of times and they are amazing! They do covers of rock songs and make them jazzy. They are funny, smart and extremely  talented. For nine years they have done this holiday show and it's the second year I have attended. They do a big show at our local State Theater and bring other guests in to sing a variety of Christmas and regular tunes. They have dancers, poems and sometimes video. It was again a complete blast. This year they had four members from the Minnesota Orchestra play with them when two local singers belted out "I got you babe." It was amazing. Here are a few snaps from the evening.

Sunday we left the warmth of our home as the Vikings were losing terrible against the Seahawks, to get some serious Christmas shopping done. We headed to Southdale Mall because I had a gift card to use at Macy's for my anniversary gift and the Rosedale Mall's Macy's left a lot to be desired. Turns out they are having a killer sale. All the jewelry and a few other departments were at least 25% off if not more. I got four pieces of nice jewelry because of such an amazing discount. Take a look!

I am also proud to say we got 90% of our shopping done. I have never had a more successful shopping day. We headed home and relaxed the rest of the day which was awesomesauce. 

Now onto the fun stuff. :) On Saturday I wanted to get dressed up for the show. Not enough people dress up anymore for seeing shows. I read an article the other week about how our culture's dress has become increasingly casual and I want to combat that. I basically picked up this whole outfit from Primp. I freakin' love that store. The faux leather side panel adds a bit of drama to what otherwise would be a boring short sleeved dress. I really wanted a cape blazer and when I saw this it fit like a dream!! So fantastic, I can't wait to wear it every where this season. The other items I already had in my closet, this necklace from Target I wore on Thanksgiving and these boots I have had for years. I felt very sleek and fancy,  not to mention it was pretty comfortable to sit in those small seats in a dress with a little give to it. What do you think?

Dress| Primp (similar/similar)
Shoes| Macy's (similar/similar)
Cape| Primp (similar/similar )
Necklace| Target

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