Welcome to another Friday! Last Friday before Christmas! I cannot believe it is almost Christmas. This month completely flew by. It does not help that we still do not have any snow, which I never thought I would say is so disappointing. It just does not feel like the holidays around here. Not to mention overall the weather has just been  plain gloomy. If it is not going to snow there could at least be sun, am I right? 

This week was really busy. It was the last full week of work before the winter break so that means trying to squeeze in as much work as possible. Basically every day I have brought home work so I have not felt like I got a break. I am taking a few days over the holidays and am so ready. Anyone else feeling like the break cannot come soon enough? I am going to kick it off with a bunch of fun activities over this week so be prepared for a super sized Monday Round Up :)

I am still trying to catch up on my reviews starting with this and another one next week. I have to say overall this was one of the better boxes in a while. Each month I am on the fence about whether to keep the subscription and just when I might pull the trigger I get some decent stuff.  Let's review.

I have to be honest I did not use this. I smelled it and it did not smell calming to me. It has a more clinical smell than a smooth calming one. Sometimes I do not mind a more clinical smell, like the products they use at the salon. This smells more like medical fluid and I was not a fan. Plus, $18 for shower gel? No thank you.
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I used this one time and did not see the benefit. The goal was to revitalize skin, which I desperately need. In the winter my skin gets so dry I am basically slathering on moisturizer at every interval. My skin also because more discolor exhibiting more dark spots that normal. Attractive right? So I was mostly hopeful, but the consistency is a bit sticky like glue I was not interested in testing this out too much more.
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This I was equal parts excited and upset. I had just purchased a few Living Proof products after seeing multiple bloggers talk about how high quality these products are. It should not come as a surprise that this showed up in my box. Seems like Living Proof is making a big push. I do not want to talk about it too much here as I plan to do a more thorough post at a later date. What I will say is this is the best dry shampoo I have tried ext to Klorane, which is still my hands down favorite. This still has some residue but not nearly as much as most. I can get by on two days without washing with a good dry shampoo like this. 
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  This I love. It says super skin and that ain't no lie. I used this on the driest parts of my skin and it was almost instantly smooth and moisturized. Remember when I said my skin is crazy dry this time of year? Yea, this is my savior. It made my skin so smooth I could not stop touching it. Downside is the sticker price. Not sure I can justify it, however ask me again come February I may change my mind.  
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Here is another winner in this box. I was pretty unsure at first as I have yet to have any luck. They tend to go on uneven and get stuck in the crease of my eyelid. But not this. I did use an eyelid primer but I get that sense I would not even have to. This goes on like you are laying on very thin foil. It is kind of strange at first, but the color is incredibly vibrant and stays on all day. I love this and really, really want it. I saw the LOC brand when I was at Ulta a few days ago. I have about a thousand eyeshadows right now but this will be a purchase in my future.    
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So what do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts on the items this month, leave me a comment below.

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