Happy Monday! It is officially Christmas week and although that still means a bit of work it is definitely going to be easier this week. Finally a bit of time to catch up on some paperwork. Also get a few much needed days off to relax and spend time with my family and friends. I am really excited for the next couple of weeks with some time off and fun filled events. The blog may be a bit jumbled so bear with me.

Now onto my weekend. On Friday I promised you a supersized post today and I plan to deliver. I had a crazy busy weekend and am so ready to share it with you all. On Friday D and I went to see A Christmas Carol put on the Guthrie Theater. If you are not familiar the Guthrie is a local theater legend. It has been around for years and years and is nationally recognized for their productions. About 10 years ago they built a new beautiful building over looking the river and surrounding bridges. It is architecturally stunning and a fantastic place to see a show. D has not only never been there but never seen their annual production of this classic Christmas story. When I was young we used to almost every year with my family and I have been wanting to go back for years. This year I finally convinced him to come with me. We tried to hit up dinner before, but with working all day and a show at 7:30 we ran out of time. So we sat at the bar in the Guthrie and ordered an appetizer and some drinks. This actually was not the worst thing. I got to show D around a bit and we got to soak up what the Guthrie has to offer.  I got all dressed up pulling out some old favorites to be a fancy theater goer. (Details at the end of the post)

View from the Guthrie overlook

Looking down the hallway 

The show was phenomenal, as expected. Afterward we went to get some food as we were starving. Had a few drinks and headed home for some shut eye. As I get older staying out late on a Friday gets harder and I need my beauty rest :)

On Saturday we celebrated my niece's first birthday. She is the cutest thing ever and frankly well behaved for a one year old on her birthday. She sat pretty silently while presents were opened and it was not until cake time that she went to town. At first she was kind of unsure, but once she realized her hand could cut through the cake it was off to the races. She loved it. She consumed all of it and left a big mess on her face. After this picture was taken she promptly ran her cake finger through her hair. Twice. She needed a bath. 

Isn't she adorable?

After the party we thought about trying to meet some friends but we were pretty tired. Again, I am old. Instead we went home and wrapped all of our Christmas gifts and put them under the tree. Just made it feel all the more Christmas-like around the house. I love my tree so much so any excuse to show it off ;)

Sunday we went to the Vikings vs. Bears game. I got some discount tickets through work so we went with a big group of people. I was hesitant at first buying tickets for a December game but as luck would have it, it was a nice day. Temperatures were in the high 30s and basically no wind or precipitation. We comfortable enjoyed the game and am happy to say we WON! SKOL VIKES! We sat most of the game with our two friends and had honestly one of the more fun days I have had lately. It was a nice day, I was with friends and we won! What more could we ask for?

Oh and the sign in the below picture made me laugh. We have a player by the name of Kyle Rudolph so the sign reads "Rudolph guides our plays tonight." Get it? Like "Rudolph guides our sleigh tonight"? I laughed anyway.

That's it. After the game we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and honestly had some terrible service but we were starving. Overall it was a really busy but fun weekend. Next weekend is going to be easily as jam packed so get ready for another big  Monday Round Up, maybe with a little cameo from fellow blogger.  :)

So fashion. That is what brings you here right? On Friday when thinking about what to wear to the theater I ran my closet through my head. I am trying really hard not to buy new clothes this month and I know I have enough stuff to play a little mix and match. This shirt I bought years ago and love, although rarely have an occasion to wear it. It is a bit shear and has a bejeweled collar so putting a drab cardigan over it just will not do. I love the tuxedo front of this and then I remembered my high waisted skit from New Year's last year. I put that on and it was basically a done deal. I have my standard black, snakeskin pumps that fit perfectly. Given that the skirt was all sequined and the collar jeweled, I felt limited jewelry was appropriate. I pulled out my Cluse black watch and a small bracelet and a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, I found the perfect look. (Also, if you get that joke you may be a theater nerd. Welcome).

Shirt| The Limited (similar / similar)
Skirt| Express (similar/ similar)
Shoes| Calvin Klein (similar/ similar)
Watch| Cluse

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