Happy last Monday of 2015! I feel like I keep saying "I can't believe that _____ is happening" but it is true. It is crazy to me that this last year is almost coming to a close. But more on that later. We still have a few blissful days of 2015 left.

This holiday was a whirlwind. Since marrying D we decided to split the holidays. Which technically works, but that involves a lot of moving pieces. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day both start with his family and then move to my family at night. Saturday is a break but then Sunday we celebrate with my extended family. I have a two looks for you today and a few snapshots of my weekend so here goes:

On Christmas Even we were up at D's parent's house. Christmas Eve day is basically an open invitation to any family. We go every year to see some of his extended family and my  mother-in-law makes some of her famous soups and treats. I look forward to this every year, my pants do not. This year I wore a dress so sucks to be you waist line! ;) It is a fun day to see some people we do not normally see, eat some great food and play games.  Plus, I cannot stress enough those soups. Delicious! At night we head over to my parents to open gifts. A few of my dad's side of the family are there for the gift exchange. There is some food, but we get together later so it is more appetizers and wine style food. This is fine because, well wine and the aforementioned soups. This year was particularly fun because my one year old niece was actually interested in opening her gifts. We bought her a little sled  and it was so cute. She clearly loved it as evidenced by getting in and out of the sled repeatedly for an hour. It was so cute!

Cute, right?!
On Christmas Day we head up early to D's parent's for breakfast and gifts. It is another food coma fest consisting of german pancakes, caramel rolls and egg bake. After basically eating myself into oblivion it is gift time. Our nieces and nephews get so pumped it's pretty cute. The older ones are trying to be patient, but sometimes the excitement gets the best of them. Gift opening is a flurry of paper, cardboard, tape and screams of joy. It's a little hectic but fun nonetheless. I tried to snap a few pictures. After spending a few hours there we head back to my parent's for dinner and hanging out. My mom has started to make stir fry and egg rolls. Her egg rolls are a force to be reckoned with. Although I was still pretty stuffed, I made room ;) My great aunt was there, she could not be there the day before, so it was fun to spend time and exchange gifts with her. It is  mostly nice to just relax  after running all over town for 48 hours. 



D and our niece

Saturday my cousin and She's Leaning In blogger, Candice, was in town. We have not truly hung out for a while. Last time she was in town it was brief for a family wedding. This time we had been planning for a while an were set to go shopping. Unfortunately the night of Christmas we got a bunch of snow. She has not driven in snow in sometime so was a bit nervous. Thankfully with a bit of encouragement she drove down. Also, thankfully, the weather report did not come true and no more snow was had. The fashion gods smiled on us. I took her to some of my favorite places and she got me some new make up. It was a great day and fun to just hang out with her again. That night D and I went to grab dinner, as we were too tired to cook, and headed home to cuddle with the pups. No lie, I passed out on the couch at 10:00. I woke up at 11:30 with my dog, Riggs, cuddled up and his nose to my nose. It was adorable. We then went to bed.

Me and Candice

At The Claddaugh Pub in Maple Grove

  On Sunday we celebrated with my mom's extended family. There are a lot of us so we have been doing Christmas on a different day for a while for ease. Although we are all over the place most of us make it to the party. D makes his famous bourbon ham and we sit around and talk. This year was a bit harder as we lost our grandfather this past year, but it was good to be with family. With Candice being in town she got to be with us too for the first time in five years. Also, D brought some of his home brew so having a beer at this family gathering was kind of a first and awesome. It was a good day.

Ok so I promised you two outfits and it is time to deliver. Let me quickly explain my Christmas outfit theory. Christmas Eve is the dress up day. Traditionally, we would have dinner with my extended family, go to church and then open gifts. My mom would put us in our fancy Christmas dresses. Christmas day was always more casual. We spent it at my grandparent's so it was typically something I got for a gift on Christmas Eve. I still follow this tradition. I had some idea about what I wanted to wear on Christmas Eve, but in a last minute stop at Target last Wednesday I happened upon this dress. Very retro, but I loved the lace and the forgiving silhouette. Remember the soups? Yes. This would be perfect. I am also literally wearing Target from head to toe here. The necklace and shoes are boots are regulars in my rotation and perfect for this. Christmas Day outfit was planned more ahead. I saw this sweatshirt when I was at Kittsona about a month ago and fell in love with. I later ordered it online and it was perfect and comfortable for Christmas Day relaxing. Paired with my burgundy boots and jeans I felt like I stepped out of a cute little winter magazine. 

Dress| Target
Shoes| Target
Necklace| Target

Sweatshirt| Kittsona
Jeans| Banana Republic
Shoes| JustFab
Necklaces| Macy's 1 & similar

How was your Christmas? What are you clothing traditions? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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