I am so excited for this post today. You have to know a few things about me. Kate Spade, hands down, makes my favorite handbags and accessories. This has always been true of me. I think it started when I bought a Kate Spade inspired bag when I was in middle school or high school. Since then I have been obsessed. When I got my first office job in college each month I changed my desktop to a different picture of a Kate Spade purse or shoe. When the IT people looked at my computer to fix software I typically got compliments. I have always wanted a Kate Spade bag and a week ago this dream was realized.

So there I was the weekend after Thanksgiving looking for gifts. I was scanning my email for Cyber Monday deals and other deals of the sort. I came across an email from Kate Spade with purses up to 75% off! I was looking originally for a gift, I really was this wasn't like a "my friend wants to know...." situation. I did not find anything but I did find something for me. I debated heavily for about a day or so. I got some feedback from friends who basically told me it was the greatest deal and just do it. So I did :) I won't talk about how much it was, but it was about 65% off. I could not pass it up. It took what felt like forever to get here, partly because it did. Cyber Monday sales were so high that it was a bit delayed in shipping. When I received it I squealed with glee and now I carry it everywhere. I feel blessed in life that I am in a position to have purchased this beautiful bag. #dreamrealized

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