Stitch Fix: Springtime

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Happy Wednesday! I was going to post this Fix a while ago but then the weather got cold and the world closed shop and I thought it wouldn't be fun. But now the weather warming up and although there is still a lot of uncertainty I think some hopefulness over what we can control is helpful right now. 

I know that may be heavy for Stitch Fix post but thought it needed to be addressed. So here we go a fun, spring/summer inspired unboxing

How To Stay Sane: A Loose Guide

photo cred: Katzie & Ben Photography

As we approach the end of week two of quarantine, in Minnesota at least, we have had a fair amount of time to try and find a new "normal." When we started I was seeing a lot of other influencers talk about their stay at home strategies, which was definitely helpful at the start. Some are still beneficial, but others need some adjustment for the times we're in. Initially I was was managing, but I have to be honest that it's getting harder. The prospect of at least another few weeks is starting to sink in and we have to hold on a little longer.