Happy Labor Day! I am sure like most of you I  am out celebrating the day. Today I am up north with my husband's family at their cabin. As much as I am not an outdoors kind of gal, I enjoy this time with my in-laws and husband. For the first time we brought our precious Eva pup up with us. I am writing this early but will update you all when I get back. I hope you all are having a great, well deserved day off!

Onto the business of the day. No matter how long I have been out of school, Fall always feels like it starts when school does. Tomorrow marks the first day of school for many students and it has me with sweaters, boots and fur on the brain. That being said I thought I would share some of my favorite Fall trends. For an extra fun, I am teaming up with my cousin, She's Leaning In, for a companion piece to this post about favorite Fall make up trends. She's pretty fantastic so be sure to check out her post for a well-rounded look.


It's not secret I love black. It's seriously my favorite color. It's goes with everything, it's flattering and always chic. What's not to love? I have been embracing the head to toe black look for years so I am glad that the designers have caught up with me ;) Check out a few of my favorite affordable pieces here/here/here


Seeing boots as a fashion trend for Fall is basically a big "duh." Not shocking that one would want boots for the cooler seasons. However, each year the style of boot changes slightly. I am seeing a lot of ankle boots with chunky heels. It brings me back to my late 90s/millienial stages of life and I don't hate it. Check out a few of my favorite affordable pieces here/here/here


Now I don't support using real fur, obviously, but I do love the look of faux fur as an accent piece. It adds a bit of luxury to any look and is soft to boot. What's not to love? I prefer it on the color of a coat or vests. I saw a lot of trends with fur on cuffs and boots, but that's not my fav. Give me a furlined collar any day of the week here/here and here


No I am not talking bondage. I am talk grey. Next to black, grey is probably my second favorite color. It is a little less stark than a full on black look, but still just as a chic and translate well from day to night. I love that grey can be paired with brown or black and is a very versatile color. Grey is showing up all over the place and I am loving it. Here/here and here.


Loafers are a favorite because I always enjoy when you can make something that should be masculine, feminine. Loafers have been creeping up more and more each year for women. I had a loafer-lite pair a few years ago but I think this is the year I truly commit. Check out a few options here/here and here.


Long coats appear to be all the rage this year and the longer the better. Everywhere I looked it was long coat city. I love a long coat for it's elegance and warmth. As a life long Minnesotan, I appreciate when fashion and function meet. This is the epitome of this. Bring it winter! Here, here and here


This is kind of another "duh" trend but I don't even care. Plaid says to me "hey, I'm warm and comfy. Let's be friends." To which I say "yes, please." Gets me every time here, here and here.


You, you will wear short skirts this Fall. I love that the leggy skirts are getting paired with big sweaters, coats and blazers. They are a great balance to show off the great gams if you got 'em! I could see myself rocking a short skirt in the fall with high boots and a turtleneck sweater here, here and here.


Gotta look for an accessory. Seems no matter what type of jewelry you wear for Fall, the recommendation is to wear a lot of it. I love a statement piece so you do not have to tell me twice. With so many  places to get inexpensive jewelry this is a fashion girl's dream! Here, here and here.

Do not forget to check out the companion about Fall make up looks here! Candice does a great job about staying on top of trends so check her out!

Do you have any favorite Fall trends? Leave me a comment below and tell me about it.