I promised you a round two didn't I? Welcome to the second and final installment of why Banana Republic is amazing. This week I am showcasing the dark reds and army green variety of Fall. By now we are halfway through September and into the swing of things. It may not be time to break out the chunky knits, but definitely time to put away the tanks and shorts. You may begin to feel more comfortable ditching your pastels and summer whites for the dark reds, blues and greens. If so, this post is for you. If not, read on anyway because when you are ready you are going to want these items. I introduce to you: your Fall wardrobe.
BR #1

BR #1 by mcainmoss featuring Banana Republic

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You're welcome Friday! ;) Did I bring it? I think I brought it. When originally preparing for this BR post last week I definitely favored towards these colors. It should come as no surprise I prefer  the richer colors from Fall. I love the leather detail on both the slip-on and the dress. Nothing provides edge to an item quite like leather. You need need a bit of it too, which is awesome because leather has a tendency to get both cold an warm fast. So I don't want it all over me during cold temps, but I want enough to look like a rocker. :) I am also obsessed with this burgundy/wine color. It has a luxurious quality to it and who doesn't want to be luxurious? Right?! Lastly the army pattern. This is hardly revolutionary, but always stylish. Of the three pictured I would probably veer towards the scarf as I could see it being more versatile. Plus I am also on the hunt for a big chunky scarf. What do you think of this set versus last week's post? What, if anything would you buy? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

P.S. I leave for Fiji this week so I am preparing some posts while I am gone but there will be less. I am hoping to post a few pictures and videos on my instagram and snapchat pages so be sure to follow me! Instagram: mymonochromaticlife  Snapchat:mcainmoss

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