Happy Monday from Fiji! Hope you had a great weekend and I can't wait to share about my trip. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to get a few updates while I am there! I also want to quickly apologize for the poor quality of pictures in this post. I am still waiting to get my nice camera fixed so these are from my husband's phone. We did the best we could, you get the idea. 

Because I prepped this blog ahead of time there is no vacation content here and it will be a short post today. But I did buy this shirt from J. Crew Factory with a bunch of other stuff for my trip so there is kind of a tie-in, right? No? Ok, well sorry.  I do seriously love this look so I hope you do too. I saw this shirt when I search for items for my trip and I did a major haul over Labor Day when everything was 50% off. I was very glad to get this. It's super flattering in both the color and the cut. I like the little cap sleeve and how long it is. I always struggle to get shirts that are long enough and this one was a winner. I kind of mindlessly picked the grey because, as you know, I love grey. but when it arrived it is such a unique blueish/grey color it really makes my hair color standout but also does not wash me out, which grey can tend to do. I paired it with one of my fav necklaces from Primp and the best jeans I have ever purchased from Banana Republic. This is a great look for Fall and I can see myself throwing on a big sweater or jacket when the weather turns a bit chillier. 

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Necklace| Primp
Watch| Cluse
Bracelet| Marlyn Schiff (similar )