Happy Friday Ladies and Gents (if there are gents reading this please let me know). I am still in lovely Fiji and am hopeful to share all about it when I get back. I am doing a quick review of my second Stitch Fix. I have to say I was really excited. The last fix went really well and I specifically asked for items for Fiji. So let's get started and see!


When I saw there was a maxi skirt in the mix I got excited. I got less excited when I saw it was tie dye and dark green. I'm not opposed to dark green but for a staple item it does not work for me. Mixed with the tie dye print this is just not my style. My initial response to this skirt was "yuck." But the more I think about it, the more I think it's not bad just my style. Back it goes.


I have no words for this. I really don't love ponchos. If I wanted something of an amorphous shape I would buy a mu mu. I thought at first I would give it a try, maybe it would be comfortable. But no. I am not in love. It's not my jam. I would have probably preferred more of a sweatshirt material or a thinner sweater material. But at the end of the day I prefer an hourglass shape, not a Spongebob Square pants shape. Back in the box. 


This shirt took me a little bit to decide. The first time I saw it I thought "no way" then I thought "well maybe" then I thought "this could work" then I thought "na uh. Back in the box." The way the ribbon lays on the front of the hits in a strange spot and creates a weird shape. I also went back and forth about the pattern, but eventually settled on not liking. The only saving grace was it has a bit of a hi-lo cut which is flattering. Not enough though.


Look at this thing? What?! There is literally nothing I like about this. No judgement if you do, but I have never liked a peasant style blouse. It's not my scene and I don't think it's flattering. So that's strike 1. Then there is this ridiculous patter, strike 2. Then it was too short, strike 3 you're outta there!


This was the only saving grace of this box. If I saw this in a store I wouldn't be obsessed with it, but I also did not want to be out $20. So this is the keeper of the bunch. I have worn it a lot and I do really like it. I was in need of more bracelets. I don't often think to look for them but when I do wear one I feel that my look is more complete. 

Although this fix did not go well, given that the first was successful  I am willing to try again. If you are interested be sure to list me as your referral using this link

This is my last post before I come back from Fiji and I can't wait to share about it with you all! Be sure to check back next week for details about my trip. I am sure it will take a few posts.

Always, linking up with these lovelies!

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