I'm back baby! Happy Monday, although I am happy to be back I am not happy to be back from vacation. Fiji was amazing and beautiful and relaxing. We had fantastic hosts and saw just about everything you would want to see when on the other side of the world in paradise. We went there for 10 total days wherein which we essentially lost Thursday, September 24th but got to live Saturday, October 3rd twice. I'll take two Saturdays over one Thursday any time!

After spending so much time away it's a bit weird to be home and find a way to synthesize everything we did. Partly because of the jetlag and partly because we do so much so organically it's hard to find a way to describe it in a quick blog post. With that being said, I plan to space it out. I will sprinkle in the details of my trip between outfits as a way to guide post the trip. Sound good? I think so. Thanks, self, for concurring. Also please forgive the quality of the outfit pictures as I took most of them using my phone and my fancypants camera is still broken. Ready Freddy? Let's Go!

 We flew out on Wednesday the 23rd after work. I was looking at two flights a grand total of 14.5 hours of flying time not including the layover times. I knew I would want something comfortable and relatively warm because they always keep it cold on planes and was not sure how easily accessible my carry on would be. I turned to the great J.Crew Factory in the Labor Day sale and my friendly neighborhood Target to outfit for this journey. I figured although I wanted to be comfortable did not mean I had to not be in style. I already had a pair of leggings but not ones I would feel comfortable traipsing around in all over the world. I loved these leggings immediately because of the cut of the navy. If I am being honest, not in love with the shape of my hips these days and figured this cut would ultimately would be flattering. Plus I loved the color of this purple! I added the workout top in navy to match the leggings and thought it would be breathable as workout tops tend to be designed to be. If you did not see the back you initially would not assume it was a workout top, which I also loved. I grabbed the cardigan as a last item because I wanted something long enough to cover my derriere. Although these leggings are thicker than your standard yoga leggings, I still was not feeling comfortable with my lady lumps out for everyone to see. I debated, with myself, about what shoes to wear. Ultimately I decided sneakers would be my best option in case I had to run through airports. (Turns out this was a good thought, more on that later) I scooped up these shoes from Target on major clearance, $8!!! Paired it with my biggest and more reasonable purse and my new Cluse watch and ready for vacation!

Leggings| J. Crew Factory
Cardigan| Target
Shoes| Target
Purse| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Sunglasses| Target
Watch| Cluse 

We boarded our first flight to LAX, which was delayed by 20 minutes and got to the counter at Fiji Airways with 7 minutes to spare. This is only because we Home Alone style ran from one terminal to the next to catch the plane. See, we had to book the flights separately so we basically booked one round trip ticket from MSP->LAX and one from LAX->Nadi. See how the sneakers were a good idea? Yes. Sometimes I am smart. Then we settled in for the 10.5 hours of flight time to Nadi. Unfortunately we were not seated next to each, which was awful, but the flight was not so bad. Watched a couple of movies, slept a little bit and we were there. We landed in Nadi, not our final destination, and hung out and waited for our hopper plane to Suva. We took a quick 30 minute flight to land in Suva, where our friend picked us up and headed back to their place.
Fancy Delta plane

First glimpse of Fiji

Airport Cafe

Much needed espresso

Final plane
As you can see in the last picture it is cloudy. The distance from Nadi (pronounced Naan-dee) to Suva is about a 4 hour car ride going about 40-50 mph.  There are mountains splitting the mainland making Suva more rainy, but also more lush and Nadi more dry but also sunnier. The downside of our time in Suva is that it basically rained the whole time with short bursts of sunlight. However, we made the most of it. 

After our friend picked us up we took showers and decided to go out for lunch at the Holiday Inn. Now I know this sounds silly, but they had a beautiful patio overlooking the ocean and according to our friend the best pizza in Suva. After 20 hours of plane food I was in. Outfit change #1.

Pants| Target

View from the Holiday Inn
We ate a little lunch before jetlag set in and we headed home. We were all pretty exhausted and watched one movie before completely passing out. Good news is we got a lot of sleep that night and were ready to go for the remainder of the trip. Stay tuned Wednesday for details of our hike in the rain and jumping at the bottom or a waterfall!