Welcome to Friday and another installation of my Fiji trip. If you haven't read the first two posts be sure to go back and read them! I shared my travel style and a day of hiking and night of partying. I may be biased but it's pretty great. 

On Sunday morning we decided to head out to breakfast to one of their favorite spots Bulaccino. (If you read my previous posts you get why this is cutesy). It was probably one of the most modern looking places in Suva. (Disclaimer: I realize I did not visit every place in Suva). We ordered breakfast and a little coffee. This where I learned some other new information from our hosts. Just because the menu says it has certain ingredients does not mean it will occur on your plate. Apparently if they are out of an item they don't bother to tell you, but your burger will show up without  tomato. This definitely happened with my meal and I laughed. If I was in America I probably would have complained but different place different behavior. I originally ordered a macchiato which came in an espresso sized cup so I ordered a cappuccino which came in a regular sized cup. Another thing I learned: there is no such thing as a grande coffee in Fiji. All small coffee. Probably all that beautiful sunshine keeps them energized. For coffee I opted for some comfortable and casual, but then decided I needed some bling, which included this beautiful necklace. I have to say I loved these shorts from J. Crew Factory and could live in them. I will probably buy another pair in a different color next summer. Paired with my favorite sandals from JustFab.com this was one of my favorite looks from the trip.

Shorts| J.Crew Factory
Shoes| JustFab
Necklace| Stitch Fix (similar/similar)

After breakfast we attended to drive westward to see if we could catch some sun at a nearby resort. That's another thing at most resorts you can go in and use their pools or beaches, sometimes for free or sometimes for a small fee, which is awesome. America should get on board with this. Unfortunately, sun was not to be found this day. Instead we stopped by a couple of cute shops where I purchased my first item and waited about 20 minutes for another coffee. Fiji time is a real thing. The service moves incredibly, painfully slow. As a "how fast can I get this done?" American I had to fight the urge to yell frequently. Thankfully at the end of this was a delicious coffee so I maintained my cool. We also stopped for lunch at a beautiful resort The Pearl where allegedly Justin Timberlake is going to be staying very soon. The food was awesome and a local twosome was performing who our host knew because she was a singer too. P.S. one of the hosts was Allegra and she is amazing! Seriously I watched her put a mash up of three songs together in 15 minutes and record it. I have never seen anything like it. Check out her site here. Eventually we headed back home and made dinner then headed to bed.

Inside Bulaccino
The Pearl
Poolside at The Pearl
 Beautiful ocean at The Pearl

Cute shops

On Monday we woke up early to watch the Vikings game. Because Fiji is about 19 hours ahead a noon football game  in Minnesota is on at 5:00 AM in Fiji. Coincidentally, Allegra happens to be a Chargers fan and the Vikings were playing them that day. Isn't that weird? So it was kind of fun to watch the game together and he Vikes won. SKOL VIKES! After our win (haha), we thought it would be fun to try a couple of things in town. We started with the Fiji museum. It was far more interesting than I expected albeit small. For the day I thought to wear something breathable and light because it was crazy hot outside. I wore one of my fav tank dresses from Primp and added that bright scarf I received as a gift.

Dress| Primp Boutique (similar/similar)
Scarf| Gift

The museum talked all about the cannibalistic past of Fiji. Amongst the many things I learned was they do not try to hide this past, which I appreciate but it was strange to see how forthcoming they were with it. They had artifacts and described what purpose this served. They also had huge Bilis (boats) that they used to fish and transport on the ocean. So cool! They also displayed some of their local artisan work and history of missionaries. It was really interesting. Also the museum was on some beautiful grounds that were well manicured and with huge trees. Afterwards we headed into the downtown for the food and handicraft market. So imagine an enormous farmer's market that happens every day and that is their food market. Piles and piles of fruit and vegetables that farmers pack up ever ynight and re-display every morning. I was in shock. Everything looked delicious too. Then we went next door to the handicraft market where Allegra knew a guy who gave us local price on several items. We bought something for ourselves and some gifts for the famjam. We finished up the day with drinks at apps at the Grand Pacific Hotel. Allegra told us that this was once a beautiful and grand hotel and when Queen Elizabeth came this is where she stayed. She said when she got here three years ago it was completely run down until someone bought it and brought it back to glory. Seriously it was a gorgeous old hotel like something out of the Great Gatsby. We sat and sipped wine and ate food and pretended we were wealthy. It was like out of a dream.  I am pretty sure later that night we went to dinner at  local spot but it was a long day so we went to bed early. Keep posted because next week we go to Nadi and see some of the bluest water I have ever seen!

Bili boat

Jewelry. Some of these are whale teeth.

Dresses made out of Masi, which is beat down birch bark

Food market

Grand Pacific Hotel

Hope you enjoyed these photos!

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