About a month ago a company by the name of Salt City Optics reached out to me to do a post on fall sunglasses and hat fashions. Salt City Optics is an online retailer for eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and regular sunglasses for the whole family. They carry a lot of name brands including Ray Ban, Elizabeth and James, Derek Lam and Kate Spade to name a few. I was really excited at the chance to put together a few items. These kinds of posts are always fun for me because I get to kind of play dress up by putting together items I may not get away with in real life. Plus, I have a snazzy coupon code for you all the end so stay tuned!

Fall is my absolutely favorite season, of all time, ever, hands down. Was I clear enough? I love fall. Some of what is so great about fall is all the accessories that you to get add on with the cooler temps. I have always had a thing for hats, I don't know what it is I just love it.  So I scoured the interwebs to find some of my fav pieces for you all and to represent a few different types of ladies. Here goes :)


Sunnies + Hat 1

Hat| Topshop
Sunglasses| Salt City Optics
Scarf| Madewell

This look is inspired for all my girls out there who like femininity but aren't flowery who like bright colors. Sometimes I fit into this category. I love the simplicity of an beanie and aviators. You can really wear them anywhere, running errands, on your way to work, out with friends. It is an effortlessly casual look that is appropriate for most occasions. I have to say Topshop is killing it with hats this season. They have a great variety and you know because it's Topshop the quality is good. I am favoring the grey this season, honestly I favor it all the time, but it seems to be taking front and center as a color for Fall. Also obsessing over the black rimmed aviators and no one does those better than Ray Ban. For this look I paired it with a more neutral patterned scarf. I think the colors stay within the monochromatic wheelhouse but adds more spunk to this look.


Hats + Sunnies 2

                                Left                                                                                  Right
                               Hat| Nordstrom                                                               Hat| Nordstrom
                               Sunglasses| Bikini Luxe                                                 Sunglasses| Topshop
                               Scarf| J.Crew Factory                                                     Scarf| J.Crew Factory

If you don't know Dick Tracy google it and then come back. Ready? Ok. For me this is my more inspirational look. I couldn't decide which hat I preferred so I took them both. I also am dying over the brow bar sunglasses. It seems for now only designers like Dior are carrying this style, but hopeful that soon it will make its way to the masses into a place I can afford. I see this person as your higher end trend setter a celebrity or one of the more famous fashion bloggers. I love the wide brimmed fedora. It adds an element of class. It could dress up jeans or be well suited for work. I added the funkier sunglasses, both brow bar and cat eye, to keep the look from being too stiff. I love not only the silhouette of the cat eye but the dark green adds a unique spin. For the left look I liked the checked pattern with the grey and black matching the hat and glasses and the small pop of red to add to the mix. On the right this is a colorful look from top to bottom, or rather from top to neck. I loved the look of the colorful scarf and because most of the colors are dark and muted you can get away with salmon color. What's fun about both these looks is you can have the same element of class whether you prefer the monochromatic look or are more colorful. 


Hats + Sunnies 3

Hat| Topshop
Sunglasses| Topshop
Scarf| Madewell

This last look is for my "function over fashion" ladies. I have a few friends that although care about what they look like would never put on a wide brim fedora in their life. It's about comfort and practicality. This look adds a bit of both. I like the casual style of hat with a pom coupled with a more muted pattern on the scarf. These are the pieces I can see my casual girlfriends wearing. For a bit of fashion edge I added these great cross between a cat eye with the brow bar, because everyone needs a little edge. Every once in a while when shopping with a friend who is not that into fashion I push them into getting one piece that pushes the fashion boundaries. In this set the sunglasses are that piece. It's just enough to be different but not so different the average person could not pull this off. I also love this look for later in the Fall when the temps drop down near the 30s (brrrrr) and you need a bit more fabric for warmth.

There you go, some of my favorite sunnies and hat combos for Fall (was that cool to say? Probably no, I'm sorry). What do you think of each look? I have a picture in my head of each type of girl who could pull of these looks, which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment below and don't forget to head over to Salt City Optics and use the code FALLFASHION25 to get 25% off your purchase!

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