The Fiji saga continues......(wrapping up on Friday with what is probably my favorite thing we did so be patient).

On Wednesday we left rainy Suva to head West to Nadi. Our hosts had to be on a plane that day so we took a car and drove over. It took about 4 hours to drive and was basically all coast line. What was so interesting about it was we got to watch the terrain go from rainforests, green and lush with villages to the dry almost midwestern terrain of the West side of the island. 

Near Suva

Nearer to Nadi, looks like Minnesota, right?!

We got to our hotel the Wyndham  in the Port Denarau at Nadi. What was interesting was all the resorts were essentially in their own resort town. All the hotels were all lined up next to one another and end at a "port' which is a shopping center and restaurants. We arrived in the later afternoon so we grabbed dinner at the resort restaurant, took a dip in the pool and went to bed. The next day was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny and warm and everything you would expect Fiji to to be. Our hotel had steps down to the ocean and when the tide was out had some decent beach. We set up camp on some chairs that faced the water and spent most of the morning and early afternoon there. Since it was really the first several hours of sunlight we got I probably did not put on as much sunscreen as I should have. (Currently paying for that). For lunch we hopped on the Bula Bus, a bus that ran between all the resorts and the Port, to grab a good lunch. We ate at a small restaurant right on the water. It also reminded  me of being in New England. After lunch we swam for a bit longer before grabbing a few groceries and made dinner in our suite. 


View from our hotel room

At Port Denarau having lunch

My love.

In a beach resort maxi dresses are a must. This one is probably my favorite that I own. It's so flattering and comfortable I could live in it if I wanted to. The angled stripes on the top help narrow my waist and give me more of an hourglass shape than I possess. What's great about this too is you can easily dress it up or down, depending on the atmosphere and throw on a great pair of sandals to top it off. Seriously, if I lived in a warm climate I would wear this more than is socially appropriate. 

Maxi Dress| Target
Watch|  Marc Jacobs

Stay tuned on Friday for my final Fiji installment featuring probably one of the most beautiful places on Earth.