Today's post is short but oh so sweet. It's no secret I am obsessed with shoes. I currently have a crate that is spilling over with boots, sandals and sneakers as well as one of those hanging shoe cubbies AND a few of my nicer shoes are still in their boxes on my closet floor. I have definitely out grown my small little closet. (p.s. hoping to build a walk-in closet soon). So sometimes for us budget friendly gals, we head down to our friendly neighborhood Target to get some great shoes for a great deal. These boots were no different. Born from another of Target's great collaborations this line was designed by ALDO. They call this line at 'A+.' They have a few other great shoes for women and men (some were featured on my post here). When I initially saw these I knew at some point they would be mine, but I had recently bought a few other things and needed to wait. After I got back from Fiji I was having a really bad day (probably partly sadness that vacation was over and honestly my body was all screwed up from travel) so I did the worst/best thing you could do. I went shopping. My defenses were down and the boots were chanting "buy me, buy me." So I did. Lesson learned: don't go shopping when in a bad mood. Or do. Do whatever you want :)

Boots| Target