Have been to Target lately? Cause I have. Almost every single day this week. Partly because because I have been packing for my trip (leaving today, eek!) and partly because you can usually find me at my friendly neighborhood Target several days a week anyway. Lately, what I have noticed is that their shoe game is on point! Seriously. I basically wanted to buy up the whole place. Now that Fall is on our doorstep it's time for boot season, my favorite season. I am huge fan of ankle boots and loafers and Target is all over. I put together a collection of my favorites in a variety of styles for you to drool over.

Target Shoes

Target Shoes by mcainmoss featuring combat booties

Top row left / middle / right
Middle row left / middle / right
Bottom row left / right

I definitely wanted to put in  collection of ankle boots. Target has styles that range from classy and clean lines (top left and bottom left) to more edgy (top middle, right and middle center). My favorites in this category are probably the top row on the right and bottom row on the left. The bottom row is the new A+ by Aldo for Target. Aldo you guys! Love Aldo and love when another store or designer collabs with Target. They do such a fantastic job by making something stylish yet so affordable and they have done it again here. Bravo Target! I also LOVE LOVE the wedge bootie. I bought something similar from Target last year and it was a major player in my Fall/Winter shoe rotation. This is a little different with the detail around the laces and it is a bit taller than mine, but amazing just the same. It also comes in a red checkered pattern, but I prefer the black. The more wintery boot to it's right I would have a hard time pulling off myself but could see rockin' it with a moto jacket and some serious 'tude. Although the fact I used the word " 'tude " might disqualify me from wearing them now. Last by certainly not least the flats. The loafer is the one I posted on instagram a couple of weeks ago that I said I would make out with. And when I do own this I will. It's so stylish and I love the textured detail on the top. The fabric itself feels thick and sturdy so it should get you through at least November or until the first snow. The oxford is also part of the A+ Aldo line and I love how simple it is. A few small texture details and that's it. Clean lines win me over every time and this shoe has it in spades.

That's it for Target shoes. If you have not bought any of these gems get out to a store and do it. You won't regret it.

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