Another Friday, another High Five for Friday! This is my long belated August Birchbox review. I always mean to do these more timely but then this would not be my blog ;) A lot to talk about today so let's get started!!

This month's theme was "Soak it up" as in the sun.  There were a lot of items meant to take care of your skin and hair in these hot summer temps. It has been really hot this month in Minnesota so some of these definitely came in handy.

So my skin gets dry very easily and all the time. When I was younger it was only a problem during the winter, like most normal humans, but now as I creep closer and closer to 30 moisturizing is my best friend. I use a variety of moisturizers to both moisturize and for anti-aging properties. Unfortunately, this is not enough for me. For someone with not so dry skin this would probably work for you, just not for me. 

I used this finally this week. I have done a few microdermabrasion stuff before and was not although impressed.  I was prepared not to like this either. I was pleasantly surprised. It really made my skin feel smooth and gently get rid of some dead skin. It also did not make me feel like my skin was too dried out, which tends to happen to me. I loved this, the high price tag might keep me away but not for long.

I won't lie to you, I legit lost this sample. It made me so sad. I went to reach for it the other day and almost put moisturizer in my hair. #nobueno

I was really excited to try this as I have used their hair oil before and I liked it a lot. My aunt, who is a hairdresser, would stand more by Morrocan Oil but I digress. Initially I really liked this, it smells nice, goes on with little residue and makes the hair feel fresher. After I used it a couple of times I fell out of love with it a bit. It does not work well past one day and if my hair is more oily than average it basically does nothing. I have a drugstore brand that I use when I can't get my fav Klorane that both overall work better than this. If you have fine hair, this might work well for you as it won't weigh your hair down and will probably get to the root. 

I may be a lipstick/stain/gloss snob. The more samples I get of these the more I'm all "meh, it's no infallible collection." Legit you guys, I'm obsessed with the L'oreal Infallible collection. This again was fine but I really need my lipstick to last more than a few minutes or a few sips of water. I'll stick with my drugstore brand here. This did not stun me in anyway and Birchbox has an obsession with pinks and peaches which is not my bag,baby (name that movie!) 

That's it for me this week! What do you think? Have you tried any of these? Any suggestions for favorite skin care. Would love to hear from you guys?

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