I'm back! Now that my big test is behind me I can return to posting three times per week. As much as I am excited about it I'm a little nervous about having enough content. I hope you hang with me as I get back in the swing of things again. 

For my first post back I am sharing one my favorite new bags. I saw this a few weeks ago online at my favorite, Banana Republic. Seriously? Have you been in the last 6 months? Amazing. I want to live there. This bag is one of the reasons that continues to be true. I was doing a little online shopping a few weeks ago and came across this beauty. It has all the things I love: Crossbody? Check! Black? Check! Fringe? Check, check! I have loved the fringe for a while but really struggled on how to commit to it. I think this bag is the perfect way. It's the perfect size too. It's not so small that it's like a clutch, but not as big as my Saturday bag so you can really carry it around to go shopping or to work. Not small enough for a night on the town, but sensible for day to day. I wore it when I went to the State Fair on Friday and I was able to fit my mini umbrella in it. Not too shabby. Also, not pictured is the small outside pocket on the back, good size for my phone if I don't want to keep unzipping the bag. Enjoy!