Good Monday! This is the first Monday in long time that I am excited about. I start my new job today and could not be more excited. I am so ready to transition to this new position and next steps. The other part that makes this week great is that I had  great weekend. Lots happened so let's get started.

On Friday I had that day off from work. If you follow  my blog or on any of my social media channels then you know that Friday was the big exam day. What I have been studying for for months was finally here. to be honest, I was absolutely panicked. My stomach was in knots and I hardly slept all week. By Friday morning I was pretty much running on fumes and knew that as soon as the test ended I would crash. I got to the testing site and was fidgety and anxious. Before I knew it I was seated by the computer and the moment of truth began. I ran through the test several times, checking and re-checking. Worry that each click of a button was either closer to my dream or further away. Eventually, I just bit the bullet and hit submit. The next screen reads "are you sure you want to continue?" when you finally get up the courage to say 'yes' another screen pops up saying that the next few screens will be a survey. "What the what?!!!" At this point I've committed, so I'm frankly answering the survey. Do you really think anyone answers those seriously? When you hit 'continue' again, they ask you one final time if you are sure. With a big, deep breath and a gulp I continue. The screen says "PASS" My arms shot up  and a sigh of relief and amazement left my mouth. "Thank God" I thought. When I left the testing center I called Derek. Upon telling him I passed, I experienced the catharsis I needed to move on. Now off to celebrate. the Minnesota State Fair started last Thursday and I was very excited to go. My schedule was a little tight this year so I found out my parents were going on Friday and I decided to go with them. If you are not from around here, the Fair is kind of a big deal. It draws huge crowds and lots of news coverage. In the last few years they have renovated a few spots and there is always a handful of new foods to try. We got to the Fair around 2:00 PM and did not leave until 10:30 PM and we didn't even see everything. We hit some of the major sites: animal barns, beer tasting, cars and ended the night watching Gaelic Storm perform at the bandshell. It was pretty great and I captured a lot on snapchat. Do you follow me on snapchat? You should: mcainmoss

On Saturday Derek and I had tickets to the Twins game. Some of our friends sold the tickets to us when they got another opportunity and I was happy to go. Saturday was the perfect day for a game: sunshine, warm and a slight breeze. We had great seats on the second level, behind home plate, row 1. It also occurred to me that it's been a while since I saw a night game. Since Target Field was built we have made more efforts to go to day games. It was cool to be at a night game again and see the whole place lit up.  I wish I could say that we won that night but we did not. We decided to drown our sorrows at some nearby haunts. I had heard a lot of about Lee's Liquor Lounge. It is a somewhat divey bar with a bit of charm , who also regularly has bands. It's not far from the stadium and I learned you get in free with your Twins ticket. it was definitely interesting. The inside was old but well maintained and they were having some kind of sock hop. I thought it was cool, but I could tell Derek was not interested so we stayed for one drink and left. He was also hungry so we headed up to the Red Cow in the North Loop. Seeing as it was a nice night we sat outside. Derek ordered a burger and I just wanted some fries. If you haven't been to the Red Cow, you need to go. Seriously some of the best burgers in the city.

Sunday was spent running some errands and relaxing. We hit up Bogart's donuts for a little morning fuel and headed off the store. Now that I'm done studying I have to catch up on a few things I have put to the wayside. We headed to Fiji in 24 days!! I can't believe it and we needed a lot of stuff. We bought some luggage (we're adults now), Derek needed some clothes and we went grocery shopping. I have to be honest I am getting really excited for Fiji. I can't believe it's basically around the corner that I will be on the opposite side of the world.  There is still lots to do to get prepared but I am going to let myself get excited about it now.

This fashion post is brought to you by: my closet. Sometimes I like to try and mix it up for you guys by combining my pieces in a few different ways. Most of these pieces have been real staples for me this summer. The cargos are supremely comfortable and surprising go with a lot of items in my closet. I also have been rocking the rolled up pant leg this summer and I likes it. This Target tanks is one of the few tanks I have that I still think is flattering on me these days. Partnered with this jean jacket I got from Stitch Fix and this killer necklace from Primp boutique I have a casual yet comfortable look perfect for a work day. You know it's a work day because I am wearing my smart girl glasses AKA I had a headache from looking at the computer for too long.  What do you think of the look? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you. 

Jean Jacket| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Tank| Target (similar)
Pants| Gap (similar)
Ring & Necklace| Primp
Watch| Marc Jacobs