Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for the delayed post but if you are a regular reader of this blog you know I am elbow deep in studying. So because of that this post will be short and sweet. :)
Friday was pretty boring. I went to work, managed to squeeze in a quick workout and then headed home to study all night long. Ahhhhh yea! Except it was more like "please, Lord save me from myself." I made it better by having a Newsroom Marathon on in the background. If you follow me on snapchat (if you don't my handle is mcainmoss) you saw a series of snapchats that can only be described as "A Woman's Descent into Madness." So if you are looking for a way to some hilariously disheveled woman express her feelings inarticulately, follow me :)
Saturday I started the date with another quick workout, which are the only things keeping me sane this week, and then home to study some more. I studied for a few more hours before cleaning up to spend the night with my friends. Originally we were invited to have a bonfire at a friend's house, however it monsoon rained by us on Saturday so a fire was out of the question. Instead we played some games and it was a nice break from studying. However, my brain took about an hour to get out of study mode and I could not communicate like an adult. When attempting to enjoy an adult beverage I needed a bottle opener, but could not think of the word. Eventually I settled on "I want to drink this" and my friends knew what I meant. Thank goodness for them.
Sunday was, spoiler alert: this is the same as each and every other day, spent studying. My pups became my study companions cuddling up with me on the couch all day. Follow me on instagram: mymonochromaticlife to see more adorable pictures of them. This is basically what I will be doing between now and taking my test so expect more short posts until the test is over. I look forward to more interesting posts and retaining full function of my brain again:)
Onto the fun stuff. Although it is getting chilly around here lately I am still trying to hold on to all the pieces of summer that I can. I bought this maxi dress earlier this summer and keep forgetting to post it on the blog. I love this dress for several reasons 1) It's black and white. Duh. It has two of my three favorite colors in so it was almost a done deal there. 2) It covers all the parts of me that I want covered 3) It is super soft!  I was not sure if I would like it at first but once I tried it on I wanted to wear it out of the store. The top piece covers my mid section in a way that is flattering and does not make me look wider. The  fabric is also soft and light weight make it perfect for those hot summer days. I could also see myself throwing my jean jacket over this as it gets cooler to transition to the early parts of Fall. Gotta love Target for great and affordable styles. Enjoy!

Shoes|Target/ similar
Necklace| Primrose Park