Somehow these summer Mondays never get easier. I had a really fantastic and productive weekend for a change, although I still did not get to go to the beach we had fun. Friday after work I planned to meet up with my friend to go shopping. One of my favorite local boutiques, Primp, was having a warehouse sale boasting major deals. It went all weekend but we wanted to go early before everything was picked over. We jetted over to the warehouse in northeast Minneapolis to check it out. It was packed! It was a relatively small space, but big enough for what they had. The biggest downside is they literally had one changing room. Now the clothes were dirt cheap, but I still did not want to get stuck with clothes that don't fit. We wound up changing with a few other patrons in the hallway. Overall I would say it was a success. I walked out with a shirt, dress and necklace for $36! Not to shabby. Stay tuned for those posts!

On Saturday we decided to have some friends over for a BBQ and a fire. Now at first this sounded like a great idea. Problem: our house and yard were a mess. We basically spent all day cleaning. Derek weeded and mowed the lawn while I cleaned the house and went grocery shopping. This literally took all day. Le sigh. I hate cleaning, but almost nothing feels better than a clean house. I am my  mother's daughter this way. Our friends came by and we grilled ribs, corn and a few other items. We sat around and chatted waiting for the sun to go down and start a fire. The fire was really hot at first because the night had not cooled down yet, but after a little bit of time it was nice. The perfect summer evening.

Saturday it was my niece's 6th birthday and I have to be honest I planned to wear a different outfit for this post, however my skin is peeling from last weekend's sunburn and it was not cute. Then I realized I had this amaze dress that I have yet to officially post about. I bought this dress about a month ago from Primrose Park, one of my all time favorite boutiques in the cities. It's unbelievable comfortable and flattering. It is flowy enough to be forgiving, but I think not so wide that you look enormous either. When I wore this today I realized why I love it so much. It is effortlessly chic. Whenever I wear it I feel like I tried hard to look great but all it needs is a necklace and it's perfect and easy. I paired it with the best sandals ever from Target and this new necklace from Stitch Fix. I joined Stitch Fix a few weeks ago to see what the fuss was about and this necklace was one of the items. Stay tuned for a full review of my first box. 

Dress| Primrose Park (on
Necklace| Bay to Baubles, Stitch Fix (similar/similar)
Watch|Marc Jacobs