Friday is literally my favorite day of the week. It's usually slower at work, I get to leave early, and people are basically in weekend mode. Also, you have the whole weekend to look forward to. I love it so much! This weekend I have plans to go to dinner, jetski on the river and study, study, study. I am really looking forward to this weekend so being at work today is rough. #thestruggleisreal. I will comfort myself with my July Birchbox review. Is that a good segway? Probably not. Let's continue.

This is my July box. Sorry it took me so long. I got the August one and was like "whoops, forgot to post about July." So here goes. Each box has a theme and some are stronger than others. I once had a priest that said about writing his homilies that they are like baseball in that they can't all "knock it out of the park." This months theme is kind of like that. This theme was 'Go Bold' and by bold they met literally 1 color and then neutral products. However, there were a few winners.

I love perfume, particularly the samples. I always stick them in my purse to freshen myself up mid-day or if I am meeting people after work. So unless they smell like old socks, in my purse it goes. I do have to say I liked this scent. It was light and floral which is typically my favorite kind of scent. I get kind of stuck in scents and every few months to a year I need to try a new scent. Although with a price tag from $75-$106 I am unlikely to purchase.

I don't typically like liquid foundations of any kind as they get heavy and build up in the lines of my face. With that being said, I love this! Thankfully it was the right color for my complexion. It was so good I could have just worn this without adding any of my powder or anything. It really smoothed out my complexion while looking fresh and natural. It's pricey, but honestly worth it and you only need a little bit so I bet it lasts for a long time. This will be a purchase of mine soon.

I gotta be honest, this is the one thing I have not used. I was not excited to see this in my box because almost every facial product from moisturizer to foundation has at least 15 SPF which is perfectly fine for my everyday. I work in a small office and am thankful for a window that I can at least longingly look outside in the summer. This has 30 SPF which I would only need, for my basically translucent skin at this point, if I was going to be outside all day. All the other features I have covered too in other ways so I don't need this. Hard pass.


After the Jouer Matte, this was my favorite items.  These have that great from the salon smell, which I am obsessed with. My hair felt clean and fresh after using them even though I use a freakish amount of product in my hair each day. Other shampoos and conditioners may take a day or two to work effectively for me. My only issue is I need something with a bit more moisturizing ability, so I won't be purchasing but if you don't need that for your hair I would recommend this.  

What's not to like about Stila products? I have never tried something from them I did not like. This stuff was pretty good. I have been spoiled with L'oreal's Infallible collection because it stays on and I have scrape it off at the end of the day. If it won't stay on like that, I am not interested. To their credit this stayed  on pretty well. I tested it out by wearing and then eating and drinking. It was pretty strong. Unfortunately Birchbox has an obsession with hot pink and that's not my deal. I would consider getting it in a different color.

Overall this box had some hits and misses. Hoping August is a bit better. I have already tried a few things that I like and can't wait to share with you all! Any new beauty favorites you are loving? Let me know with a comment below!

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