Welcome Monday party people. By party people I mean disappointed people hat the weekend has ended. Le sigh. This weekend was pretty epic in that practically everything went as planned, which never happens.Lots to share so let's get started.

On Friday night I insisted on a date night. We had one free evening with no plans and I thought it would be the perfect time for a nice dinner. After asking around a friend confirmed that local hotspot Spoon and Stable has first come first serve seating at the bar. I thought we would take a chance and if it was too busy we would go elsewhere. We went there about 7:30 PM on Friday. As expected it was pretty crowded. We decided we would try to wait a minute and within 10 minutes we had a seat at the bar. This was a first success. Small back story: every time Derek and I have ever tried to have a nice dinner something has gone wrong. Either we cannot find a table, we have to wait a freakish amount of time or the food is terrible. Let's continue. Once at the bar we order a couple of drinks and peruse the menu. I decided on the Garganelli pasta and Derek the swordfish, we also ordered some fries. To my surprise the food all came out rather quickly. Usually nicer restaurants take their time but not here. Also pleased to report the food was delicious. This was the second success. We have literally gone to two nice restaurants where we agreed on the food. Woot! The third and fourth successes came in the form of the great atmosphere and that we found street parking right across the seat. After dinner we decided to head to another bar for drinks to let other patrons have the successful night that we did. The night capped off at our ultimate favorite bar Donny Dirks where I was inappropriately excited that they brought back the champagne cocktail with bitters. Freakin' amazing!!! Best place ever AND a successful date night. Meg and Derek for the win!

On Saturday we headed down to Wabasha, MN to visit our friends. They invited us down a few weeks ago to go jet skiing on Lake Pepin and the river by their house. I have never jet skied before so I was both excited and nervous. When we arrived they also told us they borrowed a family member's boat so we anchor up while we jet ski. Our hosts did a fabulous job preparing a full day of boating, jet skiing and sun. I tried the jet ski by riding on it with Derek. Some of it was fun but mostly it was scary and I thought I was going to fall and die. Now, you may say that is over dramatic and you would be right but the fear was real!! Needless to say I did not do it again. I did however get to lay out on a boat and pretend I was a wealthy rich lady. It was the perfect day to be on the water because it was hot and humid as could be. the only appropriate places to be would have been on the water or in my dank basement. I am glad we were at the former. My friend Jackie became pretty obsessed with riding the jet ski around got pretty good at it too. I tried to snap as many pictures as I could of her and I think the best one is the one I have below catching some air. After this weekend Derek is even more obsessed with finding a boat and my other friends want a jet ski. We spent the evening attempting to watch a movie but most of us just fell asleep, it was a long day. Sunday we went out to breakfast and then headed home. We had such a great time and hope we can do it again. 

Now onto the fashion. On Friday I thought for a bit about what to wear out. I could not tell if the restaurant is so fancy that I needed to dress up or if I could be casual. I tried to settle somewhere in the middle. I kind of impulsively got this shirt from Primp last week and knew it would match perfectly with a pair of black jeans and some loafers I picked up from JustFab.com. I won't lie, I saw these shoes on Truelane.co . I love her style and although it won't always work on me, I knew when I saw these shoes they had to be mine. For me, this look starts to hint at Fall without going all the way. It perfectly represents where I am right now. Part of me is completely stoked with the color palette coming our way this Fall, but the other part of me does not want to wish away the Summer because I love it so. Oh, I also got a sample of Anastasia Brow Powder and on a whim I tried it out thinking I would hate it. I LOVE IT! I will definitely be picking this up at my friendly, neighborhood Sephora. 

Jeans| Gap
Shoes| Just Fab
Necklace| Target (similar, similar)
Eyebrow powder: Sephora